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Home > New Gear > Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Developers chat about PC version details
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Developers chat about PC version details

Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Developers chat about PC version details

By  Adeline Belluz 2019-05-14 1228 0

In a Reddit AMA, the developers of Halo: The Master Chief Collection answered fans' questions about the PC version. We picked out the most important answers for you.

Master Chief Collection for the PC

In preparation for the flying program and the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the PC, developer 343 Industries held an AMA on Reddit to answer community questions. Among other things he gave details about PC-exclusive features and Halo: Reach.

The answers come from Brian Jarrard, community director of 343 Indsutries and lead producer Michael Fahrny. But already in the incoming mail they point out that the game is still in development and some elements can still change.

PC version details

We have summarized the most important information for you and list it here. Many of the features are still under investigation and there are only a few concrete confirmations. This information applies to all parts of the collection.

▪ Framerate: The framerate should not be limited on the PC. 144Hz and more should be supported.

▪ Splitscreen mode: Local multiplayer with splitscreen might come, but implementation is difficult. So this feature is not guaranteed.

▪ Crossplay: PC and Xbox One players will not be able to play together at the launch. Later Crossplay support could follow.

▪ FoV-Slider: There will be a Field-of-View slider. Its values may differ between the different games.

▪ Ultrawide Support: Supported aspect ratios include: 21:9, 16:9, 16:10, 3:2 and 4:3

▪ Balancing is adapted to mouse and keyboard: According to the team, control is an important aspect of development and work is underway to adapt balancing to traditional PC input devices.

▪ Mod support: There will be no mod support for the release. However, 343 Industries is working with the mod community, including the , to find possible ways.

▪ Anti-Cheat: The PC version will have anti-cheat measures.

▪ No cross save: Progress like statistics, achievements, forged maps and game variants of the Xbox account will be adopted. Your savegames are separate on the Xbox One and the PC.

▪ No dedicated servers: There will be a game browser, but no dedicated servers hosted by the community.

Support for Halo Custom Edition: The Custom Edition is a free extension for . 343 Industries tries to support its content, but can't confirm anything yet.

No Xbox Play Anywhere: The MCC won't be a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, with which you can play titles bought on the Xbox on your PC.

Info especially about Halo: Reach

▪ Halo: Reach is the first game from the Master Chief Collection to be released on the PC. The developer decided to release the collection not only as a complete pack, but also individually. So the players don't have to wait until the last part is ported and can start playing before. In addition, all Halo parts can be purchased separately.

▪ Armament adjustments: As in the original, there will be many ways to customize your armor. However, the progress system to unlock each part will be revised.

▪ No microtransactions: Unlocking will only be done through gameplay and there will be no form of microtransaction.

▪ Firefight coming: Firefight is the cooperative campaign of Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST. It becomes part of the Master Chief Collection.

▪ Forge and Theatre modes come: These two modes of Halo: Reach will be added after the release of the game.

▪ Unlocks are separate: If you've already played on Xbox 360, you can't take over your progress.

In addition, the question arose as to whether Halo 5 would also be released for the PC. After the release of the Master Chief Collection, the shooter would be the only Halo not available for the PC. Here the studio gave a temporary rejection: At the moment they concentrate only on Reach and the MCC. There are no plans for Halo 5 at the moment.

There is no price, hardware requirements or even a release date even after the AMA yet. Regarding all these points, the members of 343 Industries only stated that there are no new details at the moment, but they want to announce them soon.


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