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Home > New Gear > i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: is the perfect AirPods replica finally here?
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i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: is the perfect AirPods replica finally here?

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: is the perfect AirPods replica finally here?

By  GB Blog Official 2019-01-10 81434 1

Ever since Apple have launched the trend of headphone jack-less smartphones and introduced the pricey solution in the form of Apple Airpods, numerous companies have followed with less expensive true wireless alternatives. However, it’s the i10 TWS earphones that seem to have come exceptionally close to replicating the Apple AirPods.
i10 Mini Bluetooth Binaural Earbuds Stereo In-ear Earphone - WHITE

i10 Mini Bluetooth Binaural Earbuds Stereo In-ear Earphone - WHITE
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i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: design

If you are looking for a pair of earphones that will make others think that you are actually sporting the $159 Apple AirPods, the  i10 TWS will definitely do the trick. The company has made successful attempts at replicating the AirPods before with their i7 and i9 models, but the i10 come the closest to actually looking like the AirPods.

The i10 earphones themselves are practically identical to the AirPods in design. They come in exactly the same shape with their openings located in exactly the same places. There is only one notable differences between the two — color shade: the original AirPods come in a more pure white color than the i10 TWS, which are a bit more eggshell.

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: design 

When it comes to the casing, however, the differences are not that difficult to spot. The case for the i10 earphones has a row of LEDs on the front that are not present on the AirPods' case. When you open both cases, you will see another LED that lights up when the earphones are being charged — but this only works on the original AirPods. The LED on the i10s is just for show and you will only see the LEDs on the front of the case light up.

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: sound performance

The Apple AirPods offer decent quality sound for true wireless earphones — even though, they are not the best on the market and there are definitely better options around.

The i10 TWS, coming at just a third of the price, also offer decently quality sound — with a few drawbacks: less base and less full sound.

i10 TWS sound performance 

When it comes to call quality,  you get a very good performance with the Apple AirPods: you get stereo incoming calls, you will hear the caller on both earbuds.

The i10s also give you stereo calls and you will also be able to hear the person on the other side of the line on both earbuds. The main difference here is that the AirPods come with better noise cancellation and the person you are speaking to will not be hearing too much of a background noise.

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: connectivity

The Apple AirPods are well praised for their connectivity. Using the W1 chip, the earbuds connect seamlessly to each other and other devices like your iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, etc. The best thing is that you can have them connected to all the above mentioned devices at the same time. The AirPods have been reported to stay smoothly connected to a phone (tablet, laptop, etc.) within as far as 50 meters without obstructions.

Apple AirPods connectivity 

The i10 TWS don't offer the same level of connectivity — but they are not a letdown as well. The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 to stay connected to your phone and this ensures a very smooth performance. The earbuds stay efficiently connected to each other and can work within the distance of up to 10 meters. What they can't do is stay connected to several devices at the same time like the Apple AirPods and you will need to disconnect them from one device before connecting them to another.

i10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0  

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: controls

Both earbud sets feature handy gesture controls. With Apple AirPods, you get one gesture control option: double tap any earbud once it's in your ear and you will bring up Siri, skip a track, pause, etc. — you will be able to customize the use of this gesture control.

The i10 earbuds come with more gesture control options. You can single tap to play or pause music or answer/hang up a call and double tap to skip to the next track. To go back a track, you can triple tap any of the earbuds — but you will need to be very precise as this feature cn get a bit glitchy.

i10 TWS gesture control  

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: IP rating

Here's where the i10 TWS Bluetooth earphone have an upper hand over the AirPods: they come rated IP6, which means they can easily handle light water exposure — but you will definitely not be taking the earbuds swimming.

The AirPods, however, come with no waterproof rating and are, thus, more susceptible to water damage.

Apple AirPods IP rating  

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: battery life

Battery life is one of key aspects to consider when evaluating wireless earphones. And, when it comes to battery performance, the Apple AirPods bring their best foot forward. When fully charged, the Apple AirPods give you five full hours of battery life — and you can have them easily recharged (up to five times) in a fully charged case. The best part is that you will just need 15 minutes to get the AirPods fully charged thanks to the Fast Charging feature.

The i10s are quite a bit more modest. You will be able to use them for 2.5 hours non stop when fully charged and there are 2-3 more charges available via the portable charging case. Plus, the charging case supports wireless charging. However, there is no Fast Charging support onboard and you will need a full hour to get the earbuds fully charged.

i10 TWS battery life 

i10 TWS vs Apple AirPods: price and verdict

The Apple AirPods come with a steep price tag of $150 while the i10 TWS can be yours for just $49.99. We could say that the i10 TWS are almost the perfect replica of the AirPods — at least, this is definitely the case when it comes to design. On the performance side, the main weaknesses of the i10 TWS are the battery life (which is just half of that offered by the AirPods) and the inability to connect to several devices at the same time. However, if you factor in the much lower price tag and the fact that you probably won't be using the i10 TWS with Apple products anyway, we'd say they are a very worthy alternative to the pricey originals.


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