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Home > New Gear > ILIFE V5s Pro vs. ILIFE V8S: how to keep your house clean with zero effort
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ILIFE V5s Pro vs. ILIFE V8S: how to keep your house clean with zero effort

ILIFE V5s Pro vs. ILIFE V8S: how to keep your house clean with zero effort

By  GB Blog Official 2018-10-16 19037 1

So, you want to keep your home clean and are looking for the best way to do it? Robot vacuum cleaners are hardly a new thing — but with every new arrival, they get to do more and do it better, thus freeing you from the chains of housework. Today, we are taking a look at the two robotic cleaners that promise to make your home chores a thing of the past: the ILIFE V8S and ILIFE V5S Pro. Let’s see how the two compare.


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ILIFE V5S Pro vs. ILIFE V8S : specs

Let's start the comparison with their specifications so that you will quickly know the difference between the ILIFE V5S Pro and the ILIFE V8S.


Product name
Suction power
1000 Pa
Сleaning area(sq.m.)
150 - 180
Dustbin capacity
300 ml
750 ml
Noise level
50 db
68 db
IR remote control
Power (w)
self recharging
Cleaning modes
auto, spot, wet/dry, edge
auto, spot, edge, wet/dry, max, path
Anti falling
Anti-collision system
LCD display
Water tank capacity
300 ml
350 ml
Battery capacity
2500 mAh
2600 mAh
Charging time
280 min
300 min
slim design


ILIFE V5S Pro Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - CHAMPAGNE GOLD EU PLUG

ILIFE V5S Pro Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - CHAMPAGNE GOLD EU PLUG


ILIFE V8S Vacuuming Mopping Robotic Cleaner with LCD Display - PLATINUM

ILIFE V8S Vacuuming Mopping Robotic Cleaner with LCD Display - PLATINUM


ILIFE V5S Pro: slim, smooth and swift

So, the ILIFE V5S Pro is an upgrade to the V5 Pro and features a new brushless motor, longer battery life and a water tank. So, what does the new robot have to offer? Let's take a look.

the design of ILIFE V5s Pro 

First, you get multiple cleaning modes. You can choose between automatic, edge cleaning, sports mode or schedule cleaning. This gives you the flexibility to arrange your housework the way you like without the constraints of one specific cleaning mode.

the multiple cleaning modes of ILIFE V5s Pro 

Then, there is the built-in 300ml water tank. The extra large capacity tanks does wonders for wet cleaning scenarios ensuring an even water output and automatic humidification. This way, your home will stay free of dust and other debris without you having to run around with a bucket and a mop.

the 300ml water tank of ILIFE V5s Pro 

850Pa power suction is another upgrade. Thanks to it, the vacuum cleaner will absorb more dirt than other robotic cleaners while working at the same level. Plus, with the advanced brushless motor, the vacuum is capable of keeping the noise down (to less than 50dB, to be exact) cleverly working in the background without interrupting your quiet home time.

the brushless motor of ILIFE V5s Pro 

Large cleaning area: the vacuum cleaner efficiently covers the area of 150 - 180 square meters. This means that you can leave the little guy working and leave the house to run your errands not worrying about the vacuum just running around in circles. Plus, thanks to the anti-collision feature, the vacuum will effectively maneuver around furniture and other obstacles, leaving your house clean and your possessions unharmed.

the anti-collision feature of ILIFE V5s Pro 

Thanks to the robotic cleaner's compact design (70mm in height), the ILIFE V5S Pro is able to work in narrow places, efficiently cleaning in hard-to-reach places like under the furniture and around corners — some of the most unpleasant parts of house cleaning — as well as the worst activities for your back.

the compact design of ILIFE V5s Pro 

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wood, carpet and other surfaces and comes with a handy IR remote control with an LCD display for easy operation.

ILIFE V8S: better navigation with AI

The ILIFE V8S is almost double the price of the ILIFE V5S Pro — so why would you want to pay more?

Well, first, you get more in terms of suction power — 1000Pa compared to 850Pa on the ILIFE V5S Pro. This does mean more juice for your cleaning projects — but not something you will probably really notice in day-to-day housework.

the design of ILIFE V8S 

Then, there is the 750ml dustbin with HEPA filtration (high efficiency particulate air). This means that not only will the robot be able to clean for longer without interruption but also gather tiny particles from the air and trap them in the dustbin making your home easy and healthy to breathe in.

the 750ml dustbin of ILIFE V8S 

There are two key upgrades in the navigation department known as i-moving and i-dropping. The i-move intelligent navigation system (thanks to the stable and accurate gyro sensor) makes sure the robot not just moves around the house but does so in a smart way avoiding cleaning the same area twice and maneuvering around obstacles. The i-drop smart mopping system, on the other hand, accurately measures the water level in the vacuum cleaner and ensure its efficient use throughout the cleaning process.

the i-move intelligent navigation and i-drop smart mopping system of ILIFE V8S 

The ILIFE V8S does tend to make a bit more noise than its counterpart — 68db and covers a smaller area of 100 square meters. It is also a bit "taller” than the ILIFE V5S Pro — so if you have a lot of "low” furniture in your home, the ILIFE V5S Pro may be a better fit.

Other than that, the two robotic vacuums, have a lot in common. They both offer multiple cleaning modes, offer both dry and wet cleaning, are suitable for a variety of surfaces and comes with user-friendly IR remote controls with LCD screens.

the LCD screen of ILIFE V8S 

ILIFE V5S Pro vs. ILIFE V8S: the verdict

As we've mentioned earlier in this article, there is a significant difference in price between the ILIFE V5S Pro (available for $171.20) and the ILIFE V8S (priced at $299.99). Is the price increase justified? Well, this will be up to you. The ILIFE V8S does offer a significant upgrade in terms of navigation and sports a large capacity dustbin. However, when it comes to keeping your house clean while not invading on your free time, both cleaning robots do pretty much equally well.


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