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Home > New Gear > LG V50 ThinQ: dual screen, no foldable screen
LG V50 ThinQ: dual screen, no foldable screen

LG V50 ThinQ: dual screen, no foldable screen

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2019-05-25 1761 0

No, LG did not come to the Mobile World Congress with a foldable smartphone, it is still too early for that. However, the South Korean manufacturer has announced the V50 ThinQ, a 5G compatible smartphone that looks to the future and somehow tries to partner with the MWC's folding phones.

LG V50

LG V50 ThinQ: a smartphone for the future

While it has long been available in Korea and the United States, the V40 ThinQ has recently made its debut in Europe. His successor is already official. The V50 is the first 5G smartphone from the Korean company.

Don't get too excited, as the V50 is currently intended for the American and Korean markets. As for the G8, LG will first offer it in Asia and the United States (with Sprint), only then will the device be available to other operators.

LG also addresses the theme of 5G. Several manufacturers have already released dedicated devices although there is still no real demand from users. In addition, the infrastructure that supports 5G is not yet fully ready and, in any case, the situation varies from one country to another. Despite everything, 5G is one of the major topics that manufacturers feel obliged to address in order to be taken seriously.

With the V50, the South Korean manufacturer is trying to solve three problems: the lack of battery life, the overheating of the device and a slightly too massive design. The V50 incorporates a cooling system, a promising 4000 mAh battery and an elegant design, all in a slightly thicker body than the V40 (8.3 mm instead of 7.8 mm). I find that the V50 makes a good impression on the hand and adapts rather well, even if I prefer the G8, which is more compact and better suited to small hands. Performance is also ensured by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor, along with 6GB of RAM, all combined to optimize the user experience.

The best OLED display on the market?

When you look at it, the V50 looks a lot like the V40. The display is equipped with a dual camera and a large 6.4" screen in 19.9:9 FullVision OLED in QHD+ definition with notch. LG presents it as the best OLED display on the market (directly challenging its rival Samsung), highlighting the representation of colors.

It is difficult to form an opinion after having spent so little time, we will come back to this in the final test. What I can tell you, at least, is that like the G8, the colours are bright.

5 cameras, but no time of flight camera

At the back, the triple camera is aligned along the LED flash. The sensors are horizontally arranged and offer 12+16+12MP (standard, super wide angle and telephoto respectively). It is nice to find all the photo elements in a module that does not protrude beyond the back. The fingerprint reader is circular in shape and is located on the back of the device. In short, let's get back to the camera, one of the key components of this smartphone.

There is a manual mode and a whole series of functions that allow you to "play" with filters, the bokeh effect (even in video), AI, 4K recording and HDR 10. We also find there a button dedicated to streaming on YouTube. This function has been presented as "designed for 5G" but in reality it is also present on the G8... in any case, it only allows the rapid launch of the YouTube application.

On the front panel, we find a double camera composed of a standard 8MP sensor and a wide angle (90°) 5MP sensor. There is no time of flight camera, unlike the G8, so we do not find the Hand ID unlocking. I don't understand that choice. Why present the V50 to the MWC and not equip it with all the new functions also present on the G8?

Two screens for a semblance of a foldable smartphone

The V50 ThinQ can be accompanied by a 6.2" OLED display. This secondary display can be connected to the device via a special cover. The benefits of this feature include real-time access to the preview and angle of the photos you want to take, a more immersive gaming experience (one screen acts like a joypad), access to two applications simultaneously, and the ability to take and share screenshots more easily and quickly. The second screen can also reflect light to optimize self-reflection in low light conditions. The availability of both screens at the same time can also be useful when making video calls.

If you are a gamer or a budding photographer, this second screen can be useful to you. A question remains: how much does this additional accessory cost? It is not included in the box so it is important to know the price.

LG wanted to remind that today, in 2019, the market for folding smartphones is still very limited and the manufacturer does not therefore feel the need to invest in technologies that lack maturity and that address a rather niche market. It's a perfectly understandable speech, but this idea of a dual screen seems to be an alternative to folding smartphones.

First verdict

Even LG is launching a 5G smartphone to show that it is ready for the future and that it is monitoring the technologies of the moment. Better yet, it does so by formalizing its V50 with the G8 and not by introducing a 5G version of the G8 or V40.

The brand wants to show that the G line focuses on 4G smartphones while the V line focuses on 5G, but at the same time, it is difficult to understand the strategy behind the launch of two flagships of the same company when they do not manage to distinguish themselves well from each other. Moreover, the V50 will probably not be available in Europe. Once again, we have in front of us a good smartphone, specially designed for multimedia, but it could be difficult to find its place.


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