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Home > New Gear > Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera - Professional-grade security at a fraction of the price
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Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera - Professional-grade security at a fraction of the price

Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera - Professional-grade security at a fraction of the price

By  Wouter Wargerink 2018-11-23 3032 1

Upgrade your home security and keep an eye on your property no matter where you’re at with the Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera. This compact indoor security camera comes with the latest technological features but at a fraction of the price compared to competing IP cameras from brands such as Xiaomi.

Young people like myself spend a lot of time away from their home and property. Personally, I travel a lot for work and fun. And to be honest, it does not always feel comfortable to leave my home behind unguarded. The sad truth is, however, that most home security systems are not cheap. It's not rare to pay several hundreds of dollars for a decent security kit with some IP cameras and motion sensors. For me, this always has been the main reason not to upgrade my home security.

When I first came across the Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP Camera, I have to admit that I was little a bit skeptical. With a price of merely $26.99, can it really offer the full home security experience that it promises? Well, I am happy to share that my experience with this compact indoor IP camera surprised me in a positive way. Not only does it do what it promises, but it also outperforms many similar security cameras such as the Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP camera that is priced significantly higher. Below, we'll have a quick look at the main security features this affordable home security camera has to offer.

 Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP camera

Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera: specs

First, let's take a look at the specs of Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera.


Product name
Gocomma Lilliput-001 1080P WiFi security IP camera
Product size (L x W x H)
7.50 x 7.50 x 11.00 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 4.33 inches
Product weight
0.1990 kg
Compatible operation systems
Microsoft windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP,windows 7,windows 8
Motion detection distance
Wireless:WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; WiFi distance:10 - 15m; Network port: RJ-45
Mobile access
Android,IOS,windows mobile
Pan/Tilt-horizontal angle
355 degrees
Pan/Tilt-vertical angle
110 degrees
Micro SD card up to 64GB
100 degree
Maximum monitoring range
Video image
Video compression format: H.264; pixels: 2MP; video resolution: 1080P;sensor: CMOS; sensor size (inch): 1/2.5
Night vision
Infrared LED: 2; infrared distance: 15m
Working voltage: 5V
Package contents
1 x smart camera, 1 x data cable, 1 x charger, 1 x English user manual, 1 x holder, 1 x box of screws


gocomma Lilliput-001 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera 2MP - WHITE EU PLUG

gocomma Lilliput-001 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera 2MP - WHITE EU PLUG
$53.98 $26.99    


Affordable price and universal design

The first thing that grabbed my attention of the Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP Camera was its price. With a price tag of merely $26.99, it surely is one of the more affordable indoor security cameras I've come across. Its compact design makes it very easy and convenient to install anywhere inside your home. You can place it on your table, wall, or hang it from the roof. The camera itself is rather small, making it easy to place it somewhere out of sight. Thanks to its wireless and universal design, it can be perfectly used as a security camera, nanny cam, baby monitor, or pet cam.

installing on table, wall, or hang it from the roof  

Crisp 1080P Full-HD resolution

Now, let's talk about the quality of the images. Naturally, high image quality is one of the most important aspects of having a good security camera. Luckily, the Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP Camera left a very good impression. This compact indoor IP camera comes packed with a 1/2.5-Inch CMOS sensor that treats you to crisp security footage. You can enjoy 2MP pictures and Full-HD video in 1080P resolution at 25fps. This is similar compared to other, relatively more expensive, indoor security cameras such as the Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP camera. As of such, you can be guaranteed that this affordable home security gadget won't miss out on a single detail.

All-round view

Besides offering high-quality images, the Gocomma Lilliput-001 also treats you to a remarkable viewing angle that outperforms most other IP cameras on the market. With its PTZ design, you can freely move your camera around in any direction. As a result, you can enjoy a stunning viewing angle of 355-degrees horizontal and 110-degrees vertical (compared to a vertical viewing angle of merely 96-degrees of the Xiaomi Mijia)! Thanks to this, you can truly be assured that there won't be any dead-zones in your home security. This beautiful little IP camera truly covers every corner of your room; leaving no space to hide for possible intruders.

355-degrees horizontal and 110-degrees vertical 

24/7 wireless protection

One of the greatest features of the Gocomma Lilliput-001 IP camera that I love most has got to be its wireless design. This WiFi IP camera can be easily synchronized with your internet network at home without the need for any cables. Once connected, you are able to access your camera remotely no matter where you are. The wireless range of this IP camera is 15-meter which, compared to the Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP camera's 100m range, is a bit of a letdown. Nevertheless, unless you live in a castle, most of us do not need a wireless connection of 100m. For me, the 15m WiFi range worked perfectly fine. I was able to use the camera all around my home without encountering any connection issues. If, however, you do run into trouble, the RJ-45 port of the camera always allows you to use your internet cable instead.

the RJ-45 port of the camera  

To further increase its usability, the Gocomma Lilliput-001 security camera supports a whopping night vision view of 15-meter. With this range, it outperforms similar yet more expensive IP cameras such as its Xiaomi counterparts (with a range of merely 9-meter) by far! Besides regular night vision, the camera also supports IR cut. This feature makes sure that your indoor IP camera automatically switches to night vision recording when the natural light is too low for regular recording. Thanks to this, you can always be assured that you'll be treated to detailed Full-HD security footage at both day and night. Personally, I truly was surprised by the quality images this camera puts forth after dark. If you're looking for an affordable IP camera that offers round-the-clock protection, the Gocomma Lilliput-001 is certainly worth your consideration.

night vision of the IP camera 

Remote access & alarm features

For me, one of the most important features the Gocomma Lilliput-001 security camera has to offer is its remote accessibility. The fact that you can access and control your camera via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world truly offers some peace of mind while traveling abroad. This remarkable 1080p security camera is compatible with all major Windows, iOS, and Android systems. It can be accessed by 6 remote users at once, allowing all your family members to keep an eye on the status of your property when you're not around.

To further add to its security features, the IP camera supports 10m motion detection. Whenever movement is detected, a picture alarm notification is sent to your smartphone or PC. As of such, you'll always be up to date whenever there is a possible security breach. Whenever this is the case, you can instantly access your camera to check on the security status of your property through its real-time video feature. With its dual-way audio support, you can talk to possible intruders (or visitors) from afar no matter where you're at. You can furthermore program your camera to store security footage in order to watch it back later. With 64GB memory support, there is plenty of space for you to store footage and pictures of the past months. To me, these remote access security features truly allow me to enjoy my trips abroad without having to constantly worry about my property back home.

64GB memory of the IP camera

Overall impression

After using the Gocomma Lilliput-001 security camera for several weeks, my overall impression has been nothing but positive! It comes with a remarkably low price tag yet still, it treats you to all the indoor security options you can wish for. Its universal design makes the camera easy to install anywhere you wish. Personally, I use it for home security but I can imagine that it can also be used perfectly for other purposes such as a nanny cam, baby monitor, or pet cam. Its dual-way communication feature is great for communicating with your pets, child, or to warn possible intruders when you're not around.

Thanks to its Night vision support and remote access features, you truly can enjoy 24/7 home security no matter where you are. Its motion detection and other alarm features further add to a great overall user experience. The built-in CMOS sensor delivers highly detailed images at any time of the day and its PTZ design covers any corner of the room. Thanks to this, you never have to worry about anybody approaching your property without being noticed again.

With its low price tag and impressive specs that are comparable to, and in some cases even better than, more expensive IP cameras such as the ones by Xiaomi, the Gocomma Lilliput-001 truly did impress. If you're looking for an affordable home security gadget that keeps your property protected round-the-clock, this little indoor IP camera is a perfect choice for you! 

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