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Home > New Gear > Honor YOYO AI smart speaker: Honor’s first AI speaker with rich functions and high cost-performance ratio
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Honor YOYO AI smart speaker: Honor’s first AI speaker with rich functions and high cost-performance ratio

Honor YOYO AI smart speaker: Honor’s first AI speaker with rich functions and high cost-performance ratio

By  Linky Johnson 2019-01-04 2488 0

On December 26, Honor YOYO smart speaker was officially released in Beijing. As the first AI speaker of Honor, Honor YOYO smart speaker integrates abundant functions in the compact body.

Honor YOYO smart speaker has a unique appearance. It uses a flat circular, gray and white two-color splicing design. It seems that there is no flat circular design product on the market at present, so it is easy to be recognized. The upper part of the speaker is a milky white panel, with a color ring breathing lamp, which is not only soft, but has very high quality. The lower part adopts a light grey design, while the speaker is hidden in the lower shell, so the overall look is simple and generous, and implements the minimalist style. Generally speaking, the size is close to the powder box and can be mastered by one hand. At the same time, the appearance of the product is rounded, and it is very versatile with the daily household appliances, or even with the small ornaments of the household.

YOYO speaker 

What needs to be reminded is that YOYO speaker has a very big feature that the physical object is much better than the photo and has a better sense of quality. Users are advised to see more introductory videos on the official website before purchasing.

Call function is one of the main functions of YOYO smart speaker. Because there are very few smart speakers supporting call function on the market at present, we need to introduce them to interested users. First of all, many users are concerned about the cost. This speaker is based on network calls. It does not need to insert a SIM card. It also gives away 1500 minutes of free calls per month, which is basically equivalent to free calls.

Call function of YOYO smart speaker 

It is also very simple in operation. Before using it, download APP on the mobile terminal. After adding the contact phone number in APP, you can realize functions such as voice box dialing mobile phone, mobile phone dialing speaker, voice box dialing children's watch. At the same time, each speaker in APP has its own two-dimensional code. By sweeping the code, other Honor YOYO smart speakers can be added to realize the operation of the speaker calling speaker.

Nowadays, many families still have telephone landlines. The annual cost of a landline is about $29. I think it is better to buy a Honor YOYO smart speaker for $29. It can not only serve as a landline, but also conduct voice control to query network information and even operate smart appliances.

In terms of voice system, Honor YOYO smart speaker carries voice synthesis technology from Orion's sky, using "the warmest voice of the planet" to meet the intelligent needs of family life. At present, Orion Star's full-link voice technology has been applied to the smart products of Huawei, Himalaya, America and other partners, supporting more than 30% of China's smart speakers market share, and activating more than 30 million products, becoming the "most widely used" AI voice system. Although in my opinion, the voice softness of smart speakers is considered first,  it does not rule out that some women like it, so this speaker may better attract their eyes.

In smart home, Honor YOYO smart speaker supports Huawei HiLink protocol. Users can control related household appliances through speaker voice. At present, it supports intelligent control of many products, such as air conditioning, lamps, curtains, fans and so on. At the same time, this speaker supports multiple preset scenarios. That is to say, you can operate multiple smart appliances in one sentence by setting them in APP.

Here we need to emphasize that unlike similar products on the market, there are only four or even two microphones. The Honor YOYO smart speaker adopts the ring-shaped hexagram design, which can receive voice instructions from users more effectively. It will not appear that the speaker "can not hear" user instructions, so that you can control the smart home more easily.

the ring-shaped hexagram design 

Finally, the overall evaluation of sound quality is over 90 points, which is very good. When I just got it, I was still wondering why there was no speaker in the speaker. Later, I found that the speaker was officially designed in the center of the hollow bottom of the body. Through the downward reflection cone, and through the four holes at the bottom, 360 degrees can be achieved.

360 degrees sound quality   

The speaker's cavity, bracket and structure adopt an integrated design, which can effectively improve the vibration and reduce distortion without worrying about the life-threatening fine vibration of small parts in the sound wave. Low THD horn with Nd magnet core strives for clear and full sound. Huawei Histen Acoustic Algorithms are also added to the software, so that you can enjoy better sound.

According to data reports, the most used function of smart speakers is still music playback. For these users, it can be frank to tell you that this speaker practical experience is great, especially the bass is very penetrating. It has no rival at the same level.

music playback 

Honor YOYO smart speaker assembles a large number of functions such as "intelligent call, audible, audible sound quality, home control". The starting price is only about $29 in China.


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