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Home > New Gear > Huawei Honor 20 PRO in-depth review
Huawei Honor 20 PRO in-depth review

Huawei Honor 20 PRO in-depth review

By  Evelyn Garcia 2019-06-06 896 0

The Honor 20 series was officially released in China on May 31. The DxOMark world no. 2 isn't the only halo for the current Honor 20 PRO. Based on Kirin 980 platform, the Honor 20 PRO is equipped with standard 8GB operating memory and 128GB/256GB storage combination. The color matching includes blue water jade and magic night star. The price is $402 for the 8GB +128GB version and $447 for 8GB+256GB version. The Honor 20 PRO is priced at $477 for the 8GB+128GB version, and $521 for the 8GB+256GB version. There is also an 8GB+256GB MOSCHINO co-branded version, priced at $566.

Appearance: trendy design

For Honor, every year's digital mobile phone series is definitely the highlight of the year, which makes us full of expectations, not only because it has a good performance in performance and photo experience, but more importantly, Honor's digital series expresses the ultimate pursuit of technological fashion and beauty design. And this time the Honor of 20 PRO did not disappoint us.

When we first began to use this mobile phone, at first glance, we were attracted by the piece of acclaimed magic eye full video, yes! From our point of view, this hidden camera on the side of the screen is a more acceptable design than a full screen like the bangs. What's more, the Honor 20 PRO has the smallest area of forward perforation.

Therefore, thanks to the full screen design of magic eye, the Honor of the 6.26-inch screen size 20 PRO can easily get up to 91.7% of the screen, and the resolution of the screen itself is up to FHD+, which can meet the daily visual needs of users, and has an elegant advanced design texture. It is really good to watch movies and play games!

Although the front of the Honor 20 PRO is eye-catching in design, the back of the Honor 20 PRO is worth exploring. Because this time, the glass on the back of Honor 20 PRO adopts the new second-generation precision double-layer coating technology. Through the clever design of the two-layer coating and the emission of numerous nanometer textures, the back of Honor 20 PRO PROduces a pure and PROfound mirror effect. Under the light and shadow flow, the high-grade texture is fully displayed.

The back of flowing overflow color gives a great sense of satisfaction in the visual experience. Its unpredictable color and excellent feel design make it perfect. In other aspects, you can see that the Honor 20 PRO puts the camera on the upper left side of the back this time. The harmonious arrangement of four photos makes the phone more recognizable by design.

This time the fingerprint changes on the Honor 20 PRO are quite big. To enhance the unity of the rear glass, the Honor 20 PRO has stopped using the rear fingerprint design. It can be seen that the Honor 20 PRO has been added with side fingerprint recognition (integrated design with power button). In addition to keeping the design of the back integrated, it is also more in line with user's operation logic.

Photo: excellent

In the current iteration of mobile phone updates, mobile phone photos are the first to be updated. With the continuous development of mobile phone photography technology, the once hot card camera sales have plummeted, but also let the popular micro single camera in recent years feel the pressure. As the world's famous third-party camera performance rating agency, DxOMark's rating has a direct impact on the status of mobile phones in the market.

For the first time, the Honor 20 series has been added to the DxOMark scoring system. Although entering DxOMark for the first time, the Honor 20 PRO scored 111 points, ranking second in the world.

The Honor 20 PRO adopts the SONY IMX 586 sensor, about the size of a 1/2.0-inch sensor, Quad Bayer array, which represents the peak hardware in the current development of mobile photography. Similarly, in the current 586 SONY took IMX sensor collocation, they generally adopts the F / 1.7 aperture, but as the new 111 points of the DxOMark ladder, Honor 20 PRO adopted the industry's largest F / 1.4 large aperture. Large aperture is of great advantage to the night shooting, the larger the aperture, the the more light it can capture for the same time. It can assist decrease and increase the shutter speed.

Furthermore, for better night beat performance, the Honor 20 PRO USES double OIS quad-axis optical stabilization. In the main camera and telephoto with the highest utilization rate, four-axis optical anti-shake technology is added to ensure that the camera can still maintain stable imaging in the handshaking environment, so that the handheld shooting will not produce blurry situation and improve the shooting experience. The OIS optical anti-shake function is added to extend shutter time, enhance brightness, improve dark details, and compensate for the phone's performance in dark light.

With an ultra-wide Angle of 16 million pixels at 117°, the viewing area is doubled and the field of view is wider, which can be used to see the earth as well as the sky. With an 8-megapixel telephoto lens that supports 3x optical zoom and up to 30x digital zoom.

On the Honor 20 PRO, super wide Angle can bring shocking visual experience. Its super wide Angle visual impact is incomparable to that of the main photography of wide Angle. The Honor 20 PRO has super wide Angle and excellent edge quality control. There is no visual decline in the edge of the picture, and the picture quality is good.

In addition to shooting large scenery, portrait shooting is also essential. The perspective brought by super wide Angle makes it easy to shoot long legs.

Many users can't really grasp the true meaning of ultra-wide Angle camera. The main camera is the most used camera.

Since Honor developed multiple semantic AI scene recognition, mobile AI has become more and more accurate in judging scenes. The accurate exposure, appropriate saturation and appropriate contrast of photos make the whole picture look very attractive.

Honor 20 PRO's four AI shots feature a professional macro camera. The super-large F/1.4 super-large aperture main camera, combined with the macro camera, gives the Honor 20 PRO a solid macro picture quality.

Besides excellent daylight shooting performance, the Honor 20 PRO is also good for shooting night scenes.

The important principle of night scene shooting is that the night scene should not be zoomed out, because the picture quality will obviously decline after zooming out. However, the Honor 20 PRO completely breaks this principle.

The Honor 20 PRO performs well in zoom in night scenes. The Honor 20 PRO has excellent picture quality in both ultra-wide Angle and up to 30X zoom. This multi-focal AI four shots are really good.

Honor 20 PRO supports super wide Angle super night view mode. After the super wide Angle super night view mode is turned on, the whole picture is very bright and clear, both the building and the sky. It can restore the clouds in the sky at that time. At the same time, the noise on the picture is well controlled. The night scene is quite transparent and clear.

While the Honor 20 PRO can take great photos of long legs, it can also take amazing selfies.


Previously, the focus was on photography. In fact, the mystery surrounding the Honor 20 PRO is hidden in the tech-savvy Magic UI.

The Magic UI installed on the Honor 20 PRO has been released in version 2.1. The appearance is younger and simpler than before. The body is preloaded with various themes, including the styles cooperated with popular logo. The user experience is optimized with more details, such as enlarged ICONS, which are easier to view.

YOYO added

As far as details are concerned, the Magic UI 2.1 system has further improved the full screen gestures. With simple gestures, you can perform a variety of actions, such as sliding up the middle of the bottom to the "desktop", sliding back to the top of the edge, sliding up to stop to switch multi-tasks, and sliding left and right to start AI assistant and Hivision respectively, all in one step.

As for YOYO intelligent life, it is as intelligent as ever. Visually carry out reminders of travel, parking location and other information. It supports multiple command operations to third parties as well as one-step call scanning code and payment. It's also the familiar intelligent assistant and the familiar intelligent experience.

Magic-link 2.0

In terms of interconnection function, magic-link 2.0 is newly added in Magic UI 2.1. With a touch, a connection can be established between mobile phones and Magicbook. Pictures, video and documents can be transferred to each other quickly.

For office scenes, magic-link 2.0 can also easily extract text from pictures, share clipping board, and easily continue editing work from desktop to mobile phone; In addition, the phone can also record the screen of the PC in real time, and share wonderful content with family and friends.


The Honor 20 series is equipped with a full-function NFC chip, which can support flash payment function of various online banking applications, providing a safer payment experience than daily scanning payment.

In addition to basic mobile payment functions, Honor 20 series also supports identification of bus CARDS, bank CARDS, access control CARDS and id CARDS. It is worth mentioning that Honor 20 series NFC2.0 optimizes the identification of access control card, and is suitable for upgrading unlocked and encrypted NFC access control card, which can recognize 70% of the access control CARDS at present. Under the premise that most of the access control CARDS are kept with encryption, it is more convenient to travel without the card bag.

Link Turbo

The Honor 20 PRO also supports the previously released hard nuclear technology, Link Turbo function. When it is turned on, users can enjoy the super-fast use experience of superposition of wireless network and 4G high-speed network.

Take the application of cloud computer that requires high-speed connection and low delay as an example. After turning on Link Turbo function, using cloud computer can realize dual-channel network acceleration. Even if you turn on video in the cloud computer to watch, you will not feel obvious delay and stagnation, and you will feel the high-speed and low delay network experience similar to 5G in advance.

Super Bluetooth wireless experience

Today, smart phones have entered the wireless era in connection technology, the most direct manifestation of which is the birth of real wireless headphones, but bluetooth technology and hardware have been stagnant. The Honor 20 series has found a way around this sore spot.

The Honor 20 series is equipped with Honor's independently developed super bluetooth (x-bt) high performance bluetooth. It can adapt to the Hi1103 chip, intelligent identification of environmental factors and bluetooth signal strength. You adjust the mobile phone launch attack rate on demand to match the bluetooth device. If the blocking bluetooth signal is weak, you can increase the mobile phone launch attack rate, reduce the influence of obstructions, and realize the non-blocking connection at the super distance and barrier-free space distance.

Hardware: Kirin 980 + AI dual GPS

Not surprisingly, the Honor 20 PRO also carries a kirin 980 processor. Kirin 980 is the world's first mobile phone SoC chip with 7nm process, the first CPU with ARM A76 architecture and the GPU with mail-g76 architecture, and the first flagship processor with dual NPU.

Kirin 980 contains 6.9 billion transistors, and its first cortex-a76 architecture adopts the "2+2+4" design of two high-performance cores with a frequency of 2.6GHz + two energy-efficient cores with a frequency of 1.9GHz + four high-performance cores with a frequency of 1.8GHz. According to Huawei, the kirin 980 is 75% better in overall performance than its predecessor, 46% better in GPU performance and 58% better in energy efficiency.

The score of Honor 20 PRO in Geekbench was 3,320 points for single nucleus, 9,685 points for multi-nucleus, and 312,993 points for anrabbit, both of which were normal in kirin 980.

Kirin 980 chip not only in the performance, energy efficiency has been improved in two amplitude. Its dual-core NPU allows AI computing power to soar and supports more AI applications than you can imagine. It can learn frame rate, fluency and touch-screen input changes in real time, predict the task load of the phone, dynamically perceive performance bottlenecks in the use of the phone, and timely conduct FM scheduling.

It can be seen from the actual game experience that after breaking the 60-frame limit, the highest picture quality average frame rate of peace elite running Honor 20 PRO reached 59. It can be said that the whole process is very smooth, which is the top performance of current smartphones. Running the current big mainstream games is easy for the Honor 20 PRO.

he strong strength of Honor 20 PRO is not only supported by superior hardware, but also reflects the technical advantages of Honor phone through the deep optimization behind Magic UI 2.1. The Honor 20 series is equipped with the new EROFS super file system, which improves reading performance by 20% and saves space by 14%, maximizes the maximum resources in limited space and improves the storage efficiency of mobile phones more efficiently.

Previously, the high-speed and precise positioning of AI dual-frequency GPS experienced on the Honor V20 was very impressive, and now this function is also equipped on the Honor 20 PRO. Its L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS adopts Hi1103 navigation chip to greatly improve geographical location, and its positioning accuracy is 100%+ higher than that of the previous generation. With HiGeo 2.0, it can switch between weak signals faster.

According to the actual measurement, the GPS search speed of Honor 20 PRO is quite excellent. After the positioning is turned on, the GPS signal can be instantly captured. Meanwhile, the number of signals and satellites can be seen to be in an excellent state.

Large battery

It is worth mentioning that while maintaining the portable body, the Honor 20 PRO still carries a large battery of up to 4000mAh, providing sufficient power guarantee for users who have time to use mobile phones.

First, we used the battery test that comes with Geekbench, turned off the brightness reduction option, set the screen brightness to medium, and started the CPU full load test. The results showed that the Honor 20 PRO's three-hour bright screen pressure test consumed 25% of the power, with an average power consumption of 8.33% per hour.

With a battery score of 6,502, the Honor 20 PRO is capable of handling more than 10 hours of bright screen pressure a day.

Equipped with a large 4000mAh battery, the Honor 20 PRO's performance in charging speed was not disappointing. The test, which simulates the fragmented time of daily use, took 69 percent to 90 percent of the time and 21 minutes to recharge. Basically, the time it takes to take a meal to restore the phone to a state that can be used for a long time.


There's no doubt that the Honor 20 series still makes us feel a little bit better, even though many of the parameters have been announced in advance. These "surprises" are not the first thought: super bluetooth, EROFS super file system, YOYO intelligent life, F/1.4 large iris with double OIS anti-vibration, etc. Behind them is Honor, a dedicated mobile phone with 10 days' expectation, which obviously brings more surprise than expected.

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