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Home > New Gear > HCIGAR VT250 Box Mod | Stunning aesthetics & uncompromising power
HCIGAR VT250 Box Mod | Stunning aesthetics & uncompromising power

HCIGAR VT250 Box Mod | Stunning aesthetics & uncompromising power

By  GB Blog Official 2017-01-19 3649 30

First impressions certainly last. And the HCIGAR creates a lasting one with its imposing appearance – subtle it's not.

Powered by triple 18650 batteries, VT250 box mod is specifically designed to meet the output power needs of virtually every vaper out there – and guarantees an impressively long standby time. With its smooth and streamlined design, topped with a meticulous zinc alloy metal texture, the HCIGAR is an ensemble example of superb aesthetics and modern technology.

Evolv DNA250 chip from USA

Some Background on the Evolv Chip:

Since 2016, the Evolv chipset has been adopted in the vast majority of e-cig mods for its reliably stable and strong output performance. Notable examples include the DNA200, DNA75, DNA40, and other signature TC box mods.

Following the launch of the DNA200 and the DNA75, many vapers had considered the chip arms race to have reached a temporary ceasefire. During the interim, Evolv will continue manufacturing low-power chips to recover the middle and low-end markets. However, it unexpectedly pushed out the DNA250 after the DNA75 – raising the power ceiling by 50W over the previous model - VT200. But what was the reason behind this? Was it to meet the evolving needs of vapers or to redefine its own position on e-cig market?

For all intents and purposes, industry competitors are still closely following the pace of Evolv, with some devices utilizing the latest DNA250 chip already available in market. For example, the LOST VAPE Triade DNA250 box mod, Think Vape Finder 250W TC box mod, Think Vape Finder 167W box mod and today's protagonist, the HCIGAR VT250.

Modern Streamlined Design, Curved and Stylish

The VT250 gets the party started with black box packaging with silver print, underscoring a subtle and traditional style.

VT250 gets the party started with black box packaging

Opening the box lid, I immediately rechecked the packaging. To put it bluntly – and I know you’re thinking the same – the VT250 resembles an electric razor. Having said that, this design approach is certainly novel, refreshing, and even bold. The box mod adopts a streamlined design, as sleek as it is smooth. The black body is complemented with a silver gray finish, forming a stylish color scheme that’s easy one the eye. In particular, the "shark gill"-styled heat dissipation side vents add an abundance of character.

VT250 resembles an electric razor

The arc of the battery cover is not especially pronounced, with a more subdued and rounded look. The "robot face" embossed finish is not only decorative but functional: it provides a textured grip for easy handling. It’s rocking an "Iron Man" and "Optimus Prime" vibe. The logo and model name are located in the "forehead" of the back cover, elevating its prominence.

VT250 resembles an electric razor

Decent Size and Weight

The actual measurements of the VT250 250W box mod is 96.5 x 40.5 x 51mm (3.8 x 1.6 x 2.0 inches), which is analogous with a typical single 26650 battery vape mod. Although there’s about 3-5mm difference between them, both the graduated shrinkage of the front panel coupled with the black and silver color, make the device appear visually slimmer. As a triple 18650 battery host, this is an impressive feat.

 Decent Size and Weight

(VT250 net weight)

213g (7.47oz) net weight, 307g (10.83oz) with the batteries, and about 400g (14.11oz) with the atomizer. This translates to an excellent net weight compared to other triple battery mods. However, it may still be a little heavy for daily use, possibly impacting its portability.

High Adaptability and Good Craft

Adopting stainless steel 510 spring thread, the VT250 has a 30mm outer diameter, 25mm inner diameter so that it can perfectly fit with 22mm, 24mm, 25mm diameter atomizers. Even the 30mm base diameter Inde Duo RDA is compatible. However, the “inward” design makes a chamfer between inner and outer ring which leads to a slight gap between the atomizer bottom and mod.

High Adaptability and Good Craft

(VT250 510 spring loaded thread)                                             (VT250 bottom air hole)

The bottom of the mod is also equipped with cooling pressure relief hole; slightly indented, it will protect the device if it's set on the plane with liquid.

Taking a closer look, the large 0.91 inch OLED screen, buttons, and USB interface all inherit the traditional layout of DNA mods. This extends to the short fire key stroke, excellent response, and easy handling. Two adjusting buttons form a triangle shape, with the "Up" key on the top and the "Down" key at the bottom. However, personally speaking, if the triangle layout was swapped (i.e. the arrows pointed outward), the layout would be more intuitive.

OLED screen, buttons, and USB interface

Except for this point, the VT250 scores well for overall workmanship: the plate, the seams, decorative trim, and the battery cover are all examples of good machining. Each part is rounded on the edge while maintaining the consistency of slots size. The attention to detail definitely stands out.

VT250 scores well for overall workmanship

(Good workmanship VT250 box mod)

While you can remove the battery cover by pulling it from its groove on both sides, the seams are strong with tight fit all over. The cover is held to the host body by 4 group magnets, with a convenient slot to facilitate positioning. The material choice and general workmanship of the battery compartment deserve high praise, highlighting the HCIGAR’s pursuit of perfection.

remove the battery cover

(VT250 battery cover)

As previously stated, the HCIGAR VT250 is powered by triple 18650 batteries, arranged according to the Reuleaux Triangle principle for space saving. This explains why a 3 battery mod can be so compact compared to others.

remove the battery cover

(VT250 work with triple 3.7V 18650 batteries)

Uncompromisingly Powerful DNA250 Chip

The HCIGAR VT250 adopts the Evolv DNA250 chip developed in the USA, literally vaping perfected by science. This translates to precise temperature control and easy customization by Escribe software. We know that HCIGAR has launched the VT167 previously which is also utilized a DNA250 chip, but it could only fire up to 167W due to hosting only 2 18650 batteries.

Uncompromisingly Powerful DNA250 Chip

Now, thanks to the state-of-the-art firmware and running triple 18650 lithium polymer batteries, it can fire up to a maximum output of 250W, while allowing for a 200 to 600F TC range, with precision down to 0.1Ω resistance using SS / Ti / Ti wires.

VT250 detailed specifications:

  Minimum Typical Max
Output Power 1 Watt   250 Watts
Output Voltage 0.5 Volt   9.3 Volts
Output Current, continuous     55.0 Amps
Output Current, instantaneous peak     60.0 Amps
Atomizer Resistance, temperature sensing wire, cold   0.1 Ohm  
Atomizer Resistance, kanthal wire   0.2 Ohm  
Temperature Limit 200℉ 450℉ 600℉
Input Voltage 9.0 Volts 11.1 Volts 12.6 Volts
Input Current 0.5 Amps 9.0 Amps 28 Amps
Screen on Current   21 mA  
Quiescent Current   3.5 mA  
Power down Current     25 mA
Efficiency   97%  
Screen Size   0.91" OLED  

This is complemented by cell-by-cell battery monitoring and an integrated balance charge. This means that the VT 250 not only provide 250 watts of high output power but it also guarantees long standby time for vaping enthusiasts.

cell-by-cell battery monitoring

With this bold feature set and thread design, the VT250 mod supports virtually any atomizers (clearomizer, RDA, etc) you intend to use it with. It also employs multiple built-in safeguards and settings to ensure continued safety and peace of mind, including reverse polarity protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and low voltage protection.

In addition, there are up to 8 firing presets that can be personalized by downloading Escribe software from the official Evolv website. Compatible with Windows/Mac, simply connects the DNA 250 using the USB port.

8 firing presets

Wrap Up:

The HCIGAR VT250 is a truly desirable device for vapers looking for a reliable, good looking, high output, and top performing box mod. Regarding its aesthetics, the streamlined design and fine curves also complement easy handling. In terms of raw power, the DNA250 chipset supplies safe, strong and stable performance. In terms of price, GearBest is running a fantastic deal for the vape community right now for just $169. And if you enter the coupon code "DNA250" during checkout, you’ll get an even lower price. Experience the next generation of box mods.

Note: prices are subject to change over time, opportunity only knocks once.

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