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Home > New Gear > Huawei body scale vs Xiaomi body scale: which is your figure management?
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Huawei body scale vs Xiaomi body scale: which is your figure management?

Huawei body scale vs Xiaomi body scale: which is your figure management?

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-31 35103 0

Compared with the traditional weight scale, the body fat scale can not only measure the weight, but also measure the fat, moisture and other data. Huawei body scale and Xiaomi body scale are popular in the market. But what are the difference between them? So we are going to make a comparison of appearance,using experience and APP function.

Huawei body scale vs Xiaomi body scale:

Appearance: Huawei better in texture, Xiaomi design is simple

Regarding the appearance comparison of the two body fat scales, let's take a look at the packaging of the two products. Both are simple and beautiful. But huawei has a hand-held design, and it will be convenient to give someone a hand.

Huawei body scale

In terms of design, Huawei smart body fat scale and Xiaomi body fat scale have different design styles. Huawei's smart body fat scale uses a square rounded design for the exterior design and a mirrored effect for the front.

Huawei body scale  

Because Huawei's smart body fat scale uses a hidden environmentally-friendly ITO coating for internal resistance measurement, the exposed surface of the surface is not visible, and the sense of unity is strong. In the middle is Huawei's silver LOGO and the cross area that is separated. The rest is the ITO glass surface with a display on the top.

Huawei body scale

The back of the fuselage is designed with four scale feet and a battery compartment. The overall design is very stylish.

At the same time, in order to make the user more safe when measuring, Huawei intelligent body fat scale adopts the intimate design of the large scale foot, scientific distribution center, which makes the weighing more stable and not easy to roll over.

Thanks to the large-area super large tempered glass scale and the high-precision CNC grinding and polishing of the glass edge and the integrated frosted sump, Huawei's intelligent body fat scale design style is derived from the minimalism of modernism, and grasps every detail in design.

The Xiaomi body fat scale adopts gray-white color as the main color. The body fat scale is rounded rectangle design, and there are 4 gray round detection electrodes on the front of the body fat scale. Some people think that this is an embellishment, and some people think that it is to a certain extent. It affects the appearance and looks a bit awkward.

 Xiaomi body scale

The Xiaomi body fat scale is thinner, and the bottom of the scale has four large rounded scale feet. At the same time, the four round large scale foot shells are made of rubber material, which can increase the friction between the Xiaomi body fat scale and the ground. In the middle of the four weighing feet is the battery compartment.

 Xiaomi body scale

Using experience: Huawei is better

In terms of use, the use of Huawei smart body fat scale and Xiaomi body fat scale is roughly the same. It is necessary to download and bind a dedicated APP first, and then set the parameters such as age and gender, and then perform the above-mentioned measurement for analysis.

 Huawei body scale

There is not much difference in the use, accuracy and measurement speed is not too much to pick. However, in terms of ease of use, Huawei's intelligent body fat scale is stronger than the Xiaomi body fat scale.

 Huawei body scale

Xiaomi can't wear socks to measure, Huawei can measure with thin socks. We noticed that when using the Xiaomi body fat scale, the manufacturer's instructions require that the barefoot be measured, that is, the socks should not be worn, and the Huawei smart body fat scale, the official reminder can not wear thick socks for measurement, wear the general Thin socks are available for measurement. This small piece has also been tested. On the Xiaomi body fat scale, wearing a sock measurement indicates that the measurement failed.

Huawei's body weight scale is clearer on the scaled weight display. The value of the Xiaomi body fat scale shows a sense of squeakyness, because it uses a hidden display effect, and the display screen of the Huawei smart body fat scale is clearer, which also hopes that the hardware designer of Xiaomi will improve in subsequent versions. .

Huawei body scale vs Xiaomi body scal: 

Huawei body scales can directly display the fat percentage. After the measurement, Huawei Smart Body Grease Scale can display the measured fat rate directly on the scale display, so even if the phone is not around, it does not prevent you from seeing the fat data. The Xiaomi body fat scale can only display the weight.

On the whole, Huawei's smart body fat scale is superior in terms of experience.

APP: Huawei is more precise and professional, Xiaomi is more comprehensive.

As mentioned above, Huawei smart body fat scales and Xiaomi body fat scales need to be bound to their own dedicated APP for use. Huawei has developed an app for its own body fat scale, while focusing on the function display of the body fat scale; and Xiaomi's body fat scale APP is the body fat integrated by Xiaomi Sports. The difference between the two is that Huawei focusing on body fat, Xioami focusing on comprehensive sports statistics, but at this stage of hardware integration capabilities.I prefer Huawei's focus on body fat.

Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale APP and Xiaomi Body Fat Scale can receive user-measured body data such as body weight, fat percentage, body score, moisture rate, basal metabolic rate, internal fat grade, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, etc. in real time. Automated data analysis, one-click generation of body reports, more intuitive assessment of whether users lose weight or weight gain is scientific, and provide personalized exercise programs and dietary advice. The difference is that Huawei's intelligent body fat scale can measure two indicators more than Xiaomi: body age and protein detection.

 Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale

My wife is 29 years old and 1.68 m. After actual measurement, Huawei Intelligent Body Fat Scale shows: her weight is 52.5kg, her body score is 78, her body age is 19, her fat rate is 21.4%, her water rate is 52.3%, and her basal metabolic rate is 1208kcal/d. The visceral fat grade is 1.5, the muscle content is 38.4 kg, the bone salt is 2.9 kg, the protein is 20.8%, and the BMI is 18.6. The bone mineral content index is high and the protein is high.

 Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale

Measuring with a Xiaomi body fat scale, her weight is 53Kg, her body score is 100 points, body fat is 22%, water content is 53.3%, basal metabolic rate is 1159kcal/d, visceral fat grade is 2, muscle content is 38.3kg, the amount of bone salt is 2.3kg, and the BMI is 18.7, of which only the body fat data is low.

 Xiaomi body scale​ 


Appearance Huawei's smart body fat scale and Xiaomi body fat scale have their own characteristics, a black and white, a fashion grade, a simple and simple, can win different consumers love. However, in terms of hardware, the hidden eco-friendly ITO coating technology of Huawei Intelligent Body Grease Scale is superior to the electrode measurement method of Xiaomi body fat. In terms of functional energy, Huawei's intelligent body fat scale measuring body fat project is also more than the Xiaomi body fat scale. For the time being, it is recommended that everyone consider the more comprehensive Huawei smart body fat scale better, Xiaomi is under A generation of body fat scales also need a lot of progress.

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