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Home > New Gear > Jabra Elite Sport vs JEET AIR: JEET compares with Jabra's best-selling wireless Bluetooth headsets, which is more worth buying?
Jabra Elite Sport vs JEET AIR: JEET compares with Jabra's best-selling wireless Bluetooth headsets, which is more worth buying?

Jabra Elite Sport vs JEET AIR: JEET compares with Jabra's best-selling wireless Bluetooth headsets, which is more worth buying?

By  Lydia Scott 2019-06-12 1055 0

As a runner (novice runner), earphone and heart rate equipment are of course indispensable (with X as the main function as a supplement). My previous standard equipment was sports watch + bluetooth earphone, which was used to measure heart rate and play "running divine comedy" with bluetooth earphone.However, recently some big name rolled out a few muti_function athletic bluetooth earphone, also hold concurrently the function that measures heart rate, accomplish one machine multi-purpose, but the price is very expensive also, in the end good use?

Today, I choose a very famous international brand -- Jabra Elite Sport zhen leaping bluetooth earphone, and a domestic web celebrity -- JEET AIR real wireless bluetooth earphone, which USES cost-effective high-end earphone, to make a comparison and evaluation.

First, domestic network red-cost-effective ultra-high motion Bluetooth headset: JEET AIR bluetooth headset

JEET AIR true wireless bluetooth earphone is the latest work of domestic web celebrity JEET brand this year, from the packaging to the earphone to the charging box, the overall is black + dark gray, half of the surface to take skin silicone layer, not only to prevent slipping, but also to prevent fingerprints, feel very comfortable. In terms of weight, the JEET AIR real wireless bluetooth headset weighs 5.5 grams, which is basically the same as the airpods.Even if wear for a long time, also won't feel not weight.Add in JEET AIR's unique earsupport structure, designed to provide three points of human ear support, and point locking technology for human ears, and it is intended to provide high robustness even in sport Settings!Whether it's running, fitness equipment, skateboarding or other extreme sports, it can stay on your ears.

In order to ensure the stability of the true wireless bluetooth headset, JEET AIR is a painstaking effort, spending up to 1.5 of the time to develop. In terms of hardware, JEET AIR true wireless bluetooth headset uses the mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 chip, audio format support AAC, SвC encoding, compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.2, its lower power consumption, faster pairing, more compatibility, signal transmission is also more stable.

At the same time with the exclusive LDS laser engraving antenna, so that the Bluetooth transmission is quite stable, there will be no disconnect carton situation. Especially when playing Thorn manipulated battle field, almost do not feel the delay, so that you can easily eat chicken, especially suitable for friends who like to play games.

Sound quality can be said to reflect the quality of a Bluetooth headset focus, JEET AIR True wireless bluetooth headset using a unique front and rear cavity design, and even customized nano-titanium crystal film, to achieve the mainstream of the market on the level of light luxury quality. When you put on the moment, you will find that JEET AIR Real wireless bluetooth headset does have a different sound, so that you unknowingly like music. After all, it is tuned by 20 professional masters, the sound quality can be comparable to the thousand yuan level of Bluetooth headphones.

Take "ferry" for example. There are three drums in front, which can test the low frequency diving degree of earphones.JEET AIR dive is quite in place, can be a good reduction of real timbre, has a good penetration, a lingering feeling.

In terms of life, JEET AIR true wireless bluetooth headset battery capacity of 50mAh, headphones can last up to 5 hours, while the headphone charging box supports two-ear charging 3.5 times, the total life time of 17 hours. For mildly used children's shoes, it can basically be used for the previous week.

Second, the international big name-professional heart rate monitoring Movement Bluetooth headset: Jabra Elite Sport leap bluetooth headset

The headphone body of Jabra Elite Sport zhenlizhen wireless bluetooth headphone is simple, and the raised part on the back of the cavity is the physical button. Although the cavity looks large, the single earphone is relatively light, only 6.5g.In addition, Jabra Elite Sport zhenyue wireless bluetooth earphone is a professional sports bluetooth earphone, which adopts the design of ear hanger to increase friction and fixation.Three different sizes of ear hangers and six different sizes and materials of ear glue are presented to ensure that they won't slip off easily when exercising.Memory cotton ear gel has better soundproof effect and anti-skid effect than silicone ear gel, but it feels a little sweltering when exercising, and the pressure on the ear canal will be slightly higher, which is slightly less comfortable than silicone ear gel.

In terms of control, since there are 4 small buttons on the jetbold bluetooth earphone, the feeling of the keypad operator is somewhat hard. When "volume +", "APP function" and other buttons located on the top are operated, the user needs to press hard. At this time, the earplug will suddenly increase the pressure on the ear due to press pressure, and the comfort will be decreased.

You can also use Jeppelang's home App--jabra Sport to control, into the App pairing, in the main interface in the upper right corner can directly see the heart rate, headphone power and GPS positioning, because this Bluetooth headset also has a built-in GPS, in addition to recording the movement track, In the case that the headset can not be found is also directly positioned, or very convenient.

As for the sound quality you care about, Jabra Elite Sport is equipped with wireless bluetooth headphone with transparent high frequency, moderate and low frequency, suitable for dynamic music.As far as my actual listening perception is concerned, the high pitch resolution of this earphone is still good, while the middle and low pitch are rather thin. However, there is no problem for many fitness enthusiasts who like to listen to some "chicken blood" music.

Let's talk about the heart rate, the key feature of this Bluetooth headset. Manufacturers in the publicity mentioned the leap Bluetooth headset photoelectric heart rate induction close to the medical level, the actual use found that it is indeed much more accurate than my millet bracelet. In addition, after a series of oxygen testing, Cooper testing, resting heart rate and other tests, the APP will be able to develop an effective personalized workout range based on your own conditions, according to the recommendations given by the APP as well as your exercise goals, heart rate interval and so on for targeted exercise.

In addition, for the duration, Jabra Elite Sport's bluetooth headset has a single use of only 3 hours and the charging box can be extended to 9 hours.

Overall, Jabra Elite Sport leap true wireless bluetooth headset is really a very professional sports real wireless bluetooth headset, for high demand, well-budgeted small partners, can even act as your personal fitness instructor. And JEET AIR Real wireless bluetooth headset is really cost-effective super high. The price is less than one-fifth of Jabra, the configuration level is extremely high, so that JEET AIR Real wireless bluetooth headset can easily achieve high-fidelity high restore, close to the Thousand Yuan HIFI level of sound quality. In addition, Bluetooth has virtually no delay, no drop in the line, easier to eat chicken, more suitable for low-budget friends.

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