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Home > New Gear > Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: is new model worth the higher price?
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Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: is new model worth the higher price?

Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: is new model worth the higher price?

By  GB Blog Official 2018-06-22 49643 0

Creality are by no means new to the 3D printer market. The company have their own loyal following and are especially praised for their big models with large build areas like the popular CR-10. And now there is an upgrade - the improved CR- 10S. The new arrival promises to offer an even smoother printing experience - but is it worth the $70 increase in price? Let's find out!


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Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: unbox review video

There is nothing more intuitive and reliable than the live unbox review from the professional master. Now, let's enjoy the video, and I bet you will know more about the assembly process and the printing performance of the Creality CR-10 and Creality CR-10S.

First, let's enjoy the Creality CR-10 review video.



"I was happily surprised by how great this printer works. In conclusion, this is my preferred 3D printer right now." The comment shows that the reviewer thought highly of the Creality CR-10. While how about the updated version - Creality CR-10S? Let's find out in the following video.   



Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: specs

Then, let's have a quick look at the specs comparison between the Creality CR-10 and Creality CR-10S.


Product name
Creality3D CR - 10 3D Printer
Creality3D CR - 10S 3D Printer
Packing type
unassembled packing
unassembled packing
Build volume
300 x 300 x 400mm
300 x 300 x 400mm
LCD screen
Nozzle diameter
0.4mm ( can be replaced to 0.3 / 0.2mm )
0.4mm( can be replaced to 0.3 / 0.2mm )
Nozzle temperature
below 250 Deg.C in normal state, max. 270 Deg.C
below 250 Deg.C in normal state, max. 270 Deg.C
Support filaments
ABS / PLA / TPU and so on
ABS / PLA / TPU and so on
Material diameter
Print speed
150 mm / s
File format
Host computer software
Other features
SD card off-line printing function
SD card off-line printing function; Filament run out protection; Resume printing function


Creality3D CR - 10 3D Desktop DIY Printer

Creality3D CR - 10 3D Desktop DIY Printer - COFFEE AND BLACK US PLUG
$450.58 $369.99    



$521.44 $399.99    


Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: design

Design-wise, the CR-10S follows the CR-10 almost to a T. It has the same large build area of 300x300x400mm and features a quality glass print bed coming with well-rounded edges and is a perfect fit for the aluminum plate below.

Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: design

The overall setup is quite minimalistic but does not lack in detail. For instance, you get the convenient paper clips for keeping the glass plate in place - they also make it easier to remove final prints from the print bed. The new printer is stable and sturdy thanks to the special aluminum frame and dual lead screw - which is very important when working on larger models.

Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: assembly

Both models are easy, quick and convenient to assemble right out of the box. The printer is broken down into four main components: you have the control box, the upper and lower frame parts and a small box with the remaining parts (manual, micro USB, card reader, frame parts, spare parts, tools for assembly, filament remover, nozzle cleaning needle, PLA filament, filament holder, cables and filament run out detection switch - which is a new addition available on the CR-10S.).

You get the same quick start guide as with the CR-10 but the included micro USB has all the info you need for assembly: just follow the instructions and you should have no problem at all putting the device together.

One thing of note during the assembly process is the X-axis. Make sure its six barring wheels are adjusted evenly so that the print bed moves smoothly, without wobbling: stable and smooth movement is key to a good result. Creality 3D printers are designed to be simple and reliable, and the CR-10S is no exception to that. This plastic extrusion 3D printer is built using the Bowden extrusion technique. The CR-10S comes with a heated bed and a glass print surface, which makes it ideal for working with PLS filament. One of the biggest highlights of this machine is its bigness, both in terms of its size and its print volume.

Just like the CR-10, the 10S also sports a build volume of 300x300x400mm, which pack in great versatility in terms of the range of items you can print with this ‘DIY Kit' and is downright extraordinary for a 3D printer in sub -500 price range, while other printers in this category usually top out at 200mm. The linear bearing system, along with the extruded aluminum struts, works well to provide a smooth and steady motion system that reflects in the high quality of prints.

The ability to swap nozzles is another big advantage when printing with the CR-10S, as installing a larger extrusion nozzle, say 0.8mm in diameter as opposed to a standard 0.4mm nozzle, can speed along the printing process for larger prints without compromising on the detail.

the extrusion nozzle of Creality CR-10S 3D printer

One of the key improvements, however, remains its filament-out detection system that sends out alerts and brings the printing to a halt if the filament runs out. This is a game-changer for the CR-10S, as a large 3D printer as this with long-running print jobs is likely to run out of filament more often than not.

Another cool feature is the print resume, which allows the printer to resume printing right from where it stopped, in case of power outages. It comes with a separated LCD control box, SD Card support for offline printing as well as a USB adapter cable for linking it to computers.

Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: performance

The main highlight of both models is the large print area. As we've already mentioned above, both the CR-10 and the CR-10S feature a 300x300x400mm build volume, which opens up a whole world of printing opportunities letting you significantly expand the range of items you can work with. This print volume on both models is also quite impressive for the price - most 3D printers in the same price category are capable of much smaller volumes.

Both printers feature an LCD control box, SD card support for offline printing and a USB adapter for easy connectivity to computers.

the SD card offline printing on Creality CR-10S

Both printers use the Bowden extrusion technique and are ideal for working with PLA filaments. A nice feature coming with the CR-10S is the ability to switch between nozzles. All you need to do to make a larger project go faster is use a 0.8mm extruder instead of a 0.4mm one.

Now let's talk about the two major improvements on the CR-10S that make the biggest difference: filament run-out protection and print resume functions.

Filament run-out detection identifies when the filament in the printer is about to run out and alerts the system to halt the printing process. This will come in especially handy when you work on lengthy printing projects where it will be impossible to load enough filament at one go.

Print resume provides protection against blackouts. Should you ever experience a power outage, you will be able to pick up right from where you left off without any damage to the final result.

Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S: should you upgrade?

It all comes down to your printing needs. The Creality CR-10S comes with a number of important upgrades (we would especially highlight filament run out protection, print resume function and threaded rods on the Z-axis) — but it also comes with an increase in price: $399.99 compared to $369.99 for the CR-10. If you often work on long print projects, we'd advise on an upgrade: the new print protection features will help you save loads of resources in the long term. The new model also offers more versatility and would perform noticeably better when working with finer detail. Then again, both, the CR-10 and the CR-10S are well worth the price you pay for them offering an impressive build volume for the budget 3D printer category.


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