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Home > New Gear > Monclique IPL3000: The best affordable IPL permanent hair removal device
Monclique IPL3000 IPL Hair Removal Device post banner
Monclique IPL3000: The best affordable IPL permanent hair removal device

Monclique IPL3000: The best affordable IPL permanent hair removal device

By  Cheryl Evans 2018-12-10 2520 1

Why do ladies go to beauty salons to have hair removed? Because there is the latest IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology that works miracles in spite it is expensiveness! If only you have an IPL hair removal device which effectively prevents hair regrowth by yourself to save over 900% money! That’s why Monclique IPL3000 IPL hair removal device is born. Make your skin silky-smooth at home, without costly salon treatments!


Monclique IPL3000 IPL Hair Removal Device Light-based Remover for Long-lasting Smooth Skin - WHITE

Monclique IPL3000 IPL Hair Removal Device Light-based Remover for Long-lasting Smooth Skin - WHITE
$69.7 $59.99    


Read this article, and you will be clear about IPL hair removal, how Monclique IPL3000 will help, why it is the best choice so far through side-by-side reviews.

Monclique IPL3000 IPL Hair Removal Device Light 

How does Intense Pulse Light work?

IPL has multiple wavelengths (between 550 and 1,200nm) that scatter within the skin. It works in the same way in which black clothing absorbs heat on hot days. In other words, the IPL light impulses reach the root of the hair, then, pigments of the hair follicle absorb the energy of light, stimulating a 'damaging' effect, inhibiting the root from producing new hair. In this way, you can get amazingly visible results after a few treatment sessions.

multiple wavelengths 

In-depth Hands-on Review

We've got an over $100 hair removal device (referred to X hereafter) from another brand, and tried to compare it with Monclique IPL3000. After having disassembled both devices, we've found five differences:

1. X uses glass flash lamp, IPL3000 uses quartz lamp, and the related energy level;

2. X has 2 capacitive sensors, IPL3000 has 4 on the head;

3. The filters are made of different materials;

4. X only uses two IC chips made in China, IPL3000 uses four imported IC chips;

5. IPL3000 has capacitance induction protection, overheat protection, auto shutdown, whereas, X doesn't.

Light Source And Energy Level

As the light sources are essential, let's have a quick look at the flash lamps.    


Flash Lamp Material
Thermal Endurance
With high thermal endurance, it can endure 1100℃ to 1200℃ temperature, and even up to 1400℃ in a short time.
Electric performance: Quartz features high dielectric strength and low electric conductivity. It is an excellent high-temperature dielectric insulationmaterial.
Optical performance: Quartz is the best material to penetrate the spectrum. Users can randomly choose waveband according to their needs.
200,000 times
Glass only can endure temperature below 600℃. For the IPL hair removal, the temperature will be 600℃, which will easily reduce its lifetime.
Unsatisfactory performance, it is possible to work without releasing energy when the light is emitted.
Several thousand times


Monclique IPL3000 can be used for about 20 times longer, without reduced performance due to high temperature. More importantly, with quartz lamp, it produces stable energy output when the light is emitted, in order to destroy the hair follicle.

Furthermore, the energy from IPL3000 is at least 33.3% more powerful, which means the light can be taken in better by the pigments of the hair, producing a better inhibition effect on hair regrowth. That is to say, within the same period, by using IPL3000, fewer times of hair removal are needed, saving you a lot of effort.


Energy Level 1
Energy Level 2
Energy Level 3
Energy Level 4
Energy Level 5


Make The Most Use Of It

Generally, the light from the flash lamps is harmful for the eye. To avoid the hazard, light only comes out when the head of the IPL device is pressed against the skin, and an IPL hair removal device detects the contact with the help of the capacitive sensor.

the capacitive sensor 

Equipped with 4 capacitive sensors, one in each side, Monclique IPL3000 emits light only when the head fully touches the skin, so no light will leak when it is working, even when it is moved around the joints of your body. In comparison, light will come out when you are operating X, in lack of the sensor on the top and bottom. Wearing a pair of sunglasses is necessary if you're using X.

Thus, IPL3000 is more convenient. More importantly, with it, you won't waste any beams of light but make them all used in hair removal!

Better Control & More Safety

Not all lights are useful in hair removal or skin-friendly, so the unwanted light must be filtered out. X has a filter made of artificial material, capable of removing lights below 475nm; while Monclique IPL3000 has a filter made of natural material, capable of removing lights below 550nm. Because IPL hair removal requires 550nm - 1,200nm lights, choosing the latter will be better.

the filter of Monclique IPL3000  

Moreover, IPL3000 has two more IC chips, and all of high quality to ensure the high performance. Using it is much safer, because of the extra protection that it provides, including capacitance induction protection, overheat protection to protect the skin from excess temperature, and auto shutdown when the device is not in use for over 10 minutes.

two more IC chips 

All things considered, Monclique IPL3000 is better than X.

Advantages Over Its Competitors

How about comparing it with big brands? What are the differences? Let's have a look at the specs and find out more.


Product Photo
Highest-Lowest-Average Price
USD 59.99-79.99-69.99
USD 199.99-269.99-227.99
USD 131.9-161.9-153.9
Power Supply
For Facial Hair
For Body Hair
Energy Level
Switchable from 1-5
Switchable from 1-5
Switchable from 1-5
Energy (J/cm2)
2.0 - 4.3
1.2 - 3.6
2.0 - 4.0
Wavelength (nm)
Light Exposure Protection

4 capacitive sensors
(no light comes out when operating)

1 capacitive sensor
(more light leakage, harmful for eyes)

1 capacitive sensor
(more light leakage, harmful for eyes)

Lamp Material
Energy Head Window Area (cm2)
Lamp Lifetime
200,000 times
100,000 times
50,000 times
Input Voltage
100 - 240V
100 - 240V
100 - 240V


Evidently, Philips SC1981 and Babyliss G932E are dwarfed by the comparison, because Monclique IPL3000 has a much longer lamp lifetime, better protection for eyes, and higher energy to prevent hair regrowth. Apart from that, it is more budget-friendly, saving you a lot of money.

the better performance of Monclique IPL3000 

In conclusion, Monclique IPL3000 IPL hair removal device is the most affordable choice for those who want to have smooth skin. Shave the unwanted hair at first, then, just move Monclique IPL3000 on the skin. Enjoy salon-like, safe, effective, permanent hair removal at home!


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