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Home > New Gear > Experience of super flash charging of OPPO R17 Pro: amazing charging speed!
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Experience of super flash charging of OPPO R17 Pro: amazing charging speed!

Experience of super flash charging of OPPO R17 Pro: amazing charging speed!

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-27 1921 0

When the whole industry encounters the bottleneck of battery technology, how to improve the charging speed becomes a new idea to solve the battery life of mobile phones. Therefore, we see more and more chip and terminal manufacturers make efforts in the field of rapid charge technology. Among them, OPPO is the only terminal manufacturer with self-developed rapid charge technology.

After the first SuperVOOC super flash charging technology was used in Find X, OPPO carried the technology on R series products for the first time in order to bring more extreme product experience to users.

 the first SuperVOOC super flash charging technology of

Speaking of SuperVOOC, you have to mention the "1.0 version" of this technology -- voocs. When the high voltage and low current scheme of QC quick charging was not really popular, OPPO officially brought VOOC flash charging on the Find 7 released in 2014, and the scheme with low voltage and high current formed a significant difference with QC quick charging. The latter's advantage is able to reduce the charge of the fuselage fever phenomenon, at the same time the lower voltage also brings security, OPPO became the first one with the research of quick charge technology terminal manufacturers. The advertisement "charging for five minutes, talking for two hours" let more people know and remember OPPO’s charging technology.

OPPO's quick charge technology  

The SuperVOOC super flash charging is not only the inevitable result of product technology iteration, but also the best interpretation of OPPO's research and development ability. The arrival of SuperVOOC super flash charging brings the charging power of mobile phone to nearly 50W for the first time, and can be fully charged 40% in 10 minutes, bringing unprecedented charging experience to users.

In fact, as the second product of OPPO equipped with SuperVOOC super flash charging technology, R17 Pro not only achieved the highest charging efficiency in R series, but also achieved remarkable performance in overall battery life. In the following, we will actually test the battery performance of R17 Pro from several scenarios that are used by daily users, as well as how amazing the actual charging speed of SuperVOOC super flash charging is.

Game endurance performance test

First of all, we will test the game endurance performance of R17 Pro. We take the currently very hot game of chicken as an example. After half an hour of chicken game, the power consumption of R17 Pro is 9%. During the game, the fuselage had a good heat condition, and there was no overheating problem. In addition, the overall picture did not show the carton phenomenon, and the performance was very balanced in terms of power consumption and game experience.

the beginning game endurance performance of R17 Pro 

after an hour of chicken game  of R17 Pro 

In terms of online viewing 720P video, after 30 minutes of online video viewing, the power consumption of R17 Pro is controlled at 6%, and the overall performance is satisfactory.

the beginning of chicken game 720P video 

after half an hour of chicken game 720P video 

The battery consumption test of Online listening

Online listening is believed to be the most common function used by most users in daily life. After testing, the battery consumption of online using netease cloud music when connecting wireless bluetooth headset is only 3%, and the power consumption control can be said to be very ideal.

Online listening test 

In the endurance test section, we only tested on a few high-frequency usage scenarios frequently encountered by daily users, but in fact, it took nearly a day and a half to exhaust the power from 100% to 1% under normal use, which is enough to show how excellent the overall endurance of the R17 Pro is.

Flash charging test

While the battery life is strong, the SuperVOOC superflash on the R17 Pro is incredible. The official R17 Pro is capable of charging 40 percent of the battery in 10 minutes, so in the case of 1 percent of the battery, we actually test whether the R17 Pro is consistent with the official propaganda. How long will it take to fill the dual-cell battery equivalent to 3700mAh? Here's a look of the miracles.

the capable of charging 40 percent of the battery in 10 minutes 

During the entire test, we started with the power supply adapter from 1%, recorded the charge progress every 10 percent, and finally, when it took only 38 minutes from 1% to show the completion of charge, the measured 10 minutes was filled with a total of 40% of the total charge, this was a perfect match for the official propaganda.

We made a comparison between the R17 Pro with SuperVOOC flash charging and the R17 with VOOC flash charging. It can be seen that the two phones with little difference in battery capacity but have a big difference in charging speed. Although the charging speed of R17 with 20W charging power is also a first-class performance in the industry, the R17 Pro with 50W charging power is no match at all.

flash charging test 

With all of these scenarios, the R17 Pro is very good at running and charging efficiency, and the SuperVOOC are the fastest cellphone charge in the industry, and it's enough to describe it in a stunning way. Who doesn't want to bring your phone back to life in a short meal time?  


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