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Home > New Gear > Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: How to choose
Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: How to choose

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: How to choose

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-09-11 2906 0

This year is an important year for the widespread popularity of TWS headphones. With the birth and popularity of Bluetooth 5.0, many shortcomings of TWS headphones (true wireless Bluetooth headphones) have been solved, such as left and right ear synchronization, sound delay, disconnection, sound quality problems, and so on. At the same time, it also helps reduce the price level of TWS headphones. Even if the second generation of Airpods is high, followed by big manufacturers such as Bose and B / O, affordable TWS headphones gradually appear in people's field of vision, the most representative of which are Funcl W1 and Xiaomi airdots Youth Edition.

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Price

In fact, there are some differences between the two products in the price range, because the price of the Xiaomi Airdots youth version is 199 yuan. it was originally intended for the TWS headphones at the price of 200 to 300. however, the original price of the Funcl W1 was 99 yuan, and now it is 129 yuan. Found that the loss, so the price rose), the goal is basically the Airdots youth version, and the product at the beginning of the birth of the same meaning, Is nothing more than the ultimate cost-effective (think of the Realme X press conference that "cost-effective is not a good excuse to do a good product …". ), it can be said that the Funcl W1 is the competitor and the Airdots youth version is the contestant.

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Appearance

We start from the appearance of the product analysis, Airdots youth version and W1 overall shape design is somewhat similar, Funcl W1 charging box should be more round, while Airdots youth version of the charging box is a flat oval design with large R angle. Both from the material can only be said to be 200yuan headphones should be the level, the weight in the hand is also very light, always give people a sense of low price, after all, can not be compared with the high price of TWS, simply from the 200yuan price point of view is good.

Open the charging bin, both of the upper cover has no magnetic suction design, but from the material thickness is also OK, did not give a weak feeling, here the two are even; The headphone units are placed horizontally in the charging box, and they are all magnetic charging designs, all of which are picked up and turned on, but when we pick up the unit, we find that neither of them is audible, that is, even if we take off the headphones, we will not stop playing music. After all, the price is here, which is understandable.

Take out the headset and connect, because both use Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, so the connection speed is very fast, after the first connection, each connection is very smooth, about two seconds can be paired, there is no difference between the two. To put it bluntly, the difference is that the tone is a little different from the light. The comfort of the W1 after the upper ear is better than that of the Airdots. Although the W1 weighs only 0.2G less than the Xiaomi Airdots youth edition on paper, the W1 wears significantly more comfort than the Airdots youth version because it fits the ear more closely.

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Battery life and Sound quality

The Funcl W1 is in the lead in terms of battery life, which is almost indisputable, and the charging speed is better than the Airdots youth version, followed by the standard sound quality and stability test, where we throw our phones in one bedroom and keep our headphones connected to another bedroom. The distance between them is about 7 meters, both of which have a slight sound break, because there are walls in the middle that affect the signal transmission; In the outdoor Xiaomi Airdots youth edition of the stable transmission distance of about 9 meters, while the distance of W1 is about 7.5 to 8 meters, this Airdots youth version wins.

The sound quality part of the two is not very different, the timbre different orientation is also different, but in terms of hard power, the W1 still wins a little bit, although the high-pitched parts of both are quite stuffy, but at least can be close to the same price of wired headphones (just close, There is still a little distance) has been very satisfactory; On the California Hotel test, both were so miserable that they couldn't tell the exact location of the instrument, and when it all played, the instruments were mixed together, so let's have a bike.

Funcl W1 vs Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition: Comfort and Game delay

In the course of using W1, we found a problem. W1 will be disconnected occasionally and reconnected quickly, about once a week. According to the reaction of others, this is a common problem. Friends who mind should think about it. It doesn't matter. In the test worn for a long time, the Funcl W1 is not a great burden to the ears, but in the end, it will be a little uncomfortable, and the Xiaomi Airdots youth version is even more tiring because there is no reasonable ergonomic design. It's still a little uncomfortable to wear it for a long time.

Because of the use of Bluetooth 5.0, the delay between the two products is still a lot better than Bluetooth 4.2, but the delay of the youth version of Airdots is still on the high side, and it is obvious when playing "Game for Peace" and when chasing the play. But W1 is hard to feel the delay if we don't concentrate on analysis, probably around 60ms, a level that is already enough for us to pursue dramas and play games on a daily basis.

The last is the way of interaction, the interaction between the two is basically no difference, both touch keys, there is a probability of accidental touch, so split the color equally. 


To sum up, I personally recommend buying Funcl W1, but if you prefer the look of Xiaomi Airdots Youth version and mind about disconnection, then Xiaomi Airdots Youth Edition is your more reasonable choice.

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