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Home > New Gear > HUAWEI Mate Pad Pro Review
HUAWEI Mate Pad Pro Review

HUAWEI Mate Pad Pro Review

By  Robbin Kalupa 2019-12-27 5487 19

[Gearbest Review] Since its birth, tablets have become the third type of devices other than PC and smartphones, but as the PC becomes lighter and thinner and smartphones become larger and larger screens, the living space of tablets becomes narrower and narrower. How to give tablets more use scenes has become the driving force for the major mainstream tablet manufacturers to explore. In this open question, Huawei's answer is to achieve full scene integration, shaping the tablet as an important entrance to the ecological integration of the whole scene, and the newly launched HUAWEI MatePad Pro, is the final solution after Huawei summed up all the options.


More Pro design

Huawei already has a number of products with the suffix Pro, such as HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro, HUAWEI MateBook X Pro, Huawei parent routing Q2 Pro, which are more professional and more powerful than the standard model. Now the emergence of, HUAWEI MatePad Pro has also opened the door to a new world of tablets.

Whether it is a golden section proportion or symmetrical design, it is a form of expression of beauty. For the Chinese people, the consciousness of "Zhongzheng" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and its impartiality, obvious center and left-right symmetry contain the quintessence of the 5000-year-old aesthetic thought of the Chinese nation. Liang Sicheng, a Chinese architect, once praised that Beijing's urban axis is "an eight-kilometer-long, longest and greatest north-south axis that runs through the city." Beijing's unique magnificent order arises from the establishment of this central axis; the distribution of body shape or space with ups and downs, left and right symmetry is based on this central axis; the grandeur of the spirit lies in this scale that extends from north to south and from north to south to the end.


HUAWEI MatePad Pro also thoroughly implements the design language of symmetry in the design of the fuselage, such as frame symmetry, front and rear camera concentric circle symmetry, microphone symmetry, horn layout symmetry, highly regular symmetrical design language to create a sense of order and quality, and ingenuity in detail design at the same time.

The term "comprehensive screen" has been widely used in the design concept of mobile phones and laptops, and now HUAWEI MatePad Pro has introduced more extreme comprehensive screen design into tablets. The front uses a 4.9mm equidistant micro-frame to give the HUAWEI MatePad Pro a screen share of 90%, which also makes a tablet with a 16:10 aspect ratio screen smaller.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro in the author's hand is made of Fritillaria white, and the rear shell is made of fiberglass and magnesium alloy micro-arc frame. The weight of the whole machine is as light as 460g, which is more suitable for holding. The white Fritillaria is covered with a granular sand coating, which conveys a delicate and silky touch in the hand.


While pursues a very narrow frame, HUAWEI MatePad Pro also adds Huawei's self-developed two-handed anti-mistouch algorithm, which can intelligently detect and identify grip posture. During daily use, users can get the most accurate feedback according to different touch conditions, whether it is a quick click of the fingers or a long "adhesive" contact when holding a tiger's mouth.

More Pro hardware performance

For a long time, the hardware performance of Android tablets will lag a generation or more compared with phones. Huawei M6 makes up the hardware gap between tablets and phones., HUAWEI MatePad Pro is equipped with Huawei's latest Kirin 990chip, so that tablets can also have a flagship performance experience.

Kirin 990 chip is no longer a stranger, it adopts 7nm process and has 2 super cores based on Cortex-A76 development, 2 large cores based on Cortex-A76 development and 4 small cores based on Cortex-A55 development, with the highest main frequency up to 2.86GHz. Compared with the previous generation, the single-core performance increased by 14%, the multi-core performance increased by 18%, the energy efficiency of large cores increased by 13%, and the energy efficiency of small cores increased by 21%. 

While the performance of CPU is enhanced, the performance of GPU is also improved. The 16-core Mali-G76 GPU cluster is integrated. Compared with the previous generation, the graphics processing performance is improved by 39%, and the energy efficiency is improved by 23%. Powerful GPU performance allows HUAWEI MatePad Pro to run heavy-loaded games or play high-definition video, will not have the problem of frame drop, stutter.

The performance of artificial intelligence has always been a proud capability of Kirin chips. in 2017, Kirin 970 adopted independent NPU neural network processing unit for the first time in the industry. In 2018, Kirin 980 was equipped with dual-core NPU, to achieve leading AI computing power. In 2019, Kirin 810 first adopted Huawei's self-developed da Vinci architecture NPU to break the end-to-side AI performance record. On Kirin 990, NPU, also adopts Huawei self-developed Da Vinci architecture with innovative design of NPU macrocore + NPU micronucleus architecture, bringing outstanding AI performance. Compared with the mobile phone, the tablet computer has a wider internal space, so that the HUAWEI MatePad Pro has a stronger heat dissipation ability and can better play the powerful hardware performance of the Kirin

. It adopts 12-layer heat dissipation structure, improves the traditional heat dissipation path, and adjusts the temperature of the fuselage with AI thermal management intelligent perception to make the system run calmly for a long time.

Through the game test, it can be found that the picture quality of Game for Peace is set to "HDR HD" and the number of frames is set to "ultra-high". After half an hour of the game, the temperature of the fuselage rises from 29.5C to 35.1C, the temperature distribution of the fuselage is uniform and there is no obvious overheating area. In addition, thanks to the huge battery capacity of 7250mAh, the strong energy performance of Kirin 990 and EMUI power-saving technology, HUAWEI MatePad Pro half-hour games consume only 3% of the power. And standard 20W fast charging, support 40W super fast charging, can quickly resurrect full of blood.

More Pro light office capacity

Travel has become a part of the author's working life, mobile office has also become a daily. But in the process of mobile office, we often encounter inconvenience. For example, on the way home or to the airport, the customer suddenly feedback that the manuscript needs to be revised, or before boarding the plane, there is a sudden urgent need to finish the manuscript on the plane. At these times, it is not very convenient to use a mobile phone or a computer, and HUAWEI MatePad Pro can well make up for the office needs in these situations.


Huawei previously implemented multi-screen collaboration on laptops, and now this feature is also available on HUAWEI MatePad Pro. The author's most intuitive feeling in the process of using it is that there is no need to switch WeChat back and forth between the phone and the tablet. Now, as long as the phone is connected to the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, it can be displayed on the same screen, and the files and content received on WeChat can be viewed directly on the tablet screen. After


Uses multi-screen collaboration function at the same time, the transmission of data sources between mobile phones and tablets becomes more convenient. After the connection, the, HUAWEI MatePad Pro and the mobile phone can quickly transmit pictures, files and text content to each other in both directions. When I write a manuscript with pictures, I can drag and drop the pictures from my phone directly to the document I am editing. To achieve efficient coordination of information, seamless convergence. Not only can

HUAWEI MatePad Pro collaborate with mobile phones, it is a full-featured productivity tool in itself. We are used to browsing content in separate screens on PC, and it can also be done on HUAWEI MatePad Pro. It supports application split-screen function. When you use it, you can quickly select two applications that need split-screen display by dragging out the dock area. The application display area can also drag the size around, and some applications even support dragging and dropping each other's content. The author can now use HUAWEI MatePad Pro to view materials, write manuscripts, or chat while browsing gearbest. 

In addition, in order to make better use of this screen, HUAWEI MatePad Pro also supports parallel horizon function. An application can be divided into left and right pages, such as the Jinri Toutiao app. When the parallel horizon is enabled, the information flow is displayed on the left and the specific information content on the right, which solves the problem that most apps on Android large-size tablets do not support horizontal screen use, and brings a new horizontal screen interactive experience for users.

Although keyboard typing has gradually replaced pen-and-paper writing, the habits that have been formed since childhood have made many people still get used to and miss the feeling of writing. On HUAWEI MatePad Pro, users' writing wishes can be fully satisfied. HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus brings real writing experience to users on HUAWEI MatePad Pro.

The HUAWEI M-Pencil has a 4096 pressure feel and a pen weight of only 14g, which brings an excellent writing feel. When writing, you can change the thickness of the lines according to your strength and have a very high degree of heel, and the tip of the pen is shown on the screen. When in use, the HUAWEI M-Pencil uses Bluetooth automatic pairing connection, charging for 30 seconds can be used for 10 minutes, and it can be filled in 1 hour. And HUAWEI MatePad Pro also has a new intelligent wireless magnetic keyboard, using 14mm and other edge key cap + 1.3mm large key range to meet the daily office needs. By touching the Huawei Share icon on the shift key of the keyboard, you can instantly turn on the multi-screen collaboration function and realize the seamless connection of the phone tablet.

What's more, HUAWEI M-Pencil with software such as Huawei memo and professional recording software Nebo will bring unexpected results. In the state of the interest screen, you can enter the Huawei memo directly by tapping the stylus on the screen to record the inspiration of the moment. It also cooperates with the well-known stylus application My Script, with six kinds of gesture recognition, allowing users to quickly record with the most natural writing movements. It also supports intelligent formatting, intelligent chart editing and other functions to make writing more intelligent. It is worth mentioning that WPS also aims at HUAWEI MatePad Pro's debut AI beautification and typesetting, mind mapping, voice notes, intelligent brush mode and many other functions, so that HUAWEI MatePad Pro office ability to re-evolve, making mobile office easier.

More Pro audio-visual entertainment ability

HUAWEI MatePad Pro also has a very powerful audio-visual entertainment ability, the front uses a screen ratio of 16:10 10.8in 2560x1600 resolution IPS screen, up to 2K resolution presents a delicate picture quality, up to 96% NTSC color gamut, Hollywood DCI-P3 film-grade color gamut brings a richer, gorgeous color of the real picture. In the outdoor environment, the 540nit brightness with 1500 ultra-high contrast presents a clear content.


Adopts Huawei's exclusive "sharp screen" display enhancement technology for this ultra-high-quality screen, HUAWEI MatePad Pro. Under the three scenarios of video playback, picture browsing and game entertainment, it can dynamically find the problems of unclear picture details and insufficient contrast in real time, and adjust the algorithm to present a more transparent and beautiful picture.

At the same time, HUAWEI MatePad Pro has a professional eye protection mode, and the screen is certified by Rheinland low Blu-ray, which can effectively filter harmful blue light and reduce visual fatigue. Also for children to create a safe sitting posture reminder, intelligent photosensitive eye protection, blue light filtering and time control, intelligent jitter eye protection and other eye protection functions to protect children's eye health.

Android doesn't have good sound quality? Huawei makes breakthroughs and innovations in Android audio system reconfiguration and chip multi-channel signal processing. During the period, the traditional Android system only outputs two audio signals of the left and right channels. Huawei rewrote the underlying architecture of the Android audio system to enable Android to support the transmission of four-channel audio signals from the source. At the same time, the Hayes chip team expands the channel in DSP (digital signal processing chip), extends dual-channel signal processing to multi-channel signal processing, and enables HUAWEI MatePad Pro to produce rich stereo at the system level.

In hardware, HUAWEI MatePad Pro introduces a fixed large amplitude loudspeaker to increase the vertical stroke distance of the diaphragm by 60% compared with the traditional loudspeaker, and by adding more bass powder, the cavity can reach 1.6 cc, the bass is thicker, and the sound field is more shocking. Huawei has also invited a team of "Golden ear" audio engineers with many years of experience in audio development to be responsible for the sound tuning and optimization of Huawei tablets, and has been certified by Harman Catton, giving HUAWEI MatePad Pro transparent, gorgeous and shocking stereo effects.


Today, with the prevalence of deconstruction culture, Huawei has reconstructed the category of tablet computers and endowed them with more functions and meaning. Huawei opened the door to a new world of tablets through HUAWEI MatePad Pro,. Relying on stronger performance, better screen, better accessories and system optimization to achieve an excellent panoramic life experience, this may be the original intention of Huawei to launch this product, so that the phone, PC and tablet are no longer separate individuals, but a quality partner for users to bring panoramic integration experience.

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