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Home > New Gear > iOS 12.2: 7 new features for iPhone and iPad
iOS 12.2: 7 new features for iPhone and iPad

iOS 12.2: 7 new features for iPhone and iPad

By  Mia Carla 2019-05-20 653 0

Apple has launched a new update to its iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 12.2, a new version of the iOS operating system that brings a host of new features to our smartphone and apple brand tablet.

Updates to Apple's operating system will often rhyme with three things. First, more security, while they can sometimes fix security breaches. Secondly, bugs, while some updates also bring some functional problems. Finally, they sometimes bring new functions and that's nice!

Now available the iOS 12.2 update brings some small new features, including 7 that I think are particularly noteworthy.

Also, this update closes no less than 51 security breaches, some of which affected text messages. It is therefore important to download it for security reasons.

1- 4 new animojis

Yes, we are entitled to 4 new animojis in the iOS 12.2 update. A fun way to embody new animals and make our friends laugh.

So you can play a giraffe, a shark, an owl and finally a boar!

2- The air quality displayed in Apple Maps

With iOS12.2 it is possible to know the air quality in Apple Maps.

Located in the lower right corner, you can see the air quality index and, according to the colour code, quickly know if it is good or bad.

3- New customizations of downtime

Introduced in iOS 12, the Screen Time function allows us to know the number of times we have spent in front of the screen of our iPhone or iPad.

This function also provides a Downtime to limit access to certain applications during a specific time slot.

With iOS 12.2, it is now possible to customize this time slot according to the different days of the week and not to always have the same schedule for all days as is currently the case.

4- Facilitated searches on Safari

Don't be surprised when you see a small arrow to the right of the Safari browser search proposals under iOS 12.2.

This is a new feature of Safari that allows us to select a search proposal without launching the search. This will allow us to do our research more quickly by adding the last keyword we want to insert.

5- Prevention about unsecured sites on Safari

Safari also introduces a new prevention feature on iOS12.2, as it tells us if a site is not secure.

When visiting a site that is not secured by the HTTPS protocol that encrypts the data you send and receive, we see in the search bar the words Not secured.

6- Abandonment of the function: do not follow me

That's a shame, but with iOS12.2, Apple decided to forget the function that allowed us ("in theory") to prevent websites from following us on Safari.

This feature did not really prevent sites from continuing to track our activities and leave cookies on our device, while it only sent a request to sites not to do so. Unfortunately, most websites ignored this request, as they had no obligation to comply with it.

So rather than play the big man, Apple decided to abandon the function.

7- Apple News is coming

Present in our southern neighbours, Apple News will finally arrive with the iOS 12.2.

It is therefore possible to find news from our media within the application, in both French and English.

It is also possible to access Apple News+, the brand's new magazine and newspaper service.

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