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Home > New Gear > New Huawei Mate X: The first Huawei foldable mobile is also 5G
New Huawei Mate X: The first Huawei foldable mobile is also 5G

New Huawei Mate X: The first Huawei foldable mobile is also 5G

By  Steve Lowry 2019-04-17 790 0

Few are going to be the big manufacturers that are left out in this 2019 of the new niche market that inaugurate the folding mobile. Phones with a flexible screen capable of becoming both ordinary phones and tablets, and with different proposals depending on who is your builder.



A few days ago we attended the arrival of the Galaxy Fold of Samsung and the first great response has not taken long to occur. On the stage of his presentation at the Mobile World Congress, Huawei has made official the new Huawei Mate X. Its first folding-screen phone, and also one of the first to reach the market. We'll tell you what it's like.

So is the new Huawei Mate X

With this phone, Huawei gets on the train of the folding screens and does it with a device with the folding to the center. A phone with an 8-inch OLED screen that turns into a 6.6-inch front-facing phone and 6.39-inch back once it's folded, with a secondary support screen on the backrest. A mobile that is pretty thin for this type of device.


Once deployed, the new Mate X offers 8 inches without any clipping. We don't have a notch or a hole in the screen. Which means, on the other hand, that when we operate with it in the deployed mode we don't have a frontal camera. To use it, we will have to fold the phone and return it to smartphone mode.


The bending system has up to 100 components, as Huawei explains during its presentation. A system that has been developed over three years and allows the phone to fold over itself without the screen suffering. In addition, the new Mate X has a thickness of 5.49 millimeters when deployed. Folded, is located at 11 millimeters.


Among the advantages quoted by Huawei during the explanation of its new format, the brand emphasizes the simplicity of reading when the phone is deployed, and also in its applications for productivity. The Mate X is also capable of working in split-screen mode, being able to convert each half of its screen into a separate screen for apps.


In the Huawei Mate X There are no front cameras because, as the camera indicates, the rear cameras are used for self-portraits, thanks to the folding of the screen. Also, having a screen in front of our eyes at all times makes not only we can see the photograph we are taking, but also be seen on the other side of the phone.


This camera crew consists of a triple system. 40 megapixel main sensor with wide-angle lens, 16 megapixel second sensor with super wide-angle lens and a third 8-megapixel sensor with a telephoto lens. So, three cameras for the back, and also for the front, of the new Huawei Mate X.

The first of the brand with 5G

Huawei developed long ago, and was in charge of announcing it, a 5G modem for its Kirin processors. This is the Balong 5000 and appears aboard this Huawei Mate X. That assumes that, automatically, the Mate X becomes the first 5G phone of the brand, and also in one more in its catalog with the Kirin 980. The processor already mounted on the latest Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro brand, among others shared with Honor.


With Huawei Modem we can get up to 4, 6Gbps download on the Huawei Mate X on the Sub-6GHz frequency. Always, of course, with coverage of 5G networks, which will depend on each territory and operator. Huawei provides some data, such as the ability to download a 1GB movie in 3 seconds. The Huawei Mate X is also Dual SIM, and we can have connected a 4G SIM card and another 5G. A function that is also dual, so both SIM can be active at the same time.


Speaking of the battery, Huawei announces that the Huawei Mate X will count not only with 4,500 mAh battery but also with the new Huawei supercharge, which reaches the 55W on the Chinese manufacturer's new device. The new supercharge is capazz to charge 85% of the Mate X in just 30 minutes.

Huawei Matte X Versions and prices

Huawei has taken charge of counting on the stage of the Mobile World Congress when it plans to distribute its new Huawei Mate X. The Chinese manufacturer's 5G foldable phone will come with 8GB of RAM and 512GB capacity for 2,299 euros. The phone will be available in the middle of the year 2019.

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