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Home > New Gear > Honor Magicbook 2019 with Ryzen 7 processor review
Honor Magicbook 2019 with Ryzen 7 processor review

Honor Magicbook 2019 with Ryzen 7 processor review

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2019-05-25 3014 0

Recently, Honor released a brand new product - Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong version, what is the performance of this notebook, and what are the unique features? Next, let us fully analyze this new product.

Design: simple, trendy design to catch up with many established PC manufacturers

The Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version has excellent quality control and is very mature in design language and detail processing. The integrated metal body design, micro-blasting and sanding, the hand feels soft and comfortable, the A side has no extra design except the Honor brand LOGO, and the passivation is also carried out at the corners, and there is no cutting feeling when used.

In addition to the decent design, the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version is also very good in weight and thickness control, the body weight is only 1.45kg, the thickest point is 15.8mm, the lady can easily put into the bag It can meet the mobile office needs of users in cafes, stations and other places, and is light and portable.

The narrow border screen has a better viewing field. This has been used by people who have experienced it. Turning on the computer, the oncoming is a 14-inch IPS anti-glare screen. The addition of anti-glare screen greatly reduces glare. Strong scenes can also recognize the content displayed on the screen, more practical, the resolution of the mainstream 1080P, 5.2mm narrow border design makes the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version accounted for 81%.

The camera and microphone are still arranged at the top of the screen. When the camera is activated, the status indicator on the right will automatically light up, effectively preventing privacy leakage. The hinged design of the sunken hinge supports a maximum 177° wide angle opening and closing, and the resistance is moderate. The girl can also easily open and close with one hand.

The C-face of the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 has power button, keyboard and touchpad. The power button integrates the fingerprint recognition function. Users can directly boot and unlock to enter the system desktop by pressing the power button. This one-button fingerprint unlocking design is very user-friendly, with a single touch, directly to the desktop, booting and unlocking one step in place, quickly and smoothly. Especially for the author of "password amnesia patients", it is more safe and convenient, it is really useless to go back.

In addition to the power button, the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version of the keyboard occupies most of the C area, using a full-size custom keyboard, in the actual measurement, the entire keyboard key stroke is moderate, the confirmation is good, the entire touchpad uses The hidden left and right button design makes the hand feel smooth, and the pressing has no collapse feeling, which ensures the efficiency of the office.

In addition to the keyboard, the strip-shaped hollow design on both sides of the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 keyboard is not just a simple decoration, but a hidden speaker outlet, which makes the entire Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version C face, D face Add up to 4 speakers, more than 4,000 sound holes, to achieve high and low crossover, with Dolby panoramic sound effects, sound layer stacking, multi-faceted surround, whether you listen to music, watching movies or simple games can get very Excellent entertainment experience.

As we all know, excellent scalability is more effective for the office. Nowadays, many notebooks have great inconvenience for the user to expand and compromise. The Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version has a full-featured USB on the left side. -C interface, an HDMI interface and a USB3.0 interface, quite practical.

On the right side of the fuselage, Honor provides a USB 2.0 interface and 3.5mm headphone microphone two-in-one interface, which can be connected to a mouse and other devices, making it convenient for you to meet or travel.

Magic-link 2.0 magic transfer

In addition to the avant-garde and solid design, the Magic-Link Magical 2019 Ruilong R7 version of the right wrist rest of the Magic-link label has attracted everyone's interest, it is a way to quickly transfer photos between the Honor notebook and the Honor phone and The function of the video - Magic-link 2.0 magical transmission, revolutionizing the traditional transmission method, supporting EMUI 9.1 or Magic UI 2.1 and above Honor mobile phones and EMUI 9.1 and above Huawei mobile phones.

The operation is also very simple, the first is to ensure that the phone's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC are turned on, then open the PC-side computer housekeeper and Bluetooth, and then close the NFC area on the back of the phone to the Magic-link label in the lower right corner of the PC. After the prompt sounds, it indicates that the recognition has been successful. At this time, the mobile terminal will pop up a window and click the connection, and then set the mobile phone and the PC end according to the prompts to be OK.

Then you can easily send photos, videos, documents, etc. from your mobile phone to your PC. You can send one or more than one at a time. At the same time, the image browser will also be launched on the PC. You can view it here; You can also transfer the pictures or files on the PC to the mobile phone. Is it very simple?

More than just sending pictures and videos, if you are editing a document, you need to send a piece of text from the document to your phone, or copy the text from your phone to the PC, which is perfectly fine, because of the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version. The ability to share the clipboard with the mobile phone can be completed in just two steps, which is undoubtedly more convenient for business people.

In addition to the decent design and function, in the current aesthetic maverick, the body color is also valued by many users, Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong version has glacial silver, star gray and nebula purple three colors, thin body With the trendy color matching, it is in line with the young people's pursuit of individualized needs, providing users with more choices.

In terms of design and features, the Honor MagicBook 2019 is more mature than the previous generation. It is one of the few high-value products on the market.

Machine configuration and comprehensive performance: AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor

We evaluated the Honor of the MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version with AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor, 8G dual-channel DDR4 high-frequency memory and 512GB high-speed solid-state drive. The graphics card is the processor-integrated AMD Radeon Vega 10. In addition to the R7 3700U processor version, the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong version also has R5 version, the configuration is mainly the difference between CPU frequency and integrated graphics specifications, to meet the needs of different users, configuration options are very rich.

Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version on the hardware AMD Ruilong platform +8GB dual channel design is very eye-catching. Next, let's take a look at the performance of the AMD Ryzen 7 3700U and the overall performance of the products under the platform.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700U is a quad-core eight-thread processor with 2.3GHz frequency, dynamic frequency up to 4.0GHz, process technology of 12 nm, TDP 15W. The higher process technology results in better power control, and the overall continuous performance and endurance is surprisingly enhanced, and the powerful performance release is comparable to bench-level processors. Therefore, as the industry's first Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version equipped with the Ruilong 3700U chip, its natural strength can not be underestimated.

Processor basic information

AMD has always had obvious advantages in graphics. AMD Ryzen 7 3700U built-in Radeon Vega 10 set has 640 shader units, 128bit memory bit width, 1400MHz core frequency, then we will take a look at the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong What is the performance of the R7 version?

Cinebench R15

In the Cinebench R15 test, the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version got 679cb multi-threaded score and 148cb single-threaded score, the performance is very strong.

3DMark 11

3DMark 11 is a comprehensive benchmarking tool based on the Microsoft DirectX 11 API. It can fully utilize the advantages of multi-channel graphics and multi-core processing to meet PC system game performance testing needs.

Through the actual test, the Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong version scored P4092 in 3Dmark 11 Performance mode, the performance mainstream.

Disk performance: Every day, various application operations are abnormally smooth

In addition, everyone knows that the system and software can run smoothly. In addition to the direct relationship with the performance of the processor, the hard disk read and write speed is also the bottleneck. The SSD of the MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version is not only large in capacity, but also has a very high transmission speed. Fast, in the test gives a sequential read speed of up to 3237MB / s and a sequential write speed of 2583MB / s, very surprising, Honor MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version of high-quality SSD makes the system and software run at a universal speed It has improved several grades, and the smoothness of daily various application operations is even more important.

Evaluation summary: preferred students, newcomers, and office workers

After thorough testing, the Honor of the MagicBook 2019 Ruilong R7 version did not let us down, the narrow border high screen ratio of the volume advantage, balanced hardware configuration, large-capacity storage and excellent discrete graphics performance made it Excellent market competitiveness, and also provides a unique Magic-link 2.0 magical intercommunication function for business users' needs. It can meet my work and entertainment needs at the same time. The 512GB large memory version starts at 4699 yuan, 5 On the 21st of the first day of the month, the first day of the limited sales will be limited to 200 yuan, 4499 yuan can be started, the price is reversed. Such a very good all-rounder is very competitive in the market.


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