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Home > New Gear > MacBook Pro 2019: What to expect and what we want
MacBook Pro 2019: What to expect and what we want

MacBook Pro 2019: What to expect and what we want

By  Daniel Camilo 2019-05-16 916 0

It may still be early to talk about a 2019 version of MacBook Pro. Soon because of lack of rumors and information about the device. However, it is already possible to speculate on what experts think about the new product.

MacBook Pro 2019 appearance


One of the main points of this new version can be the keyboard. Apple has been betting on a system called the "butterfly", in which there is a mechanism below the pieces that raises them. In addition, it adds membranes to prevent dirt from entering and causing problems with the keys.

However, over the last few years, there have been many reports of people who have had problems with MacBook Pro keyboards, including Ritchie. He points out that there are a range of people who have complained about it, and an even greater number can say that they have never had problems using it.

Despite the pros and cons of the piece, what he points out is: regardless of the opinion of users, or even if the system works and gives few problems, what happens is that the butterfly keyboard is "stained". So, for him, Apple will have to present a new proposal even if he doesn't want to.

Ritchie's bet (more dressed up desire) is that Apple will return with a model of Magic Keyboard, that classic metal used in desktops of the company. However, for the analyst, the system needs to have a numerical keyboard in inverted T format, not the current rectangular format (keys up and down squeezed).


In this regard, rumors point out that Apple is working on a model with screens with smaller edges than the 2018 version. This will allow, in the design of an increase of close to an inch, a laptop with 16 inches in the chassis of the current 15. Still, it would be possible to come close to 17 inches in Ritchie's bet.

Another point is that rumors point that the device should arrive with Micro LED screens, still far from the OLED expected by users. In addition, it would be possible to have a 6K definition in this device.

There is speculation that the screen is touch sensitive, which Ritchie also considers difficult in view of the fact that macOS is not so touch-friendly. He remembers that Microsoft modified the Windows system for years to be able to deliver an integrated touch platform for testing devices.


This is always a controversial factor for Apple devices, especially mobile devices such as MacBook. Anyone who has or has had such a device has also had to buy accessories and adapters for HDMI and other inputs.

The point is that Apple is abandoning the USB-A inputs, betting only on type C. The company should maintain this trajectory by using these ports to do as many things as possible, including recharging the MacBook.


Let's go to the specs. Apple shouldn't bet on major chip updates, since it's unlikely that 10nm will be released until the arrival of this new line of MacBook.

With that, it should have a maximum of 17 inches, a Xeon processor, graphics cards for designers and graphic producers, and ECC memory.

The company can also rely on thermal chip improvements to improve performance without actually improving hardware.

Apple is also expected to use Nvidia as a partner for graphics cards in the new MacBook. However, this is still speculation, with no nearby source to confirm.

The new MacBook Pro are not due to be introduced until June of this year, specifically on the 3rd, when Apple has scheduled the World Wide Developers Conference, its event for developers.


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