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Home > New Gear > Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Review
Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Review

Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Review

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-09-16 5463 0

Smart Home will again be a major topic at this year's IFA. This area also includes so-called Smart Locks such as Danalock or Nuki. In our team meanwhile three out of five are on the road with the Nuki lock and also very satisfied, because it integrates itself into Apple's HomeKit, Alexa and Co. Now let’s see the Nuki Opener together.

Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 

Nuki Opener: Design

Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 

There is not so much to say about the scope of delivery of the opener, in the typical Nuki black box you will find a manual, the opener itself, a screwdriver and a combined connection cable.

Nuki doesn't make any big leaps in design either, or better said, stays with the tried and tested. The opener looks as if one had sat down on a Nuki bridge. A black flat cuboid with rounded corners, a built-in loudspeaker and a button in the middle. Behind a small hole hides the LED, which shows the status of the device and also gives a short message for other actions.

What bothers me a bit is the following: The opener is intended to take a seat next to the intercom system, i.e. on the wall. Typically, walls are either white or colorful, but rarely black. But the opener is black and doesn't fit into the picture at all. Who wants to glue a black cuboid to the wall? In my opinion, Nuki could offer interchangeable shells or bring the Nuki Opener onto the market in white. This fact already bothered me with the Nello One.

Nuki Opener: Furnishings

Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 

Before you buy a Nuki Opener, you should definitely check the compatibility of Nuki. There you can enter your intercom model and get information if the opener is compatible or not.

The opener is powered by four AAA batteries, if they need to be replaced, the Nuki app will let you know. Alternatively you can use the device with a micro-USB cable. To or fro: There is no power drawn from the house circuit, so you don't have to ask the landlord if you are allowed to install or not. But you have to be aware: If something should break during the installation, you have to pay for it.

The setup is relatively simple on paper. You open the app and select the Nuki Opener from the menu. From then on the app will guide you through the installation. First you have to open the intercom, be careful not to unscrew any parts of the case.

Now the holder of the intercom has to be screwed loosely, just enough so that you can push the cable of the opener behind it. In the app you choose the appropriate intercom system. Then Nuki will give you the appropriate circuit.

Pull the cable apart so that the wires can be led individually to the appropriate terminals. Depending on the circuit you clamp the cables to the right place, the opener can be attached to the wall with screws or with an adhesive pad attached to the back.

If the circuit is correct, insert the plug of the cable into the opener and close the intercom again. The opener is connected to the bridge at the push of a button so that Smart Lock, Bridge and Opener can work together.

Now the test of the configuration follows, also here the app leads you through the process. To check that everything is working properly, go down to the front door and press the Open button in the app. Now it's time to keep your fingers crossed. Ideally open the door. Now test the "Ring-to-Open" function. Ring the bell once and the opener opens the door.

Unfortunately this was not the case with me. It turned out that I have a special version of the intercom from Elvox. We were able to clarify this with the support and a new circuit diagram was quickly prepared for me. Now the opener works perfectly.

Nuki Opener: Using experience 

Nuki Opener: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0​ 

Once you have finished the installation, the opener can be used already. If you've already installed the Nello One, you'll feel right at home with the Nuki product, because even the Austrians didn't reinvent the wheel. But let's start all over again.

The opener finally lets you into your home without a key, and there are several ways to do that.

By default, however, the Ring To Open function is activated. This means that if you are within 50 metres of your front door, all you need to do is ring the doorbell and the buzzer will be activated.

As usual for Nuki, the opener also offers a user management feature where you can give your family members either unlimited or time-limited access to the front door. There's also a permanent mode that opens the front door every time the doorbell rings, no matter who rings. The button on the opener can also be assigned various actions. If you press this button once, the Ring To Open function will be activated or deactivated. If you tap twice, the continuous mode is switched on or off.

A rather practical function of the opener is the time-controlled opening of the front door. This is especially useful if family members always come home in the same period or you get a period of parcel services to deliver your package. This requires a parking permit and a lot of trust in your neighbors. Nello wanted to cover the problem of potential theft through cooperation with large insurance companies.

My son always comes home from school shortly after four. I set the timer to ring and the door opens directly. Via the keypad or his fob, he can also get into the apartment upstairs. While we are at Fob. This or a keypad can also be connected to the opener. The problem with this is that the distance from the front door to the Nuki bridge means that the whole thing won't work because the Bluetooth connection isn't available or not stable, unless you live on the ground floor.

There are two more functions that I would like to mention here. Among other things, the device can also suppress ringing. By default, this is the case with Ring-To-Open and in continuous mode. You can also adjust the opener so that the ringing of your intercom is always muted and the Nuki product emits a sound via the loudspeaker instead. This works with normal doorbells, app opening, ring to open and continuous mode. In the app you have the choice of three different tones, also the volume can be adjusted.

In the activity log you can see all actions at your front door clearly arranged and chronologically.


I have been using the opener for a few weeks now and am very satisfied. All mentioned functions work smoothly and if you know the Nuki app, you know that it is constantly developed and maintained. In my opinion, the Austrian company has done a better job than the German startup Nello, but it has to be said that Nuki offers the better combination and the all-in-one package with the lock, KeyPad and the like.

If there's anything to complain about, it's the size and the fact that the opener as a black box doesn't really look nice on a white wall. If you think that the opener could be the right gadget for your home country, you can buy it for 99 Euro at Nuki soon.

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