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Home > New Gear > Hole-punch display: what are the differences between Huawei Nova 4 and Samsung A8s?
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Hole-punch display: what are the differences between Huawei Nova 4 and Samsung A8s?

Hole-punch display: what are the differences between Huawei Nova 4 and Samsung A8s?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-20 2341 0

As we all know, the competition in the mobile phone industry has been very fierce. In the last month of this year, Samsung A8s was released on Dec. 10, then Huawei's new Nova 4 was released on Dec. 17, and both of them adopt hole-punch display design.

 Huawei Nova 4 vs Samsung A8s  

Samsung's hole-punch screen, in fact, has long been traceable. Samsung mentioned the hole-punch screen at the developer's conference before, which shows that its technology is quite mature. As mentioned above, Huawei's Nova 4 is also a hole-punch screen, and it is worth mentioning that on December 17, Samsung released video projection on landmark buildings in Nanjing and Chongqing, "Subverting Science and Technology", "Seeing the Future", "Black-pupil Full-View Screen". Each phrase has a strong sense of technology and the future. It is matched with a brilliant and shining light show to promote the new A8s. Not to mention that it's very Samsung. So they both have an all hole-punch screen. Who is stronger, Samsung or Huawei?

There has been a heated debate over who is better at punching holes in Samsung A8s and Huawei Noa 4. There are also different opinions on the Internet. After all, there are still differences in the process of opening holes between the two companies. Samsung's hole-punch screen uses "through hole" technology, while Huawei's screen uses "blind hole" technology. Here we are going to popularize the difference between "through hole" and "blind hole".

Samsung A8s  hole-punch screen 

First of all, talk about "blind hole", so-called "blind hole" is only in the LCD screen at the bottom of the backlight panel to dig holes. After that, the external light passes through the two-layer structure of screen glass and LCD panel and finally reaches the camera.

Huawei Noa 4 blind hole 

However, the "blind hole" technology has high quality rate and simple operation, so the cost is relatively low, which is more beneficial for mobile phone manufacturers.

On the contrary, "through-hole" technology not only pierces the backlight of LCD screen, but also the LCD panel, and places the camera directly under the screen glass. Therefore, the "through-hole" camera is the same as the ordinary front-end camera. It not only keeps the image of the camera, but also avoids the leakage of light on the screen. But this technology has low rate of good products, complex operation and even higher cost.

Simply put, Samsung A8s's camera surface is not covered with glass, while Huawei's Nova 4 adds a layer of glass to the camera surface.

Samsung A8s's camera surface  

But in other words, whether Huawei or Samsung, their purpose is to bring users a better use experience!


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