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Home > New Gear > How to use Roborock T6 smart robot vacuum cleaner?
How to use Roborock T6 smart robot vacuum cleaner?

How to use Roborock T6 smart robot vacuum cleaner?

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-18 5120 0

Roborock T6 is a newly released but very popular smart robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Roborock technology. Today, I will bring you the omni-directional instructions on how to use the Roborock T6 by hand. I also hope that after reading this article, you can correctly use the Roborock T6.

Roborock T6  

The first step: connect the APP

The Internet has spurred the boom of smart devices, which has also turned the first step for most smart devices into connecting to the Internet and Apps on mobile phones. As a member of the Xiaomi ecological chain, the Roborock T6 is naturally a matter of course to access the Xiaomi App. After a long time of iteration and evolution, Mijia has become a very mature App, which makes it easy to operate on the device connection.

Xiaomi App

First, we need to open the top panel to expose the WiFi indicator, and press the local sweep button and the recharge button at the same time, until the voice prompt "reset WiFi" and the WiFi indicator lights start to flash, then the WiFi reset is successful, and the Roborock  T6 enters the waiting connection state.

When the last step is completed, we open Mijia App, click on the'+'in the upper right corner, and select the device to add. Then the icon of the Roborock T6 will appear in the search interface of App. After choosing the device, the corresponding network settings will be set up. When the settings are successful, the "device added successfully" sign will appear. Then you can see that the Roborock T6 appears on the main interface of Mijia App. After being clicked, the corresponding operation can be carried out..

When the connection is successful, the user can open/close the Roborock T6 in the operation interface, select area sweeping or zoning sweeping, and also choose whether to recharge it or not. Users can also operate according to their own needs, and customize the robot settings in App, switch the cleaning mode, set the cleaning time and refer to the cleaning records.

Roborock T6 also equips with Map Management 3.0 function. After the first cleaning, the Roborock T6 can accurately remember your home map and automatically partition the room. After starting the sweeping robot, the Roborock T6 starts from the charging dock, and automatically returns to the charging dock after cleaning, then automatically saves the map and partitions it.

Map Management 3.0 function

It should be noted that in the process of mapping, if the user manually moves the robot back to the charging dock or recharges the uncompleted manual points, the Roborock T6 can not achieve automatic partition. And the situation of artificial mobile robots in the cleaning process may lead to positioning failure and unable to automatically partition.

After the map is drawn successfully, the cleaning area can be customized in Mijia App, the cleaning area can be set directly after the selection of zoning, and the forbidden area and the software virtual wall can be set. You only need to slip on the App to let the Roborock T6 go wherever it wants with your finger. Even if the restricted area is within the scope of the planned sweeping, the Roborock T6 will not invade it.


The software can make a product more easy to use, but a good product also needs a good hardware foundation, in order to reserve enough space for the later adjustment of the software. The Roborock T6 can be regarded as a model of conscience merchants in terms of material use. Its body is composed of Texas Instrument DSP, Marlboro to LDS motor, in-mold thermal transfer printing (IMR) process, NIDEC fan, ALLwinner 4 core intelligent hardware CPU, KODENSHI wall sensor, LG/Samsung lithium battery core, Bosch six-axis motion sensor, Covestro tire, Dupont special nylon brush and other components. It has 14 kinds of sensors, including fan speed sensor, dust box in-situ sensor, water tank in-situ sensor, LDS laser ranging sensor, laser head omnidirectional pressure sensor, drop sensor, odometer, wall-side sensor, collision sensor, cliff sensor, refill sensor, gyroscope/accelerometer and dual electronic compass sensor. In hardware, the Roborock T6 has become a leader in similar products.

So how to install and use it? After the App setup is completed, we should install the body of the Roborock T6 accordingly. The house secretarial begins with the water tank. First of all, we can adjust the amount of mop water according to the actual use, and after the adjustment, we can install the mop. The mop of Roborock T6 can be divided into ordinary mop and disposable mop. There are still some differences in installation between them.

 install the mop 

When installing a common mop, it is only necessary to wet the mop first, then insert it into the bottom along the tank slot, and stick it closely to the magic on the tank. Installation of disposable mop requires first inserting the disposable mop tray from right to left along the tank slot to the bottom, and pasting firmly, then facing up the disposable mop wool, aligning and pasting firmly with the mop tray, pressing down multiple clips on the top of the tray, pressing the disposable mop cloth tightly, and then you complete the installation and replacement of disposable mop cloth.

When we open the water tank cover, we can align the interface to the outlet, fill the tap water, and then plug the water tank cover to complete the injection of soul step. Then push parallel along the alignment mark on the back of the sweeper robot and the mopping module, and the "click" means the installation is in place. If you want to remove the floor-dragging module, press both sides of the buckle inward with your hand, release the buckle and drag the floor-dragging module backwards until it is completely separated from the main engine. Of course, the installation or disassembly of the main engine needs to be carried out in the non-working state, the installation or disassembly of the main engine should be suspended first.

install water tank 

While cleaning the home, the cleaning parts of the sweeping robot are difficult to avoid being polluted, so it is necessary to clean the cleaning parts on time. The main brushes, dust boxes, filters, side brushes, universal wheels and host sensors need to be maintained, which directly affect the cleaning effect.

As brush is the main force of cleaning, you should be extra careful when cleaning the room. First, we flip the sweeping robot, then press down the clamp to take out the main brush cover, take out the main brush upward, pull out the main brush bearing and clean up. Rotate in the direction of the unlock sign and remove the main brush cover. You can clean the main brush and the main brush bearing with the suitable brush cleaning tool. Then install the main brush cover and the main brush bearing according to the lock sign, and put the main brush into the robot, compact the fixed clip of the main brush cover to complete the cleaning of the main brush.

main brus 

Dust boxes, as a concentration area of garbage, naturally have to be cleaned up diligently. We open the top cover of the sweeping robot, press the button of the dust box and pull it up to remove the dust box. After removing the dust box cover, we open the dust box cover and empty the garbage downwards. After discharging the garbage, water should be injected into the dust box and then the cover of the dust box is closed. You shake the dust box from side to side and pour out dirty water to complete the basic cleaning of the dust box. We can also remove the filter in the dust box, wash it with clean water and repeatedly tap the filter frame, gently knock out the dirt, dry it and install it into the dust box.

Dust boxes 

Cleaning edge brush and other parts is relatively simple. Turn over the robot, then remove the fixed screw with the screwdriver, remove and clean the edge brush, then install and tighten the screw to complete the cleaning of the edge brush. Then we take out the cardan wheel and clean the hair and dirt on the wheel body and axle with tools. After cleaning, we reload the cardan wheel body and press it tightly to finish the cleaning of the cardan wheel. Ordinary mop only needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and disposable mop can be thrown away immediately. In addition, the filter element of the water tank needs to be replaced once every 1 to 3 months, and the sensor of the host machine can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth to restore its normal working state.


Through disassembly and cleaning, we can learn that the overall design of the Roborock  T6 is very delicate, making it very convenient for users to use and clean up. In addition, App with complete functions and perfect logic also makes the Roborock sweeping robot more usable. As a new product, the Roborock T6 is very competitive at this price.


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