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Home > New Gear > HUAWEI Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch review: light and thin body, long standby for one week, powerful function
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HUAWEI Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch review: light and thin body, long standby for one week, powerful function

HUAWEI Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch review: light and thin body, long standby for one week, powerful function

By  Niki Jones 2018-12-04 6938 0

On October 31, Honor held the new product launch conference as agreed. In addition to the amazing appearance of Honor Magic 2, Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch also attracted many people's attention with its light and thin design, one-week standby and other features. So how does the watch perform? Let's have a look.


HUAWEI HONOR Watch Magic Smart Watch - SILVER

HUAWEI HONOR Watch Magic Smart Watch - SILVER
$205 $149.99    


Appearance: fashionable, light, and versatile

Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch is very fashionable in appearance design, it adopts the same circular design as the traditional watches. This circular dial can arouse the public's sense of identity for watches, and it is more fashionable to wear it with hands.

Appearance of Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch 

The front dial of the smart watch comes with a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 390*390 and a PPI of 326PPI. It is known that the PPI of the newly released iPhone XR is also 326. Therefore, the display effect of the smart watch has reached the retinal level, looks very clear, and the overall look is very good.

The watch is only 9.8mm thickness, which is an excellent achievement among smart watches. As for the material of the body, it is made of 316L cold forged stainless steel. In the part of crowns, buttons, grooves and C angle, the smart watch has been processed by multi-processing procedures, so it looks particularly delicate.

9.8mm thickness and the body 

 Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch comes in two versions: lava black and moonlight silver, the two colors come with different band colors, the moonlight silver version’s strap is gravel brown leather adhesive, it adopts splicing technology, and uses silica gel material in contact with the skin. The outer layer is cut and sewn with gravel-colored Italian natural high-quality cowhide, which not only retains the soft and skin-friendly characteristics of silica gel, but also has the texture of leather.

lava black and moonlight silver 

Behind the dial, the smart watch has placed sensors, which provide accurate heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring for the smart watch. We will talk about the specific effect later.

In terms of appearance,Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch is indeed very fashionable. With the traditional round dial, stainless steel texture and leather watchband, it can be matched in daily, business, leisure and other scenes.

Powerful function: multiple sports modes

 In terms of function, the smart watch is also powerful. First, it uses 3 satellite positioning system to enhance location(China region: GPS + GLONASS and Beidou), which is very rare in the smart wearable devices. And with the 3 satellite positioning system, the smart watch can receive more abundant information, and according to the collaborative optimization of "hardware platform + software aided positioning", which makes information more accurate and more comprehensive.Therefore, the smart watch will not have complex scene drift, and users can get more accurate track when running with it.

3 satellite positioning system 

In addition, Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch also adds 9 sports modes such as outdoor cycling, swimming pool/open water swimming and mountaineering, etc. Under the background of cooperation with professional sports organizations, it supports all-round sports data tracking, which can be said to be omnipresent when climbing mountains and swimming.

9 sports modes 

In order to test the sports performance of the smart watch, I wore the watch in the morning jog. It is also very easy to turn on the smart watch. You can click outdoor running in the APP, or directly press the button on the watch to open the sports mode and then click to start running.

In the process of running, thanks to the professional devices customized by Honor and cooperative the TOP suppliers, and the TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology independently developed, the smart watch can monitor heart rate in real-time.It also continuously optimized heart rate algorithm through a large amount of data collection, verification and analysis to achieve more accurate heart rate.The real-time heart rate of the smart watch is also very useful. When I run, if my heart rate is too fast, I will slow down the speed appropriately.

real-time heart rate  

Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch can see the movement time, average speed, heat consumption, and even the stride and other data. These data allow me to see my movements at a glance and the records are quite detail.

In addition,a joint-study with Harvard Medical School CDB Centre produced a brilliant sleep monitor program for every cycle of sleep- HUAWEI TruSleep. It has passed the certification test of CDB Centre of Harvard Medical School.With this function, the smart watch can accurately detect the sleep time and analyze the sleep structure. According to my previous sleep data, the total sleep time was 6 hours and 55 minutes, but you can see that only 31% of deep sleep, and awake twice, indicating that the sleep is not very well. The advice that the smart watch gives me is to increase sleep time appropriately or strengthen circadian rhythm.

Battery life: charging once a week

 A big reason that many people don't buy smart watch is certainly the battery life problem. After all, no one is willing to charge from day to day, but the Magic smart watch breaks the embarrassing situation, it adopts double cores of high performance core + high efficiency core, this is the first smart watch using the framework.

double cores 

So how does this dual core framework work? Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch adopts intelligent power-saving algorithm, which can actively identify "dynamic scene" and "static scene". If you are using the watch, the smart watch will use high-performance core to work normally. If it is a static scene, such as a rest screen,the smart watch will use a high-energy core. From my usage, I go out with the  smart watch. The power consumption at 1:35 PM is 48%, and that at 1:36 am is 42%, which means that the power consumption in 12 hours is 6%. According to this power consumption analysis, the smart watch has no pressure to charge once a week.


In view of the above, Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch has a 1.2-inch large dial design, stainless steel material and leather strap design, the appearance is very fashionable; the smart watch also has 3 major satellite positioning systems, nine sports modes and other sports functions, which are practical and considerate. The smart watch can also achieve the battery life of a full week, which is very gelivable. Plus the affordable price of $149.99 on GearBest, the smart watch is definitely the most worthy smart watch to buy, and it's worth picking.


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