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Home > New Gear > Is Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner worth to buy?
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Is Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner worth to buy?

Is Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner worth to buy?

By  Candy Wang 2019-04-10 4437 0

Since Xiaomi Mi Fans Festival is coming, Xiaomi brings you a new gadget - Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner, an upgraded version $45 higher than last generation cleaner. How about it? Is it worth to buy? Here is a review on Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner, hoping to get you some help.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner design 

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: specs

As an upgraded version, the Mijia 1S sweeping robot has the same appearance as the 1st generation Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot vacuum cleaner, without big differences in outlooking. Its specifications are as follows:


Product name
Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot cleaner
350 x 350 x 96mm
Net Weight
Suction power
Cleaning Time
2.5 hours
Cleaning Area(After fully charged)
250 square meters
Dust Collector Size
App Control


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Sweeping Robot - White

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Sweeping Robot - White

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: unbox

In the package there contains a robot main body, a charging post, a charging cable and a cleaning brush. With a cable storage box designed, the charging post can tidily store excess cable so as to reduce the probability of entangling the sweeping robot by the cable. For robot cleaner, it is quite crucial.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner unbox 

An obvious upgrade is the addition of visual navigation tech to laser navigation

Laser navigation and visual navigation are two different technical routes currently used by  auto-planning robot cleaners. The combination of the two techs is less common in nowadays. For Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner, the laser sensor still plays a main role in the whole path planning process. It scans the environment at a high speed of 5*360°/sec and accurately determines the moving direction and the current position in horizon, building a map restoring the full view of your home.

Laser navigation and visual navigation  

The visual sensor is located obviously at the top of the robot. It plays an auxiliary role in extracting image feature information, modeling and positioning things, enduing the robot cleaner with image recognition ability and room area division ability.

The visual sensor  

Intelligently planning dynamic path , saving more cleaning time for you

During the cleaning, Xiaomi Mijia 1S cleaner will smartly plan dynamic path, clean each room one by one according to the sub-area digital map, reduce cross-region routes and the number of turns, and increase straight-line high-speed cleaning. Compared with the previous generation, its cleaning efficiency is increased by 13%.

Intelligently planning dynamic path  

Processor performance upgraded, another leap in cleaning efficiency

Processor is upgraded from the quad core Conrtex-A7 (the previous generation ) to the quad core Conrtex-A35. Compared to the previous Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner, the 1S robot cleaner lowers power consumption by 10% and uppers performance by 40%.

Processor performance 

2000Pa suction power, stronger than the last generation robot cleaner of 1800Pa

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner thoroughly cleans ground dust as well as sweeps away dust in floor gaps, hair and debris on floor. With 5200mAh battery capacity, it lasts working for 2.5 hours, sweeping area of about 250 square meters under standard mode.

2000Pa suction power 

Automatic recharge, free of human intervention

Leaving it alone, Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner finishes cleaning task by itself. When the electricity is lower than 20%, it will automatically return to the charging pile to charge electricity. When charging power up to 80%, it will automatically return to the breakpoint for continued sweep. After completing the cleaning, the 1S robot will automatically go back to the charging pile. The whole cleaning process is free of human intervention.

Automatic recharge 

Voice control the robot cleaner

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner gets able to link with Xiaomi AI speaker. You only need to speak out your inquiry. The upgraded 1S cleaner will take actions immediately.

Voice control the robot cleaner 

Quite easy to bind with mobile App and realizing App control

Download Mijia App, find 1S robot cleaner, and connect with it. The connection process is quite smooth and easy. After connection, you can use your mobile phone to check the conditions of consumable accessories like filters, side bush, and main brush. Also, you can use App to make settings for cleaning, recharge, area division, etc.

App control 

All in all, the Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner is smarter in path planning and higher in cleaning efficiency. The AI image recognition technology is quite practical in helping dividing room areas. Compare with the last generation Mijia robot cleaner, this ungraded one might as well not let you down.



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