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Home > New Gear > High output universal shower filter cartridge: clean PH-balanced water with one-step installation
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High output universal shower filter cartridge: clean PH-balanced water with one-step installation

High output universal shower filter cartridge: clean PH-balanced water with one-step installation

By  GB Blog Official 2018-11-01 1718 1

If you are doubting the quality of the water in your shower, this replaceable shower water filter cartridge may just be what you need to put your mind at peace. Coming with several purifying layers, the filter is capable of extensive water cleansing, getting rid of a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria.

Why do you need to filter your shower water?

Who doesn't enjoy a long relaxing shower after a long day at work or an intensive workout? But what you may not be aware of is the quality of the water you are using and how it actually affects your body. In most cases, the water we get in our pipes is far from perfect — and the chemicals and pollutants contained in it can have negative effects on your skin, hair and overall wellbeing. "Hard" water containing minerals like calcium and magnesium can dry out your skin and "fizz" your hair. Water softeners and filters can remove harmful elements from the water, thus, relieving you from all the unpleasant consequences.

the design of shower filter cartridge 

What is a shower filter cartridge?

A shower filter cartridge is basically a water filter built into your shower head. Thanks to several purifying layers, the shower filter  easily cleans the water going through it, ridding it of even the smallest chemical particles. What you get on the other end is pure soft water that is much more natural and beneficial to your skin and hair. Some shower heads come with the filters already built-in but this can be a pricey endeavor. A separate filter, on the other hand, is much more economical and also easily replaceable.

the care for your skin,hair,and your family  


High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi Stage Filter Cartridge - SILVER

High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi Stage Filter Cartridge - SILVER


Universal shower filter cartridge: how does it work

The multi stage filter cartridge head features 6 cleansing filters, each responsible for eliminating a particular group of particles and naked the water go through 10 cleaning stages before it gets to touch your skin.

10 cleaning stages 

The first level of purification is simple PP cotton, filtering out any possible debris or bigger particles.

Second, you have the high density steel mesh that filters the water out further.

The third layer is made up of alkaline ceramic balls and is used to adjust the PH level, making water more alkaline and less acidic.

The fourth layer is filled with KDF 55, a mix of copper and zinc, used to remove heavy metals from the water.

The fifth stage of the cleansing process is handled by nano silver antibacterial ceramic balls.

Step number six is activated carbon, which aqsterilizers the water and removes any unpleasant odors.

Number seven is calcium sulfide, responsible for removing residual chlorine.

The eight layer consists of mineralized balls, which actually remineralize the water to make it healthier for the skin.

Finally, you have another layer of PP cotton and metal mesh at the very end.

As a result, you get a stream of whalthy soft water that will not cause itching, will not dry out your skin and will have a balanced PH level.

Universal shower filter cartridge: how to install

But is it difficult to install?

Sure, it sounds like a shower filter of this complexity may be a pain to install. But, surprisingly, it isn't and you won't even have to fish out your toolbox.

The installation process, actually, only consists of one step - you just have to attach it at the base of the shower head. The filter is compatible with fixed, rain and handheld showers and is secured in place with Teflon tape.

The installation process, 

Universal shower filter cartridge: the verdict

So, let's sum up.

The shower filter will rid your water of chlorine and dangerous heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, etc.). Plus, the filter removes and prevents further development of bacteria, algae, fungi and mold that typically thrive in a humid environment.

The benefits of  shower filter 

For you, this means softer water with a better PH balance for you skin, which does not dry out your hair. It is also a much more favorable bathing environment for your children whose skin is much more sensitive to the influence of chemicals.

a favorable bathing environment for children  

Plus, thanks to the filter's anti-bacterial layer, you will also have a much cleaner shower and bathroom as the bacteria that love humidity will not be living in your water.

The shower filter comes with the $23.87 price tag, is made of sturdy ABS material and weighs 350 grams.


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