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Home > New Gear > CES 2019 - AMD shows 8 core AMD Ryzen 3000 which can beat Core i9-9900K
CES 2019 - AMD shows 8 core AMD Ryzen 3000 which can beat Core i9-9900K

CES 2019 - AMD shows 8 core AMD Ryzen 3000 which can beat Core i9-9900K

By  Felicity Rosa 2019-05-21 2511 0

Today AMD at CES 2019, after presenting AMD Radeon VII, showed one of the AMD Ryzen 3000 processors. This processor belongs to the 3rd generation of Ryzen processors of the user range, but at the moment we do not know the model shown.

While it is true that we talked about the new Ryzen 3000, AMD just showed us or told us new information about these Ryzen 3000 CPUs. The only thing said is what we already knew, Ryzen 3000 will come with Zen 2 processors manufactured in 7nm.

AMD at CES 2019

AMD showcases an 8-core Ryzen 3000

During the conference Lisa Su took one of these AMD Ryzen 3000 processors, namely an 8-core processor, for a walk. Thanks to showing the cameras this new chip has been able to see the new design that will offer these Ryzen 3000.

8-core Ryzen 3000

This Ryzen 3000 processor shows us the design used in the AMD Epyc Rome CPUs, the Multi-Chip-Module. This design is based on Infinity Fabric technology, so apart from the DIE of the CPU we have a second die.

This second die is made in 14nm and is called I/O Die. A chip that handles the memory and PCIe lines alone, thus improving performance. Zen 2 will also support the PCI-Express 4.0 interface.

During our coverage in Twitch, we could fix ourselves as in the chip of this Ryzen 3000, there is enough space for another die. This could mean that this same design could support up to 16 cores. A topic that we will talk about soon.

Ryzen 3000

Ryzen 3000 vs Core i9-9900K

Apart from showing this Ryzen 3000, AMD went one step further than its aesthetic appearance. It was testing this processor along with a Radeon Vega II the Forza Horizon 4 easily surpassing the 100FPS.

The test that attracted more attention was running the Cinebench R15 in front of the Intel Core i9-9900K. In this test the Ryzen 3000 of 8 cores and 16 threads got about 2057 points against Intel 2040. But the important thing is that the Ryzen 3000 only consumed about 130W compared to the 180W of Intel.

The big question before this processor is that we don't know which model of processor it is and its range. This Ryzen 3000 is currently under development so even its performance can be improved. The speeds of this processor were still low and with space we can still expect a CPU of 16 cores.

Launch date and price

AMD obviously by not giving neither name nor specifications of the processor tested in question has not detailed price. The release is not yet concrete, but they expect to release the new Ryzen 3000 in mid 2019.


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