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Home > New Gear > Borderlands 3: our impressions after 2 hours of play
Borderlands 3: our impressions after 2 hours of play

Borderlands 3: our impressions after 2 hours of play

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2019-05-23 934 0

Welcome hunters of the Ark, ready to deflower and slaughter sadists and other joys! We had the chance to visit the Take-Two Interactive offices to lay our hands on a first playable version of Borderlands 3. The game session lasted a little less than 2 hours and we had the choice to play with Amara the mermaid (our choice for this preview) and Zane the murderer.

Borderlands 3 character

You won't find better equipment anywhere else..... I made sure of that.

That it was difficult to let go of our controller at the end of this demo, September seems very far away. The regular licensees will not be lost, Borderlands 3 is all that made the success of the series, for the better! The game preserves the DNA of its elders while making significant improvements. Our character is now much more agile in his movements, with the program of sliding and climbing certain elements of the scenery. The fighting is thus much more dynamic, especially since our opponents are much more mobile than before. But what makes Borderlands' gameplay so strong since the first episode released in 2009 is its many weapons. Gearbox has also concocted some nice new features for us, because nowadays some weapons have two shooting modes that can totally change their gameplay.

This double mode can also allow a double type and therefore the possibility to exploit the weaknesses of several enemies with a single weapon. And once again the amount of weapons available is gargantuan and the same weapon can have different accessories that also have an impact on the gameplay. As you will have understood, the gameplay is constantly renewed as soon as we equip ourselves with a new weapon and it's really exhilarating! Finally, as in previous episodes, there are three skill trees for our L'Arche hunters.

We tried all three of Amara's active skills, however the playing time was too short to try several combinations of passive skills. The skills of our new siren offer three totally different gameplay and will each find their use in different situations (it is possible to change capacity at any time). First of all, there is the hand-to-hand combat, Amara leaps forward and causes a shock wave that inflicts damage on enemies and throws them away (practice on the edge of a precipice for example). Then there is a remote skill where Amara sends a forward projection that inflicts damage to enemies on the trajectory while still being able to inflict an electric effect on them. And finally, the one that serves more as a support where Amara invokes an arm that grabs an enemy and immobilizes them for several seconds. There are therefore many possible builds and everyone will find pleasure in them. However, the vehicles are still as heavy to drive as in the previous episodes and we regret that they were not able to benefit from this new dynamic in walking.

Borderlands 3

No need for a medical degree when you have the class

Visually, Borderlands 3 retains its identity with a cel-shading that is always well mastered. The lighting effects were quite nice for this demo but, because of the greediness, we can only hope that the game will be even more neat for its release next September. The game is also more gory than its predecessors. Now the heads jump, the limbs are torn off and the blood spurts out, in short a joyful mess in the middle of the shots and explosions. In terms of staging and script, and in view of the quests we were able to carry out during this test, we can say that the humour of the franchise is still present and in great shape.

There are dialogues and boss names full of humour or references (for example, a reference to Fallout and its loading screen). Quests are always well written and we look forward to embarking on the adventure. As shown, we also find some known faces. This was the case in this demo with the appearance of Rhys from the game Tales from Borderlands or Ellie in Borderlands 2. We were also told that, unlike the old games where the action only took place on the planet Pandora, this time it is on several planets that our adventure will take us. Finally, we only encountered one bug during this session. Our character and his weapons became invisible after a death. Nothing blocking to keep playing, but complicating the aim a little. However, there is no doubt that this bug will be fixed before the game is released.

Borderlands 3 interface

It looks good!

We won't deny that we really enjoyed this demo. Borderlands 3 seems to be getting the most out of its seniors while making improvements. The game looks very good and we look forward to seeing more to confirm or not this feeling. We will meet you in a month at E3 for more information.


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