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Home > New Gear > Meizu 16s review: a fully upgraded smartphone with Snapdragon 855 and 48MP camera
Meizu 16s review: a fully upgraded smartphone with Snapdragon 855 and 48MP camera

Meizu 16s review: a fully upgraded smartphone with Snapdragon 855 and 48MP camera

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-29 1853 0

Meizu 16s was newky released in April 29, and it comes with a slighly higher price than Meizu 16. The Meizu 16s makes some great improvements on the basis of its predecessor, such as more powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, good grip feeling, excellent battery performance and so on. Let’s show you more details about it in this post.


Snapdragon 855 offers stable performance

In terms of absolute performance, the improvement of snapdragon 855 is not particularly obvious compared with snapdragon 845, but the upgrading of the process improves the power consumption and heating significantly, and the stability of the actual performance output is guaranteed.

The performance of snapdragon 855 is familiar to everyone. The surprising performance of Meizu 16S is flash memory. We will not expand this part in detail, let's see the actual performance of the game directly below.


First is the popular game stimulate the battlefield, but this game is smooth + with the ultimate frame rate, even the snapdragon 710 can easily cope with it. We obviously have higher requirements for 16S of the Meizu who carries the snapdragon 855, so in this test, the picture quality that stimulates the battlefield is unlocked as HD+Ultimate Frame Rate.

After a game, the performance of Meizu 16S is very stable, the average frame rate is 59 frames, close to full frame. There is basically no fluctuation.

In the course of the game, searching, driving, entering the vegetation-intensive areas and other operations will not cause significant frame drops.

Next, we tested the next NBA 2K19, the quality of all were open to the highest. The performance of Meizu 16S is also quite stable, with an average frame rate of 59 frames and little fluctuation.

At least for the moment, as far as the performance of snapdragon 855 is concerned, there is basically no limit to its mobile games on the market, and it will be able to run most of the mainstream games in the next two years.

How about the two cameras?

Meizu 16S rear cameras feature 48 million + 20 million pixels. The main camera is IMX 586.


First look at the daytime image effect, Meizu 16S photography speed is very fast, and its color restoration is quite accurate.


However, in the high light ratio environment, Meizu 16S still has some problems, some details are obviously too dark.

Looking at the performance of the night, we will test the night scene model that Meizu propagandized. From the sample, compared with the normal mode, the brightness of the picture and light suppression under the night mode are better. In addition, from the same scene shot in three different modes, the night scene mode of Meizu 16S is quite strong. After opening, the brightness, resolution and clarity of the picture have been significantly improved.


Among them, the scaffold model is undoubtedly the best, but it also requires very high stability. A little jitter will make the picture blurred. If we use it everyday, the practicability of ordinary night scene mode will be higher.

In addition, at the conference, Meizu also highlighted the male beauty function of the lower Meizu 16S front-end camera. We tried it and found that the effect was quite good.

System and experience

A few days ago, we did an open comparison of Android customization systems, which attracted much attention from many partners. However, last time we did not test the Flyme model. With this opportunity, we now supplement the test of Meizu 16s.

The Meizu 16s, which carries the Flyme 7.3 system, still has a high degree of freedom, providing the official Root function. Of course, the process is relatively cumbersome. First, we need to apply for Flyme's official login account, in which we need to input information such as the serial number of the mobile phone; then we need to install a Root-authorized App activation on the mobile phone; finally, we need to open root privilege management in the password and security of the system settings.

In terms of installation of third-party channel applications and third-party desktops, Meizu's restrictions are relatively small, but the installation process of unofficial channel applications will have a compulsory detection process, and can not be cancelled.

mEngine 3.0

Meizu is one of the few Android manufacturers that attaches great importance to mobile phone vibration feedback experience.

Meizu 16S has a transverse linear motor, which brings a very comfortable vibration.

The comfort of vibration feedback is mainly embodied in the daily operation of screen fingerprint unlocking, setting alarm clock to scroll to select numbers, long press deletion application and so on.

This is an indispensable function once used to it. It can be said to be a highlight in the details of Meizu 16s. This feeling is difficult to express in words, but can be clearly perceived after the actual experience.

DC dimmer comes, farewell strobe

At the conference, Meizu promoted a wave of DC dimming function, which can solve the long-standing flash problem on OLED screen. However, when you get the phone, you will find that it is turned off by default. If you turn it on, you need to go into the developer mode to turn it on.

Excellent battery perfromance and fast charging

The battery capacity of Meizu 16S is 3600 mAh. In the case of manual half of the screen brightness, after three hours of continuous play of 1080P video from station B, the remaining 68% of the electricity can be seen, which shows that the endurance performance is still very good.

In terms of charging, Meizu 16S is still the standard 24W fast charging. Half an hour can fill it up to 60%. Filling 100% takes about an hour and a half.


Generally speaking, the main advantages of Meizu 16S are as follows: powerful and stable performance, exquisite body feel, good camera night mode performance, satisfying endurance and high system freedom. Deficiencies, of course, also exist: compared with the previous generation, there is a slight regression in look, and no wireless charging, etc.

Meizu 16S is a mobile phone with balanced strength in all aspects. At the same time, it achieves better in several small details such as feel, vibration feedback and look. In the current flagship market, Huazhong plays the ultimate night shooting function, Xiaomi hits the ultimate cost performance ratio, OPPO hits the ultimate comprehensive screen program.

But it is undeniable that Meizu 16S is indeed the best product of Meizu. The dimming, NFC, Root functions that users want are all available.


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