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Home > New Gear > Next Big Thing | Bionic Drones in 2017 set to dominate
Next Big Thing | Bionic Drones in 2017 set to dominate

Next Big Thing | Bionic Drones in 2017 set to dominate

By  GB Blog Official 2017-02-10 3727 41

Bionic drones or animal-like drones are revolutionizing our understanding of traditional remote control drones, and transforming the possibilities.

From birds in the sky or fish under the sea, the latest generation of drones have taken inspiration from nature itself – what unprecedented changes and surprise can we expect for this year?

As you will have undoubtedly noticed, the vast majority of drones available in the market are designed without any kind of modelling, they are simply assembled as drones with the same standard, repeated design.

bionic designed drones Furibee F90

But recently we discovered an exciting company located in the world’s tech capital, Shenzhen, which has embarked on an intriguing new path: its R&D focuses specifically on bionic designed drones and this approach has predictably generated significant interest and attention from international consumers.

To give you a better idea, let's check out a short video.

Grasshopper F210 Racing Drone

Inheriting the design characteristics of the grasshopper, not even a single blade of grass grows wherever the grasshopper travels.

The same principle applies to the Grasshopper F210 racing drone, infused with an indomitable spirit and domineering vigor without comparison. As soon as I saw this drone, one word immediately came to mind: AWESOME.

The reason is clear. The Grasshopper F210 was developed in tandem with HMM, a professional drone racer, who worked closely with the design and manufacture of this bad boy.

Grasshopper F210 racing drone

Based on the test results, the F210 reached a maximum flying speed up to a mindboggling 230km/h  (143mp/h) which is faster than most commercially available cars on the road. Whether this is true or not, one thing's for sure: this is one seriously turbo-charged locust. From the video, you can see that the F210 has insane integral stability with a similarly smooth flight regardless whether it’s turning or rolling over.

Furibee F90

This cool looking wasp is not only perfect for outdoor lovers, it's also the master of indoor flying!

With the winter season firmly here, the mercury might be dropping but this drone is staying red-hot: enjoy the pleasure of racing drones indoor with your friends!

The integrated FPV design is a mainstay of the market, however a number of low power small racing drones suffer from unstable and inconsistent FPV signals due to obstructions. But as we can see, the Furibee F90 is quite different from other products. The feed is rock solid with barely any artifacts visible, thanks to the hard work and commitment of the manufacturer in solving this problem.

Furibee F90

Both drones are standout examples of smart design done right. GearBest is thrilled at the virtually unlimited possibilities of game-changing drones entering the market. Keep an eye on this space for future updates!

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