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Home > New Gear > DYU (Deluxe) Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: what's new?
DYU (Deluxe) Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: what's new?

DYU (Deluxe) Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: what's new?

By  GB Blog Official 2017-11-11 9245 4

You may be finding a new vehicle to avoid the gridlock, to keep away from the crowded public transport and to be the master of your own route. Well, electric bike may be a good choice. There are quite a few smart electric bike options available on the market from the rugged COSWHEEL to the practical Onebot T2 — and the F-wheel DYU Electric Bike, which is the topic of our conversation today.

DYU electric bike

In this post, we take a closer look at the two DYU bikes: the DYU Electric Bike and the improved Deluxe version. The DYU Electrical Bike offers a longer max distance and  better energy efficiency in the same compact foldable form.

DYU (Deluxe) 12 inch Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: design

The two bikes are practically identical when it comes to outer design.

● Both feature an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame promising to make the bike durable and resistant to damage.

the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame of DYU electric bike

● Both bikes are IP54 waterproof: this means that you can ride the electric bike even in bad weather without risking damage or compromising safety.

the waterproof DYU electric bike

● Driving the bike at night also won't be a problem: the bright induction lights provide enough light to stay safe on the road and be noticed by other vehicles and pedestrians.

the bright induction lights of DYU electric bike

● Both the original and Deluxe versions feature a foldable design: the bike is compact and lightweight and can, thus, be easily carried around, loaded on buses, trains and more.

the lightweight of DYU electric bike

the foldable design of DYU electric bike

● The two bikes are almost of the same size: the Deluxe version measures 108 x 50.5 x 97cm (unfolded) and 108 x 38 x 76cm (folded), while the original bike measures  102 x 50.5 x 94cm (unfolded ) and 102 x 20 x 72cm (folded). 

DYU (Deluxe) 12 inch Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: performance

DYU (Deluxe) 12 inch Electric Bike vs. DYU Electric Bike: performance

Here's where the main differences come in. The main upgrade on the DYU Electric Bike Deluxe version is the impressive 10Ah super large battery capacity, which allows for  superior mileage of 40km. This is more than double of the previous version: the original DYU Electric Bike comes with a 4.4Ah battery and the maximum distance is limited to 15km.

DYU electric bike performance

The new bike features a 250W motor (compared to the 350W one on the original version). The new brushless motor offers lower power consumption, which, paired with a large battery, in turn offers a more sustainable performance. The high-speed brushless motor is the base for the bike's steady performance.

In addition, both bikes come with smart control and work with a dedicated app. Via the app, you will be able to perform a number of key functions:

● Auto-adjust the bike's speed: once you've been on the bike for over 10 minutes, you will be able to adjust the speed between 20km/h and 30km/h with just a press of button on your phone.

the auto-adjust speed function of DYU electric bike

● Smart unlock: you can quickly and securely unlock the bike on your smartphone with a password.

smart unlock function of DYU electric bike

● Malfunction self-check: you can run a bike check through the app that will help detect any possible malfunctions early.

malfunction self-check function of DYU electric bike

Wrapping things up: the DYU Deluxe Bike is the perfect choice for long distances

The new  DYU Deluxe Electric bike comes at  $391.11, while the previous model is available for $319.99. The $70+ difference does not seem like much when you take into account what the new model offers: the ability to travel on an electric bike for up to 40km. Despite the extra functionality and the much larger battery, the bike has managed to preserve its compact and lightweight design.

In short, if you expect to cover longer distances on your bike without the chance of  recharge, we do recommend you go with the new improved version of the DYU electric bike while the older version is perfectly suitable for short-distance travel.


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