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Home > New Gear > Huawei Honor V20 review: a smartphone with in-display camera to fit for the need of innovation
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Huawei Honor V20 review: a smartphone with in-display camera to fit for the need of innovation

Huawei Honor V20 review: a smartphone with in-display camera to fit for the need of innovation

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-29 5680 0

By the end of the year, there are more and more mobile phones with video cameras and screen openings, and new trends will naturally have new stories to tell. Today's protagonist is Honor's just released offscreen camera mobile phone Honor V20.

Design: 6.4-inch LCD screen and V-shaped back

The front of Honor V20 is a 6.4-inch LCD screen. Its overall shape is similar to those of the previous open-screen mobile phones. The camera part is not very abrupt and within acceptable range. Honor V20's off-screen camera uses a "blind hole" scheme, instead of hollowing out the LCD screen. It transmits light to the upper left corner of the screen, so touch it with your hand, the camera part is smooth, without a sense of aliasing.

 Honor V20  LCD screen

The back lens and flash are designed as horizontal exclamation marks. The main camera is a separate one. Another TOF camera and flash are designed together. Below the camera are the fingerprint identification module and the new "HONOR" logo. It is noteworthy that a new version of the logo is also used on the boot screen.

Honor V20 back lens and flash 

There are many versions of Honor V20, totally divided into two versions. The first is the Enjoyment Edition, which is the joint version of Moschino. The back color includes Phantom Blue and Phantom Red. The second version is the ordinary version, and the back color is Phantom Blue, Phantom Red and Phantom Night Black.

The back of the ordinary version of Honor V20 is designed with V-shaped light and shadow, and combined with photolithography technology, the light and shadow flow of the word "V" can be diffracted under light. The MosCHINO version uses invisible "V" texture in the north, which is not so obvious compared with the ordinary version. In addition to the different back designs, Honor and the Moschino team jointly designed a teddy bear wallpaper for the joint edition.

The back of the ordinary version of Honor V20  

This time, Honor V20 has also made innovations in network communications. Link Turbo intelligent shunt technology is used to select and manage the network intelligently. It can solve the Karton phenomenon when switching between WIFI and mobile network because of network congestion. For example, it can use WIFI when downloading and mobile network when video calling. Of course, it can adjust the network configuration in the settings.

Performance: mainstream flagship level

Honor V20 carries the Kirin 980 processor, supports GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, and is equipped with 8GB memory. There is no need to say much about the performance of Kirin 980 processor. Before the launch of the conference, some netizens reported that the mobile phone scored more than 300,000 points, and the final runs were 270,000 + flagship level.

After our actual measurement, open the performance mode, Antutu runs with a score of 307,000 points. In terms of game, in the case of Honour of Kings and Player Unknown’s Battlefield Effectiveness fully open, Honor of Kings can stabilize 60 frames, occasionally drop 59 frames in group warfare; in the case of Player Unknown’s Battlefield running and parachuting, there will be frame drops, but the fluency of the whole process is acceptable.

game Performance 

In terms of heat dissipation, Honor V20 adopts the NINE liquid cooling heat dissipation technology, hyperbolic S-shaped trend. It also experienced the camera module, SOC and charging module. So in terms of heat dissipation, Honor V20 should be good.

In terms of endurance, Honor V20 uses a 4000 mAh battery and supports 4.5V 5A fast charging. According to an experience, it can be charged to 55% in half an hour, 82% in 50 minutes, and full in 107 minutes.

Camera: How 48 million pixels behave?

The main camera on the back of Honor V20 has 48 million pixels and F1.8 aperture. It uses the camera module of Sony IMX586. It is also one of the most concerned parts of the outside world. Thanks to the support of Kirin 980 processor, Honor V20 supports 48M photos straight out of hardware. With the support of AI algorithm, real-time scene recognition and beautification can be carried out. Of course, Honor V20 also supports the function of handheld super night view. Another camera is a TOF stereo depth lens, responsible for recording the depth information.

It should be emphasized that the firmware of the mobile phone is still being optimized by the time of submission. So there is still a certain distance between the test sample and the final production effect. Therefore, we only make a simple evaluation.

In the case of sufficient daylight, the overall look of Honor V20 is good, the resolution and color restoration are relatively accurate, and with the help of AI algorithm, the image quality during the day should be considered as the first echelon of domestic mobile phones.

daylight resolution 

In night shooting, the Honor V20 film color restoration is also possible. It does a good job of showing the details of brightness and darkness. After opening the Handheld Super Nightscape Mode (AIS), the Honor V20 performs well in resolving power, purity, white balance and color restoration.

night resolution 

However, in the case of high light, Honor V20's ability to suppress high light is not good enough, there is a serious overflow, and the words on the lamp are basically unrecognizable.

The front of Honor V20 is a 25-megapixel Sony IMX576 camera, with the F2.0 aperture. Combined with AI algorithm and multi-frame synthesis technology, it supports face unlocking.

Some other fun things

It is worth mentioning that this mobile phone uses Magic UI 2.0 system to support full-screen mobile phones and YOYO voice assistants. Of course, wireless screen projection, cloud computing, NFC and other functions are also supported. And it also introduced the Honor V20 unilateral game handle and feel game base accessories.

Magic UI 2.0 system 

Specifically, the base has active heat dissipation (better performance), as well as a Type-C interface, three USB high-speed interfaces, and HDMI interface. They are power supply, general expansion and display. Although in the market there is also such a base available. But whether it's stability, scalability, and matching with the mobile phone, you can have a better experience.

heat dissipation base 

To sum up, the overall shape of Honor V20 is basically in line with the current trend: high screen ratio + texture gradient on the back. As for configuration, it is the flagship positioning. The 48 million rear lens ensures the performance of the mobile phone in the mainstream high-end equipment. Just because Kirin 980 and the new lens sensors need more time to be tuned, they still can't reach the amazing level. For this reason, we are also looking forward to the upgrade of the production version of the lens.

Based on the above, Honor V20 can be seen as a product that has identified the needs of mainstream users and made bold predictions in terms of photograph and appearance, etc.


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