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Home > New Gear > Global first batch of 5G smartphones will appear at the MWC 2019: Who will win customers’ heart? Samsung, Huawei, or ZTE?
Global first batch of 5G smartphones will appear at the MWC 2019: Who will win customers’ heart? Samsung, Huawei, or ZTE?

Global first batch of 5G smartphones will appear at the MWC 2019: Who will win customers’ heart? Samsung, Huawei, or ZTE?

By  Linky Johnson 2019-02-21 2063 0

The world's largest communication exhibition will be held in Barcelona, Spain, and the first 5G mobile phones will be put on the show. Reporters learned yesterday that Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, ZTE and other Chinese and foreign manufacturers will exhibit their first 5G mobile phone products in this conference.

MWC 2019

With the improvement of camera pixels, the expansion of battery capacity and the acceleration of CPU speed, it is difficult for these conventional "weapons" to ignite consumers' enthusiasm for buying phones. 5G has become one of the few bright spots in the mobile phone market that can attract consumers.

As the leading mobile phone company in China, Huawei discloses that it expects to release a 5G folding screen mobile phone in Barcelona this time. It is understood that the Huawei's 5G product will come with the CPU of Kirin 980 and the baseband of Baron 5000, and will pack up to 12GB of running memory.

Huawei 5G folding screen mobile phone  

OPPO mobile phone also disclosed the latest news to this newspaper, through cooperation with Qualcomm, OPPO will also release its 5G mobile phone in Barcelona. At the same time, OPPO confirmed to this newspaper that although the folding screen has been widely concerned by consumers recently, OPPO's first 5G mobile phone is expected to be a traditional style and will not use folding screen design for the time being.

OPPO 5G mobile phone 

Royole, the world's leading manufacturer of fully flexible display, will make its debut in Barcelona, displaying the world's first flexible foldable mobile phone and other products, so that consumers can feel the light, thin and soft special charm of fully flexible screen which can be wavy bent.

Royole flexible foldable mobile phone  

ZTE mobile phone announced that it will also launch its first 5G flagship phone in Barcelona on February 25. In the era of 4G mobile phone, ZTE mobile phone sales have been unable to enter the top 10 in the world, which is included in the "other" statistics. Whether ZTE can turn over with mobile phones in 5G era has also attracted the attention of the industry.

5G has the characteristics of large broadband, low delay and large connectivity. It takes less than 20 seconds to download a 2GB HD movie. However, 5G download speed is just one corner of the iceberg for 5G widespread application scenario. 5G is also the foundation of the interconnection of all things. A series of applications, such as virtual reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart city and ultra-clear video, will usher in a broad application space after having a stronger 5G. On the horizon of the 5G world, mobile internet, big data, cloud computing and intelligent terminals will continue to interact and transform, making 5G the engine of changing the world.

5G networks 

Samsung’s company in China disclosed to this newspaper that it is expected that Samsung S10 series mobile phones will be officially released in China on February 28. However, consumers feel relatively helpless that 5G mobile phones are coming to us, and the current pricing is not affordable. Reporters learned that the price of 5G mobile phones, including Samsung and Huawei, is expected to be more than $1478. In addition to the "local tyrants" who are not poor in money, I am afraid that other people need to think twice before they buy the phones.

Samsung 5G mobile phones

In fact, although 5G networks are being built in all parts of China, including Beijing, they can only cover a few hot spots, such as Beijing, which only has a few spots such as Financial Street, Daoxianghu Lake in Haidian, and CCTV building in the International Trade Area. Apparently, it is not acceptable for everyone to spend the money of 5G mobile phones on 4G networks.


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