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Home > New Gear > Huawei band 3 Pro review: a sports-oriented smart band comes with heart rate monitor function and independent GPS
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Huawei band 3 Pro review: a sports-oriented smart band comes with heart rate monitor function and independent GPS

Huawei band 3 Pro review: a sports-oriented smart band comes with heart rate monitor function and independent GPS

By  Linky Johnson 2019-03-15 7110 0

Huawei band 3 Pro is a smart band focusing on health monitoring, sports tracking and convenient life. It makes some brand-new improvements in design, health management and sports mode on the basis of the original good features. Now, let’s take a detailed look at it.

Design: minimalist design and touchable color screen

Huawei band 3 series is a fashionable color screen health smart band designed for young people who pursue fashion, pay attention to health and junior sports fans. It adopts Nordic minimalist design style. Huawei band 3 Pro provides three colors including Obsidian black, space blue and quicksand gold.

Huawei band 3 Pro design 

Huawei band 3 Pro adopts a 0.95-inch AMOLED color HD large screen with a resolution of 240 x 120, which offers you clear and stunning visual experience.

The screen glass of the Huawei band 3 adopts 2.5D curved surface process technology and is add the anti-fingerprint (AF) coating, it is dirt-proof and easy cleaning. Coupled with the metal texture body design, which makes Huawei band 3 Pro more beautiful and high-end. At the same time, the thickness of arc glass grinding can present a three-dimensional gem-like light and shadow effect. Its hardness level is 7H, more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Huawei band 3 Pro uses metal frame. After many processes of grinding and polishing, it presents a smooth quality.

The Huawei band 3 Pro inherits the previous classic "full touch + one Home key" design, and adopts the full touch design to choose a two-tier architecture, supporting up-down, left-right sliding + click. At the same time, the advantage of self-contained and mutual-compatible touch integrated IC is that the touch screen is very smooth under any circumstances.

The strap of the Huawei band 3 is made of silica gel and are certified for safety. They are comfortable and skin-friendly to wear with UV-UV curing technology.

Huawei band 3 Pro offers dedicated charging adapter and charging table, but there is no standard charging adapter. You just need to connect the band to the socket when it needs charging.  

Function experience: an all-round assistant for your life and sports

Huawei band 3 Pro has two main features: all-round health assistant and sports assistant. Its functions of heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep, independent GPS and rich sports modes can meet the needs of young people with higher quality of life.

Heart rate monitor: TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitor is more accurate and comprehensive

Based on the importance of heart rate monitoring, Huawei's innovative optical hardware design ensures that heart rate monitoring is faster and more accurate through a combination of 1 PD + 4 LEDs. It can offer real time precise data for 24 hours. Combined with large data machine learning, Huawei band 3 Pro can self-study human characteristics, so that heart rate monitoring is more accurate. Moreover, Huawei smart band 3 Pro also fully supports the Heart Health Research Program of 301 Hospital, which is a famous third-class A hospital in China. It helps users understand the heart health status and provides one-stop service for arrhythmias through the cooperation of the precise heart rate monitoring function of the smart band and the heart health research APP.

Function experience:  

Huawei band 3 Pro also supports heart rate warning, which intelligently alerts users when their heart rate rises. When the user's heart rate is within the normal range, it can guide the user to start low-intensity exercise. It can help develop exercise habits.

Sleep monitoring: Huawei TruSleepTM2.0 scientific sleep

HUAWEI TruSleep™ sleep detection technology has passed the certification test of CDB Center of Harvard Medical College. It can monitor the sleep quality of users throughout the whole process. Through the analysis of human heart rate, combined with wrist movements, it can give you accurate sleep time detection, sleep structure analysis (deep sleep, shallow sleep, REM/sleep stage identification), and provide sleep quality scores for users.

Huawei TruSleepTM2.0 scientific sleep

Based on the sleep structure of the whole night and the breathing situation during sleep, combined with Huawei AI technology, it can assist users to solve six typical sleep problems: difficulty in falling asleep, shallow sleep, wakefulness at night, early awakening, dreaming and irregular sleep, and provide suggestions to improve sleep quality.

Independent GPS offers precise data and location

Huawei band 3 Pro has a built-in independent GPS, allowing users to put down their mobile phones and enjoy outdoor sports in a more free way. It can ensure that users can get good GPS signals in motion. In order to achieve independent GPS positioning on such a compact device, Huawei band 3 Pro can refresh precise positioning per second and offers you more accurate distance and speed data.

Independent GPS  

Rich sports modes

Huawei band 3 Pro supports a variety of sports modes, such as mountain climbing, outdoor/indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, swimming, etc. At the same time, it also cooperates with professional sports organization, and support omni-directional motion data tracking, such as time, distance, heart rate, step frequency, step number, aerobic/anaerobic training effect and other information.

Huawei band 3 Pro is equipped with 6-axis inertial sensor and self-developed high-precision discrete PPG heart rate sensor. On this basis, the smart band adopts Firstbeat motion algorithm based on heart rate. After exercise, it can provide professional data reports for users, and provide professional sports guidance around the data to make running plans. After running, the smart band can also provide effect evaluation, including VO2max (maximum oxygen uptake), recovery time suggestions, training effect score, etc.

Swimming-posture recognition

Huawei smart band 3 series supports swimming in the pool and open water, while recognizing swimming postures (such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, etc.). When the underlying algorithm is implemented, single backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle will be reported. If multiple swimming modes occur, it will be judged as Medley swimming, and calorie, stroke frequency, pacing speed, number of strokes and distance will be calculated. It can help users adjust their swimming posture.

In addition, Huawei smart band 3 Pro also supports remote photo taking, looking for mobile phones, sedentary reminder, intelligent recognition of strange calls, intelligent alarm clock, Alipay scan code payment, NFC bus card (currently supporting Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangxi, Ling Nantong and other 165+ cities, and other areas open) and other functions. Huawei smart band series 3 also has 50 meters waterproof capability, which users wear in bathing, showering, car washing and swimming.

Battery performance: 100mAh battery and low power consumption GPS

Whether for people who like long-term outdoor sports or consumers who are accustomed to wearing smart bands every day, the battery life of smart wear products is an important factor that people consider when buying products.


Huawei band 3 Pro has a built-in 100mAh battery and low power GPS. It can be used for up to 12 days when scientific sleep and continuous heart rate are turned off. It can be used for 5 days when scientific sleep and continuous heart rate are turned on. It can be used for 7 hours when a continuous single exercise is turned on. It can help users avoid the worries of insufficient power


As a new generation of Huawei sport smart band, Huawei band 3 Pro quickly stands out of most smart bands on the market with its exquisite workmanship and excellent design. In addition to the ordinary sports data recording, Huawei band 3 Pro has a more accurate heart rate monitoring function and attentive sleep monitoring function to help users pay attention to their physical condition and improve sleep quality. In addition, it is equipped with an independent GPS, which can not only record the running track accurately, but also let users get rid of the shackles of mobile phones.



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