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Home > New Gear > I heard that only when you are full do you have the strength to lose weight? You can do these things at home
I heard that only when you are full do you have the strength to lose weight? You can do these things at home

I heard that only when you are full do you have the strength to lose weight? You can do these things at home

By  Gerick Leverett 2020-02-07 683 17

During the festive season, we gain three jin, and then three jin after that. Due to the influence of the epidemic, everyone chooses to stay at home during the Spring Festival holiday. In China, as a big foodie country, when people can't go out, people give full play to their ingenuity at home, and video tutorials such as homemade cool skin are also popular on short video platforms during this period. It's just that when the amount of exercise every day is only cooking and eating, foodies also sigh that there will be a day when they get tired of eating, so after cooking delicious food, it's better to exercise at home!

Although a good cook can make a delicious meal with only an iron pot and a kitchen knife, for those of us who usually live on takeout, we still have to prepare all kinds of kitchen utensils before cooking. Only love and food can live up to the food, for their own food, naturally adhere to a pious heart, so that the food will be injected into the soul.

What do you need to cook a good meal?

It is often said that illness enters through the mouth, so the imported food and water must be clean. To this end, the house secretary replaced the original electric kettle with the advantage of Cuber intelligent hot clean drinking machine, this product can not only directly purify tap water into drinking water that can be directly imported, but also drink heart-warming and stomach-warming hot water anytime and anywhere.

What do you ask me about it? It's not a picture yet. it's simple, convenient and easy to clean. The advantage of Cuber intelligence is that the hot clean drinking machine uses automatic water making, which can make water automatically without manual operation. It is equipped with three filter elements, which are PAC composite filter element (PP cotton + imported carbon fiber) + imported GE 50G RO reverse osmosis filter element + Japanese imported Cola Li sintered activated carbon filter element group, of which the third filter element can also be replaced with strontium-rich alkaline filter element. The first filter is used to remove suspended solids such as sediment and rust in water, and can also remove residual chlorine, organic matter and other impurities in water; RO reverse osmosis filter element has a pore diameter of 0.0001 microns, which can effectively remove organic matter, bacteria, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances; activated carbon filter element can inhibit microorganisms in water, eliminate peculiar smell in water and improve drinking taste. The bottom of the pure water tank is also equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can effectively kill bacteria in the water. At the same time, the design of removable water tank and filter element also enables us to clean in time.

And when we have clean water resources, we can proceed to the next step. It is said that eating more vitamin C can enhance resistance, fresh fruit is naturally necessary but less, at the same time, we can also use Mijia broken wall cooking machine to make a cup of delicious juice. The Mijia wall-breaking machine is equipped with a high-power motor and an 8-leaf steel blade, and has a enhanced spoiler design to drink delicious fruit and vegetable juice in just one minute. Of course, dishes like soy milk, thick soup, mousse, sauces, milkshakes, corn juice, smoothies and congee can also be made using Mijia broken wall cuisine. Believe me, you will use it when making sauce for western food.

After preparing the drink, it is natural to make a big dish, here, the house secretary used Mijia electric pressure cooker, this product combines the advantages of pressure cooker and electric cooker, at the same time connect to App can consult a variety of recipes, ready to put in, choose the corresponding option can be "mindless operation", very suitable for you who do not have any cooking skills but want to do a big thing.

Stupid operation has become the promotion and selling point of all kinds of smart home products, you can see that the operation of the Mijia electric pressure cooker is very simple and clear, with four buttons for filling, booking, menu / cancellation and start in turn from left to right, with a 1.32inch OLED display screen that can be used quickly for the first time.

If you want to make beef and mutton, the house secretary still hopes that you can use a pressure cooker to press, one is that high temperature can effectively sterilize, and the other is that the beef and mutton made by pressure cooker will be more crisp. The rated pressure of the Mijia electric pressure cooker is 1.7 atmospheric pressure, and the temperature in the cooker can reach about 114C. At the same time, the electromagnetic pressure control valve and a new electromagnetic magnetic pressure discharge structure are adopted, which can accurately control the pressure discharge efficiency of different orders of magnitude between the pressure values of 0Kpa-70Kpa, and there is no need for manual pressure relief in the cooking process. When making food, you only need to prepare the ingredients according to App tips and put them into the pot, and the Mijia pressure cooker will automatically adjust the time, temperature and pressure to the best condition, even if you can't cook, you can also make a good dish.

After eating and drinking, it's time to treat yourself with some dessert, and the Mijia electric oven makes its debut. As a Mijia product, it is not given more intelligent functions, but makes the functions more concise and simpler. From top to bottom, there are four control knobs on the front of the oven: upper heat pipe, baking mode, lower heat pipe and timing. There are two heat pipes up and down, using independent temperature control design, so that the Mijia electric oven can be adjusted steplessly in a wide temperature range of 70Mu230 degrees. With a large capacity of 32L, it can bake 30 egg tarts, 3 pizzas, 6-inch cakes or 9 steaks at a time. Whether it's cookies, toaster, sweet potato or bread, it's easy to handle.

When baking pizza, the temperature of the upper heat pipe is lower than that of the lower heat pipe, which makes the bottom of the cake softer and the cheese melted more naturally and sweetly. When baking egg tarts, the temperature of the upper heat pipe can be higher than that of the lower heat pipe, making the egg tarts softer and the bottom more crisp. Roast chicken needs to be at the same temperature, so that the roast chicken can be heated more evenly, combined with 360-degree rotating fork and hot air circulation system, so that the skin of the roast chicken is crispy and tender. At the same time, the dough can be fermented at a constant temperature in the oven before baking, or you can ferment yogurt or thaw frozen meat.

It's time to exercise when you have enough to eat

After I had enough to drink and eat, I did some exercise at home. If you can't do a day trip at home without a luxury house, the secretary still advises you to use equipment to keep fit. It is said that if you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live to 99. How can you travel thousands of miles every day without leaving home? Take a look at the Mijia walker. Compared with the treadmill, the treadmill is lighter and less disturbing than the treadmill. At the same time, the speed of the Mijia walker reaches the maximum speed of 6.0km / h. it is suitable for you to do low-intensity exercise when you are at home.

Of course, you can also pursue stimulating, NEXGIM AI power fitness bike will be a better choice. NEXGIM AI power fitness car adopts full-package flywheel, and the resistance is controlled by motor + FOC controller. The motor is controlled by FOC algorithm based on real-time accurate damping control, which can accurately and constant output resistance and adjust damping in real time. With the use of NEXGIM App, it can scientifically evaluate the user's sports ability, set a personal sports ability boundary within the scope of its ability, and make the movement more scientific and reasonable. And it can effectively prevent overload, cardiopulmonary strain, and avoid inefficient training and waste of time.

When the phone is sandwiched to the phone bracket and moving, real-time motion data and motion pictures are displayed on the phone screen. And AI virtual private teaching, but also according to the monitored sports data, give objective reminders and suggestions. In addition, the professional power course can automatically adjust the resistance according to the stepping frequency, intelligently match the exercise intensity, and interesting cycling can simulate the real road environment, restore the real slope, and automatically adjust the resistance. you can experience the fun of riding with many people at home.

In addition to the above fitness equipment, the house secretary is also equipped with Switch and fitness ring adventures at home. 60 kinds of fitness can be achieved in the game, the Joy-Con on NS can be loaded into the game's own "Ring-Con" and leg fixed belt, you can take risks in the game while fitness, usually nothing to open Switch exercise, Spring Festival at home, also pull up parents to choose mini-game mode, not only can compete to improve feelings, but also at home to achieve physical exercise.

Exercise alone is not enough, many people also want to see the scenery outside, then VR comes in handy. Whether it's HTC VIVE COSMO, HTC VIVE Focus Plus or HUAWEI VR Glass, you can see the outside world. Previously, HTC teamed up with the Louvre to create the first VR experience project, the Mona Lisa: a Cross-Border Vision, which allows global users to experience it through VIVEPORT and other VR content platforms, giving more consumers a chance to see the stunning painting up close in an unprecedented way. Through the immersive experience brought to users by VR, we can feel the scenery outside without leaving home.


Whether cooking at home or exercising at home, it is an effective way for us to pass the time during the holidays, but we should remember that in the face of the new coronavirus, it is also very important to keep the equipment in a hygienic condition. Take the mobile phone as an example, it is attached to a lot of bacteria, and the Anshibao smartphone using medical-grade ultraviolet UVC laser disinfection technology can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses on the phone. In Huawei smart home App, users can set four disinfection modes: rapid, ordinary, depth and custom according to the actual situation, and flexibly choose disinfection mode, so that the phone is no longer a pathogen.

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