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Home > New Gear > Compare wireless headphones | Meizu Pop, Huawei FreeBuds, Xiaomi AirDots vs. Apple AirPods
Compare wireless headphones | Meizu Pop, Huawei FreeBuds, Xiaomi AirDots vs. Apple AirPods

Compare wireless headphones | Meizu Pop, Huawei FreeBuds, Xiaomi AirDots vs. Apple AirPods

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-17 2260 0

Not so long ago, in the recent past, wireless headphones were not considered seriously and were not popular. It would seem that could be better? No wires-no problem. No need to waste time and nerves constantly unraveling the wire. Put it on your head and enjoy it. But they were too bulky, occupied a lot of space and kept a little battery.

Now more and more people are choosing wireless "drops". They are compact, the battery capacity is enough for a long time, even if they sat down they can be quickly recharged with a portable case.


Currently, the market is represented by a decent range of different manufacturers. In this battle we will compare the wireless "drops"-four popular models at the moment from four manufacturers: Apple AirPods; Meizu POP; Huawei FreeBuds; and attracted huge attention novelty Xiaomi AirDots. Three of them are vacuum and some are AirPods type liners.


Of course, comparing Apple AirPods with the other three positions is not appropriate – different price categories and form. But we see who all aspire-someone tries to copy the form of headphones, someone makes a similar name, and someone copies the design of the box.

Packaging and accessories

Apple AirPods-A compact white box with a picture of headphones on the front side and the image of the case with back. Laconic, minimalist. Inside the envelope with the documents, and under it, in the recess, the case with headphones. Well and at the bottom of the cable to charge Lightning.


Meizu POP – The design and shape is very reminiscent of the Apple AirPods box. A little wider and thicker. On the front side is a relief image of the headphones and the model name. From the back side of the case image and listing of the main functionality. Inside in the recess case with headphones. The insert has a Type-C cord for charging and a ear cushions set of a different size. In addition, there is a set of transparent covers for more reliable fastening in ears. At the bottom of the box is the user manual.


Huawei FreeBuds-the largest box of presented. Classic white design. On the front side is an image of headphones, but no longer embossed. The main characteristics are printed on the back side. The package is opened as a book on magnetic closing. But this is not all-before you touch the headphones need to raise a transparent plastic cover. The headphones are in a separate foam insert. The case lies in the recess below. On the back side of the unit is hidden box, in which the cable Type-C charging and a set of ear cushions. At the bottom of the box envelope with user manual.


Xiaomi AirDots-cardboard packaging is not the best quality of gray-white color. On the front of the image is a case with headphones, behind the technical specifications, on the sides of the icons of the main chips AirDots. Inside a cardboard pencil case with separate recesses in which are headphones and briefcase. The pencil is a short micro-USB cable for charging.


The most interesting design and high-quality packaging from Huawei. Apple and Meizu are roughly the same in quality and design. The most terrible quality of packing at Xiaomi, well and the connector Micro USB not the most successful decision in 2018. Cheapening? But Meizu POP cost a little more!


The kit is all identical. A little bit stands out Meizu POP-in their set of additional transparent pads for reliable fastening to the owners of non-standard forms, but they are very difficult to dress exactly, so that the contacts for charging were opened.


Apple AirPods is the most miniature case among the participants. Cover with a good magnet-with a sharp shake lid down, does not open, headphones do not fly. The headset is easy to get and clean. Under the lid there is an LED charge indicator headphone, displaying the level of different colors. The Bluetooth activation button is located on the back side of the case. At the bottom of the charging connector.


Meizu POP-the largest dimensions and sharp forms. On the front side, the four LEDs display the charge level of the case in real time. The magnet in the lid is bad – even a small shake opens the lid and the headphones fly out. Easy to get and cleaned in the case. Like Apple, the activation button is located at the back of the unit. Charging connector at the bottom. The case supports wireless charging according to the QI standard.


Huawei FreeBuds is an oval oblong case. Successful shape – easy to hold in hand. On the front side is a bright, color indicator of the charge level of the case. On the back side, the activation button and the USB Type-C. The magnet is reliable, the headset does not fall. In case cleaned is easy, but get not very convenient-need a little skill.


Xiaomi AirDots – Matt case with glossy lid doesn't look rich. The charge indicator is hidden in the front part. It burns only during recharging. The magnet in the lid is a good headset. It is easy to get and clean back. The Micro USB Connector is located on the back side of the chassis. No connection buttons.


XiaoMi the only made interface for charging micro-USB. All other connectors Tipe-C, well, and Lightning at Apple. Good or bad, let everyone decide for himself.


All except AirDots have a special recess for the convenience of opening the lid. Another Xiaomi are highlighted by the absence of a Bluetooth activation button. The rest of it is located in the back of the case.


Meizu and Apple have a metal connection loop, XiaoMi and Huawei have plastic-at least outside.


The covers of all the cases are magnetic, but Meizu the only ones did not pass the stress test. With a small shake the lid opens and the headphones fly out.


Case Meizu supports wireless charging of Qi standard, but does not work with all devices.


In the category of case first place I'll give Apple the second Huawei, on the third Meizu, well and the fourth Xiaomi.

Headphone shape, connection and interaction

The design and shape of the headphones is a personal affair of each user. As they say the taste and color of the companion is not.


All sit in an ear sink reliably, do not feel, at shaking a head do not fly out.


During the test Meiz Pop and Huawei FreeBuds had a constant feeling that they are about to fall off. Perhaps Meizu in this regard will save the transparent capes with a navel, but I do not even consider this option. As for me so the presence of some superfluous accessories such as rubbers and transparent covers, which also barely dress, a big minus. In this category the first AirPods, then AirDots, FreeBuds, and the latest Meizu POP.


Headphones of all companies are connected identically and work with both the operating system Android and iOS-once paired, then they connect automatically when you open the case and detach when they are removed in the briefcase.

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