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Home > New Gear > HUAWEI TalkBand B5 Review:Not only a smart band but also a Bluetooth earphone
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HUAWEI TalkBand B5 Review:Not only a smart band but also a Bluetooth earphone

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 Review:Not only a smart band but also a Bluetooth earphone

By  Joe Horner 2019-07-24 2944 0

Among Huawei's wearable devices, the TalkBand series smart band is a special product sequence. Different from the common smart bracelet products, it can also be used as a Bluetooth headset on the basis of the bracelet, which also makes its usage scenarios much richer. Huawei TalkBand B5 can act as a Bluetooth headset too, let's take a look at it.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

Color screen with touch control

As the functions of smart bracelet products become more and more rich, and people have higher expectations for its use experience, the black and white screen, which is more common on the bracelet, no longer meets the requirements of the current market.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

The biggest difference between the HUAWEI TalkBand B5 and the previous generation is that it has changed from a black and white screen to a color screen and added touch control.

Specifically, it features a 1.13in AMOLED screen with a resolution of 300x160. Compared with the previous Huawei TalkBand B3, in addition to the color screen and support touch, its screen size is larger, at the same time the display effect is also much more delicate, the overall visual experience has a more significant improvement.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

After changing to color screen, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 also brought a variety of dial styles. HUAWEI TalkBand B5 offers a total of five dials to choose from according to your preferences.

In addition to the above, the more practical part of the screen is that its glass surface is coated, so as to achieve a good anti-fouling ability. Such as fingerprints and other use process more affect the perception at the same time often appear dirt, can be easily erased.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 


As with previous generations of products, because it can be used as Bluetooth headphones, the main body structure of the HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is also different from the traditional bracelet products, which is composed of headphones and bottom support, and can be removed when receiving a phone call.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

According to official data, its base is 316L cold forged stainless steel, which can provide good support for headphones. At the same time, its surface has been treated by metal drawing process, looking very good texture at the same time, the performance of the hand is also very delicate.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

A total of three physical keys are set on the bottom base. When used as a bracelet, the button on the right side can be used to control the function key of the headset to return to the main interface or lock the screen and other operations.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

When receiving a phone call, all you have to do is press the buttons on both sides of the bottom at the same time, and the headset can pop up automatically. (when you press the button to remove the headset, the lower side of the headset leaves the base, while the other side is still attached to the base).

Wear comfort

Because of the special structure of Huawei B5 bracelet, the comfort of wearing B5 bracelet needs to be seen from two aspects: bracelet and headphone.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

When it is used as a bracelet, the size of the whole machine (including the bottom support and not including the watchband) is 58.2 × 23.3 × 12.9mm, and the weight is not more than 40g. The specific value is not given clearly. It should be noted that although its base has been treated in radians, because of its relatively long and hard material, it is more suitable for men with relatively thick wrists and may not fit closely when worn by female users.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

The HUAWEI TalkBand B5 sports strap is made of silicone and has a concave design on the inside, which not only ensures that it is more compact to wear, but also has a good ability to breathe and sweat.

After talking about the shape of the bracelet, let's share with you the feeling of wearing it on your ear. It has a headphone size of 44.1x20.0x11.9 mm, weighs 14.3g, and is equipped with silicone earmuffs to provide good stability.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

In terms of comfort alone, the Huawei B5 bracelet is a gap from most traditional headphones. After all, it is not easy to control the size and weight of the bracelet at the same level as traditional headphones. However, because its application scenario is mainly for phone calls, there is little need to wear it for long periods of time, so you don't have to worry too much about putting a burden on your ears.

Like other bracelet products, the, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 also supports message reminders and viewing features, including WeChat, not to mention here. Focus on its health monitoring function and some of its experience as a headset.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

Health monitoring function

Health monitoring is the core function of all bracelet products, and it is also an important reason why many people choose to start this kind of equipment. In the heart rate monitoring that everyone pays more attention to, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 adopts HUAWEI TruSeen 2.0 heart rate technology, which can realize 24 hours real-time heart rate monitoring when the function of continuous heart rate detection is turned on.

At the same time, according to the official introduction, it can optimize dozens of sports scenes, and can also obtain more accurate real-time heart rate data during exercise. At the same time, the data will also be synchronized to Huawei Sports Health app, and automatically generate a graph, you can clearly see the trend of the center rate change over the day.

Like other Huawei bracelet products, it also supports HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology, which can automatically identify your sleep / sleep time and sleep status (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement and awake). It can also help improve sleep habits by providing sleep advice, sleep music and soothing stress relief services.

Sports function

In terms of sports functionality, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 offers a total of six exercise modes, including outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling and free training. According to the recorded sports data, it can provide professional post-exercise data report, score the training effect, but also give suggestions such as recovery time, which is more practical for people who like to exercise.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

It's worth mentioning that the product also uses HUAWEI TruRleax technology, which enables you to monitor and track stress throughout the day, and will guide you to relieve stress based on the results of the assessment.

Headphones use the actual experience

In the mode of control, when a phone calls in, the headphones can be taken out from the bottom to complete the automatic answer. During a call, you can adjust the volume by sliding up and down the screen. In addition, because its screen will automatically black, you do not have to worry about misoperation.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is not only used as a sound delivery tool, but also supports the import of common contacts from the mobile phone (up to 10), and maintains call records. In other words, in addition to receiving incoming calls, you can also use it to call the phone directly to complete the outbound task.

To ensure call quality, it also uses three-core audio chips, officials say its data processing capacity is three times higher than the previous generation, and added a double Mike balance noise reduction to reduce environmental noise. In terms of our actual experience, the call quality of the, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is more satisfactory.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5 


The advantage over the conventional bracelet product, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is that it can be used either as a bracelet or as a Bluetooth headset, which is attractive to business people who are busy at work and are more concerned about their health. Of course, if it is only used for basic health monitoring and phone calls, the previous Huawei bracelet B3 is equally competent. But if your opponent's health monitoring capabilities and call quality are higher, then the fully upgraded HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is clearly more in line with your needs.

HUAWEI TalkBand B5​ 

Finally, let's talk about the endurance of the HUAWEI TalkBand B5. With a battery capacity of 108 mAh, the, HUAWEI TalkBand B5 has a battery life of about three and a half days after turning off scientific sleep and about three days after opening.

In terms of price, the HUAWEI TalkBand B5 is 999RMB.

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