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Home > New Gear > Mijia intelligent remote control lock:  lock and unlock your drawers remotely for $25.99
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Mijia intelligent remote control lock:  lock and unlock your drawers remotely for $25.99

Mijia intelligent remote control lock:  lock and unlock your drawers remotely for $25.99

By  GB Blog Official 2018-11-28 3120 1

Whether you keep valuables at home, need an extra piece of security for your office or want to keep things out of the reach of children or pets, having a cabinet or closet lock could be the perfect solution. But there could be an even better one - a smart remote control lock that promises to lock and unlock your cabinets intelligently. In this post, we try out the Mijia Intelligent Remote Control Lock.

What is an intelligent lock?

There can be many interpretations to the name. Generally an intelligent lock would be a security mechanism that is capable of more than your standard lock. In case of the Mijia smart cabinet lock, you get a handy little device that can be controlled with an app. Basically, you will simply attach the lock to a cabinet, closet door, safe, etc., and then you will have the convenient option of locking and unlocking the door through an app.


Mijia Intelligent APP Remote Control Lock - WHITE

Mijia Intelligent APP Remote Control Lock - WHITE
$29.8 $25.99    


Mijia intelligent remote lock: design

The Mijia smart cabinet lock is made to fit in with any interior - unless, that is, if you have something really specific going on. The lock comes in classic white, is rectangular in shape and quite compact measuring just 3.54 x 2.13 x 0.79 inches. It could be placed on the inside of the drawer and thus will not add any bulk to the surface of your cabinets. There is a logo on the top of the lock saying YEELOCK and there is the lock deck on the front. The edges of the lock are rounded, which we find to be a good idea both in terms of design and safety.

the design of Mijia smart cabinet lock 

Mijia intelligent remote lock: key features

Following are some key features of Mijia intelligent remote lock.

Remote control

This is probably the most important feature of the Mijia intelligent lock and the one that actually makes it smart. This means that after installing the dedicated app, you will be able to lock and unlock the selected cabinets with just a press of a button. Think about it like having an electronic key - the one that's conveniently stored in your phone.

remote control of Mijia intelligent remote lock: 

Temporary unlocking

A good thing about having an electronic key compared to a standard physical key is that you will always have the option of unlocking it even if you are far away. Say, you are using the key for your office drawer or locker and your colleague needs access to what's inside. All you will need to do is allow temporary access to the drawer through the app.

temporary unlocking of Mijia intelligent remote lock 

Bluetooth 4.0

The lock communicates with the app via Bluetooth 4.0, which ensures a speedy connection. According to the company, you will be able to lock/unlock your cabinets in just 1-2 seconds with no physical key involved.

Long lasting batteries

The lock is charged by two AAA batteries, which will last you about two years before a replacement will be needed. You will be able to monitor battery status through the app and there will be a timely reminder before the battery needs to be replaced. If the power does run too low and you forget to replace the batteries, the cabinet door will unlock automatically.

Versatile use

You will be able to use the lock with a variety of cabinet and closet doors and there are no specific compatibility requirements.

versatile use of Mijia intelligent remote lock 

Do you need an intelligent lock?

It's a good question. It's difficult not to get excited about the idea of equipping our homes or offices with all sorts of smart gadgets and having a lock that works with a smartphone is definitely cooler than spending hours overturning your home as you are looking for a key.

Will the intelligent lock save you loads of time on an otherwise timely task? Not really. In fact, some might argue that taking our your phone, starting up an app and pressing a button to unlock your drawer may actually be much more time consuming than using a simple key.

However, there is a lot of potential that comes with having a smart lock. Apart from the convenient features that you will be able to use right away (remote unlocking, temporary key, etc.), the smart lock also has loads of potential within the framework of a smart home and when connected to other equipment.


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