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Home > New Gear > Experts disassemble Galaxy Fold: reported major problems with the folding screen
Experts disassemble Galaxy Fold: reported major problems with the folding screen

Experts disassemble Galaxy Fold: reported major problems with the folding screen

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-25 664 0

This time it didn't disassemble itself, this time it was disassembled, expertly: IFixit's experts dismantled a Galaxy Fold. Her verdict: The expensive cellphone is damn fragile.

Where they got it from, the experts at repair platform iFixit don't reveal. That they have one is beyond doubt, because on their website they show in many pictures how they break down a Galaxy Fold from Samsung into its assemblies. And that's long before the sales start-which we don't know yet when it will really take place.

Actually, Samsung wanted to launch its first foldable smartphone at the end of April. But then the launch date was pushed back to a later dateafter several US journalists, to whom the company had already given test devices, had partly reported significant problems with the folding screen .

Galaxy Fold 

Now the device would first be subjected to further testing, it was said by Samsung. Among other things, the function of the hinge is to be tested. In addition, the protection and stability of the display should be strengthened. A new release date for the 2,000 euro device will be announced in the coming weeks, Samsung announced.

The waiting time for this appointment has now shortened iFixit with insights into the interior of the electronically and mechanically elaborately constructed device. Normally, professional tinkers don't deliver such images until a new gadget goes on sale.

Looking for ways to open the device, experts marveled at the many ways dust and other particles could enter the Galaxy Fold, for example. Alone around the screen and hinge, they came across several openings into which they could push a plastic tool the size and shape of a guitar pleter. So it's no wonder the expensive smartphone isn't waterproof.

other particles  

In the next step, the hobbyists wondered how easy it is to remove the metal back lids and front screen. A bit of warmth was enough to sufficiently soften the glue that trapped these parts. Inside, they then came across the two batteries fixed with glue and the total of six cameras.

The flexible screen is captured inside only by a thin strip of adhesive, is correspondingly easy to remove. Because it is made of plastic instead of glass, the risk of breaking it up towards zero is.

The chance of the display, described as fragile by iFixit, being damaged for other reasons is all the higher. Although the halves of the display are glued to thin metal plates to give them stability, a bit too much pressure is enough to damage the thin display. Not to mention the inevitable display death of pulling off the protective film, as some testers have done.

IFixit, on the other hand, has nothing wrong with the mechanics of the hinge. The construction looks as if it were designed to last for a long time. However, the hobbyists again noticed many ways in which foreign objects could penetrate and be pinched inside.

the mechanics of the hinge 

In the end, repair experts conclude that the Galaxy Fold is not entitled to more than 2 out of 10 possible points for repairability. Among other things, they criticize the fact that a battery exchange would be expensive and therefore expensive. The protection of the bending screen, which they classify as deficient, will "almost certainly" sooner or later require an expensive screen swap.


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