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Home > New Gear > CES 2019 spoilers: everything you need to know about the exhibition focus
CES 2019 spoilers: everything you need to know about the exhibition focus

CES 2019 spoilers: everything you need to know about the exhibition focus

By  Linky Johnson 2019-01-05 1374 0

Every year, the most important science and technology exhibition is CES. The CES is officially known as the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition. It is conventionally held in Las Vegas, the United States. Companies and groups from all over the world will gather in CES to show the most advanced technology or innovative products. These categories are quite extensive, including smartphones, wearable devices, household appliances, photographic equipment, laptops, even smart cars or some conceptual ideas.

The exhibition venue is so large and covers a wide range of fields that you can't imagine without it. Because CES 2019 is the first grand exhibition this year, every product is incredible, so it has become the vane of the year's science and technology circle. There will also be a lot of "leaked" information before the exhibition. Now we will give you a sneak peak at the exhibition focus of the CES 2019.

CES 2019

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 5G

The popularization of 5G is indeed an indispensable hot topic of science and technology recently. Compared with the previous generation of mobile communication technology, there are many and dazzling upgrades. The most beneficial technology for consumers in Yunyun new technology is high bandwidth. Simply speaking, the speed of upstream and downstream will be much faster. The most direct example is that streaming media can support 8K video. It is worth mentioning that compared with the previous generation of mobile communication technology, streaming media can support 8K video. Low latency and high security are also the advances of the last generation technology.

Maybe everyone's opinion about 5G is that the mobile network speed can be faster. This makes it impossible not to mention the snapdragon 855 processor. As early as December 18th, at Qualcomm's exhibition, we have seen some manufacturers'5G prototypes. Although they are prototypes, in general, they have reached the commercial level.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 

So we are confident that more new 5G models will be announced on CES 2019, and we can even expect to sell them in the near future.

From notch screen to folding screen smartphones

2018 is a year of collective outbreak of dissident screen. The so-called Liu Haiping, water dropping screen and even screen openings, even Samsung who once refused to do dissident screens, finally make it. However, Samsung is not just following the trend. In the year when the dissident screen dominates the world, Samsung dared to announce a folding screen product Galaxy F for the first time in the world. Indeed, it shocked the industry in terms of technology, freshness and look, and some speculated that 2019 might be the year when dissident screens and folding screens would dominate the mobile phone industry.

folding screen smartphones 

LG plans to show its first foldable smartphone on CES 2019, according to the well-known media Engadget. LG did show a scroll TV on CES 2018, so for such a model, LG will have the courage to do it well.

Remove the headphone jack and speaker?

Earlier, Apple cut off the headphone hole, and then caused a surge in the industry. Doing so can undoubtedly contribute to the lightweight of mobile phones. Recently, it was reported that some manufacturers even planned to cut off the speakers more radically.

Samsung will demonstrate its OLED screen voice technology on CES 2019, according to the Korean media Electronic Times. The advantage of this technology is that it can produce sound directly through the panel, using vibration and bone conduction, which greatly saves the internal space.

Remove the headphone jack and speaker 

Sony mobile phone business is expected to revive

Sony has recently announced that it will hold a press conference on the eve of CES 2019 to discuss some of the latest technologies. But there is speculation that 5G technology is closely related to Sony's smartphone business, which can have a clearer layout direction.

Sony press conference  

There is also news that Sony's latest mid-end mobile phone model is expected to appear at the CES 2019. Last year's exposure revealed that the model may be called Xperia XA3, Xperia XA3 Ultra and Xperia L3. The positioning of the three products is different, but the basic information is unanimous that it has a 18:9 screen, dual rear cameras and that glass and aluminum shell will be used.

Mercedes-Benz CLA class spy shots exposed

Recently, a new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLA has been photographed by overseas media. According to official news, the new generation of CLA will be officially released at the CES 2019. From the spy photos, we can see that the main outline of the new car and the bumper shape can be determined, but the lamp group part did not adopt the new A-level model of headlight design, but chose a new design. The side uses the current more popular back-sliding design. The overall shape is streamlined and has the charm of forward dive. In the tail shape, the tail lamp is designed by inverted triangle, which is closer to the CLS shape. The tail also adds a duck-tail spoiler to highlight the new car's sense of motion. On the power side, the new car is expected to carry the existing 1.6T and 2.0T engines, and the transmission is expected to carry a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Honda electric vehicle comes to a new height?

Honda announced recently that it will launch a new charging system technology similar to two-way charging at CES 2019, the first of which will be mounted on a car. It is understood that the concept of wireless charging system for electric vehicles combines V2G. V2G is a bidirectional energy transfer capability developed by Honda and WiTricity, a wireless transmission technology company. The most prominent feature of this technology is that it can not only charge the car, but also let the car supply electricity for the family.

Honda electric vehicle  

Toyota concept car is full of futuristic

According to the news, Toyota has confirmed that it will participate in CES 2019 and will show the concept cabins of two self-driving vehicles at the meeting. The first one is called ACES concept cabin, which is equipped with steering wheel, projecting the instrument group on the dashboard, and equipped with some very traditional systems and settings. The overall style can still show a strong shadow of the car. The other is a more futuristic Moox concept cabin, which is designed on the basis of an autonomous vehicle as seen from the only forecasting map. It has a wide interior space and a large design space. It can even become an office for business people.

>Toyota concept car

BlackBerry might take another step into vehicle platform

Blackberry has announced its participation in CES 2019 and released a trailer. However, there seems to be no expected mobile phone products in the trailer, but it mainly shows the vehicle platform, safety products and so on. It is believed that Blackberry will enter the vehicle platform in a technological way with its long-standing security technology as the selling point, which may give consumers a relatively innovative idea of the vehicle platform system for choice.

BlackBerry vehicle platform 

Samsung's brand new flagship Lifestyle 2019 TV with Bixby AI assistant

According to reports, Samsung plans to officially announce its new Lifestyle 2019 TV at CES 2019. It's worth mentioning that Samsung's Lifestyle 2019 TV is based on The Frame picture frame TV. Of course, it also carries the latest QLED screen. In addition to more outstanding contrast, it also covers more color gamut. Samsung also plans to integrate Bixby AI voice assistant in this TV to make it more intelligent and humane.

Samsung Bixby AI assistant  

LG scroll TV with flexible screen to be released

According to foreign media reports, LG will show the TV products with flexible screens on CES 2019. It is introduced that this TV can be rolled up like a picture scroll and use OLED screen, which is also one of the important prerequisites for making flexible screens more easily.

LG scroll TV with flexible screen  

In fact, as early as at CES 2018, LG has shown relevant TV concept models, which really gives us a surprise. With the return of CES 2019, we have reason to believe that the technology of this TV is more mature and more commercialized. We hope we can publish more information about the sale.

Sony 8K TV

Sony, as a frequent visitor to CES exhibitions, is no exception this year. Of all the product lines that Sony often surprises us, TV is the most popular, and Sony has always been an absolute leader in display technology. As a 4K iteration technology, 8K resolution TV will naturally become the focus of Sony's attention at CES 2019.

Sony 8K TV 

Earlier, Tokyo Olympic officials announced that they would begin to prepare for the popularization of 8K resolution signals for video transmission, and Sony, the leading Japanese manufacturer, certainly did not let go of this advantage. Although the price of 8K resolution TV products will be expensive, in the overall strategic perspective, it is clear that Sony's action has also been carefully considered.

Graphic cards of Intel XE expected to be excellent

Intel showed a new CPU architecture in December, and revealed the news of its own independent graphics card XE, which is very appealing. At CES 2019, according to the analysis of the information available, Intel is likely to launch CPUs without core display, including Intel Core 5, 7 and 9 processors, which will inevitably disappoint the people. However, we still hope that Intel will reveal more information about XE independent graphics cards on CES 2019, and we are waiting for Intel to lead in graphics cards.

Graphic cards of Intel XE 

Nvidia GTX 2060 comes as expected?

On the eve of CES 2019, foreign media have repeatedly reported that Nvidia will launch graphics cards for the mainstream market, including the long-awaited 2060 graphics cards, as well as 70 and 80 Series graphics cards for mobile platforms. The 20 series graphics cards, which have been in C position before, are believed to be on a large scale after CES. At the same time, 60 series of new graphics cards with more pro-people prices will also be displayed.

Nvidia GTX 2060 

AMD Leads next-generation mainstream

At the 7nm Technology Conference in early November last year, AMD has launched a computing card based on 7nm process and an EPYC 2 processor. In CES 2019, it was announced that AMD will launch a new product, including a 7nm consumer graphics card and a new APU.

EPYC 2 processor 

Everyone's concerned AMD's 7nm graphics card is not only the concern of PC players, but also the concern of home game console players. Because many analysts predict that both Sony and Microsoft's next-generation models will continue to use AMD graphics technology.

How powerful is the CMOS curve surface?

According to media reports, CEA-Leti, a French research institute, said it would release its curve surface sensor at CES 2019. The surface image sensor will be used in cameras, smartphones and surveillance cameras. Simply put, compared with the conventional square image sensor, the surface sensor has the advantage of reducing the number of lens elements in the camera and making the lens lighter. In addition, under certain conditions, optical problems such as distortion and dark angle can be completely eliminated, and the cost of integrated surface CMOS technology application system can also be reduced.

CMOS curve surface 

LG hairtail screen

According to reliable sources, LG will announce a new display for the “Ultra” product line at CES 2019. In fact, the data are also exposed very carefully. The new 49WL95 is a 49-inch IPS, 5120 x 1440 resolution panel. The ratio is 32:9, and the gamut covers 99% sRGB, supporting HDR 10. In terms of interface, it has 1 USB-C, 2 HDMI, 1 DP and 4 USB 3.0 interfaces.

LG hairtail screen 

DEUS VR will show its highest level

Russian manufacturer DEUS plans to show its 4K new VR at CES 2019 with the headline "Odin" and launch the product in February. It is known that this product is equipped with 2160 *2160 double LCD panels with total pixels up to 4K *2K, which can be said to surpass all the competitors in the current market. DEUS said that the Fresnel lenses they used could provide 110 degrees of field of view, reaching the level of HTC Vive, and Odin would also use the VirtualLink USB-C interface standard.


Honda robots might become traffic handlersare people grooming staff?

At CES 2019, Honda will show off its newly developed P.A.T.H. Bot robot, which means "predicting human action". The robot is designed to help humans, just like an automobile, but the product is more focused on working in crowded areas. It is reported that the robot is equipped with AI, sensors and cameras to identify human beings and other obstacles. In terms of safety performance, officials say the device operates smartly and will not harm humans.

Honda robots 

Capsule beer makes you enjoy pure beer anytime

LG Official Xuanhui will launch a capsule-based brewing beer system. As long as the beer capsule is put into the machine, the user can have a delicious beer in any scene, and there are many flavors to choose from. This capsule brewery named "LG Home Brew" can automatically complete fermentation, carbonation conversion, automatic adjustment and other tasks. This also means that it has a complete beer manufacturing process, which can guarantee the purity of beer.

Capsule beer 

An unusual vacuum cup with multi-functions

As a well-known brand of electric travel cup in the United States, Caudryn will launch an intelligent portable thermos cup at CES 2019, which combines a cooking machine and a coffee machine. It is reported that the new Cauldryn product has a comprehensive function. It can keep warm, make cold drinks, milkshakes, grind coffee, brew coffee and other functions. All this can be achieved by simply changing the agitator or the infiltrator.

vacuum cup 

From the appearance, Cauldryn's new product is not much different from the general insulating cup. Its capacity is less than 500 ml. It has built-in lithium batteries, which support USB charging. It can keep warm for 10 hours at a time. The real-time temperature of the liquid in the cup can be seen in the display area on the cup wall.

There are numerous products of new technology and black technology in CES exhibition, and the categories involved are also very wide. From mobile phones, cars, laptops, household appliances, cameras to insulation cups, robots and even clothing and footwear, we can see that our future is intelligent.

From the above information, we can probably see a trend: in recent years, smart home, AI artificial intelligence and even automotive driving are emerging, respectively, as if there are bottlenecks. But with the advent of 5G technology, major manufacturers seem to see the dawn continue to plough into the above areas. In the world of high-end science and technology constructed by the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles and AI artificial intelligence, 5G appears as the last piece of jigsaw puzzle.

In the trend of hardware, digital products are mostly interested in foldable screens. In addition to some conventional iteration products, we can also look forward to some conceptual products with advanced concepts that we have seen in recent years. Officials will officially announce the relevant sales news to you.

We also believe that the above mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. CES 2019 will surely bring us more unexpected surprises. After all, manufacturers want to take the lead in the market, so they will spare no effort to launch new products as soon as possible. At the same time, please click to our PConline's large-scale special report, which will be updated 24 hours in real time during the exhibition.


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