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Home > New Gear > OPPO R17 Pro camera performance: ultra clear night shot lives up to expectations
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OPPO R17 Pro camera performance: ultra clear night shot lives up to expectations

OPPO R17 Pro camera performance: ultra clear night shot lives up to expectations

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-24 2453 0

Recently, the photographer put a group of photos shot by OPPO R17 Pro on the internet, cause many fans to respond accordingly, sharing various stories under the night and feeling the brilliance of the night.

An excellent photo shot at night requires brightness, details, color and imaging stability, and the R17 Pro can perfectly done. First, the R17 Pro uses a F2.4 and F1.5 variable-aperture design and full-pixel dual-core focusing of the outsole sensor to reduce noise and effectively increase the brightness of the pictures. Second, the R17 Pro supports RAW HDR capabilities to fully enrich backlight photographing details. In the aspect of color demand, the AI super clean engine technology can be used to provide a colorful program provide . The OIS optical image stabilization technology can guarantee the image's stability, perfectly presenting the night "living phase".

the night view of OPPO R17 Pro 

This is a photograph of a fruit hawker taken by a photographer. The light is a bit dim, but the picture presented is very clear and highly restored. Even the dark details of the projection are very clear. This is because the OPPO R17 Pro supports RAW HDR function, compared to traditional HDR photo Sensor to capture images form the RAW data compression processing directly after synthetic methods, RAW synthetic HDR directly using the original RAW data, and to avoid the data loss caused by compression processing, make the resulting HDR photos with more details, better reduction degree, even when photographing figures highlighted background can make it clear and rich administrative levels feels. The AI engine can identify 21 types of independent scenes and up to 800 combinations of scenes. When taking photos with the R17 Pro, the mobile phone will choose the plan that best matches the current scene and get better photo effects.

the picture of a fruit hawker 

In the second picture, the multicolored balloons under the night are extremely tension. The OPPO R17 Pro has the function of AI super clear engine, in which the color engine can adjust the color from a single pixel by reconstructing the global color, so as to improve the color expression in different scenes and make the night shot more transparency and layering.

the picture of multicolored balloons 

Netizens are also starting to show their photos, in the riverside square at night, the autumn wind slowly, with their own shadow to a tai chi competition, experience physical and mental training, is also a special interest. It is only the brightness of the moon, the brightness has been improved to a certain extent, and the clear distinction between people and shadow. That's because the OPPO R17 Pro uses full-pixel dual-core focus of the outsole sensor, and the main photography has a 1.4 larger pixel size and a 1/2.55 larger sensor size, increasing the amount of incoming light. It also supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, with the maximum focusing speed up to 0.03 seconds, which is fast and good at increasing the light and brightness of the picture.

the picture of distinction between people and shadow. 

In the night scene of Shanghai shooting still life night scene, there is no need to stand, and the night scene of Huangpu River taken by netizens with their hands can effectively avoid the common problems such as jitter, blurry photos, etc. The buildings and reflections in the river are clearly reflected. Holding pattern is through the ordinary camera to shoot more photos synthetic approach to raising the sample performance, easy to be taken when the virtual shadow problems caused by the "shake", while the R17 Pro introduced OIS optical image stabilization technology in the handheld work, start with the hardware to reduce the "shake", and through continuous debugging, exposure duration and number of optimal solutions, let the user can press the shutter in just one or two seconds after get clear night scene pictures.

the picture of Shanghai night scene

Below, in the center of the picture is a lighted incense, which tells the peace and loneliness of the author. Still life images in the photos are stable, well - structured and have low noise. OPPO R17 Pro uses the F2.4/F1.5 smart aperture to automatically open the F1.5 large aperture in the dark environment to improve the module's incoming light, thereby reducing the ISO exposure, making sure imaging stability and reducing noise points.

the picture of a lighted incense, 

Night stories are lively or lonely. OPPO R17 Pro can clearly record the joys, sorrows and thoughts of the night, seal this memory, and feel the temperature and beauty of the night.

the OPPO R17 Pro in the night


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