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Home > New Gear > PC companion | Alfawise V1 RGB backlight mechanical keyboard
PC companion | Alfawise V1 RGB backlight mechanical keyboard

PC companion | Alfawise V1 RGB backlight mechanical keyboard

By  GB Blog Official 2017-04-05 3812 28

This is a review of the Alfawise V1 Spanish mechanical keyboard typed on Alfawise V1 Spanish mechanical keyboard. Yep, I am that committed.

Alfawise V1 mechanical keyboard review

Available on the market for quite some time now, the Alfawise V1 mechanical keyboard features stunning RGB backlighting, unique Spanish layout and tried-and-true blue switches.

In my humble opinion, the Alfawise V1’s main appeal is its versatility: with superior tactile feedback, error free key strokes, Spanish layout and blue switches, the keyboard is suitable for both gaming and typing, especially those whose native language is Spanish. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or an avid typist, you are sure to appreciate the abundance of thoughtful features this mechanical keyboard has to offer.

Pros Cons

Sleek design

Great mechanical blue switches

Extensive backlighting options

Thoughtful key placement

No key ghosting

× Pricey

× Only one USB port

× Desk hog

× Too loud for some people

Alfawise V1 Overview

I used a membrane keyboard before I got to try this Alfawise V1 mechanical keyboard. My first impressions of Alfawise V1 are positive. I like the mechanical feel, how the lights flash when I connect it to my computer, its sleek design and intense black color, outfitted with 105 tactile keys in total.

Alfawise V1 Overview

Made from ABS, Alfawise V1 is every bit as robust as its competitors. Its durability is aided by a braided cable, ensuring that it will not get tangled with other wires around the back of your gaming rig, though it was disappointing to find only one USB connector where some competitors offer two.

Alfawise V1 cable

You can adjust the height of the keyboard for your convenience using the tabs at the back, it will also stand steady on your desk thanks to its non-slip rubber feet.

Alfawise V1 tabs for adjusting height

105 Mechanical Blue Switches - Just My Type

Ready for any use case scenario, the blue switches are characterized by tactile solid-feeling, satisfying audible key click, optimal key travel distance, and ultra-fast responsiveness. They are rated at up to 50 million keystrokes, with a trigger distance of 2.4mm, actuation force of 60g, producing a great - albeit noisy - typing sensation. It is an ideal choice for day-to-day typing or gaming. The blue version key action is just wonderful, and my personal favorite - it makes my fingers sing when pressing these keys.

Alfawise V1 Mechanical Blue Switches

There are other switch options available at GearBest - brown, red or black switches. These color-coded switches offer different characteristics and typing experience. If you are not sure which type to go for, check out our post on how to find the right mechanical keyboard switch for a few helpful tips that just might help you decide.

Gorgeous RGB Backlight

Alfawise V1 offers preloaded eye-catching RGB backlighting effects and patterns - 13 LED lighting modes with adjustable brightness, truly excellent.

Alfawise V1 RGB Backlight

(The lighting effect in this picture is just for reference, there are more lighting modes in actual product.)

You will appreciate it even more if you are into neon colors and special effects–it is simply mesmerizing to look at. You can turn your keyboard into something rivaling a fireworks display, with options to have lights ripple away from your fingertips with every key press, or to glitter like stars, or to break into all the colors of the rainbow. If you are not in for a light show, the back lighting is perfect for highlighting the needed keys for low-light gaming or typing.

Alfawise V1 neon colors and special effects

The best thing about the keyboard's lighting is that you can use it and adjust the colors without any software. Simply use the combination of FN and Ins keys. To adjust the color in each lighting mode, just press FN and DELETE keys at the same time. To adjust the brightness level–use the FN key in combo with the UP and DOWN arrows.

Wonderful Gaming Experience

The Alfawise V1 mechanical keyboard takes the gaming experience to a new level. Tactile, responsive mechanical keys put you in total control of the game.

The basic functions - volume control, search, calculation, multimedia play/previous/next/stop and various shortcuts - can be found from the F1 to F12 media keys. Aside from that, some other keys worth mentioning are the five "G keys" or macro keys. The macro keys (with dedicated LED backlights informing you when game modes is starting) is not only useful for MMO players, but also there are some unexpected uses for casual gamers. They are ideal for FPS, CF, COD, LOL and QQ race games --- just use the FN key to easily switch between gaming presets, with their relevant game-specific keys backlit.

Alfawise V1 Wonderful Gaming Experience

The windows/app lock key is a highlight in this Alfawise V1 gaming mechanical keyboard, which enables and disables the Windows key next to the ALT buttons – use the FN key along with the Windows key to enable/disable it. This prevents you from jumping out of the game by pressing of the button accidentally (which brings you back to the desktop/home screen) during game play.

Another dedicated gaming feature is full N-Key Rollover. You can press several gaming keys at the same time to fire off spells and switch weapons in a snap during the PC game playing, thus honing skills and winning games easily.

Five Game Modes Settings

FN + 1 = G1 for FPS, A / S / D / W / ↑ / ↓ / ← / → / ESC are backlit.

FN + 1 = G1 for FPS

FN + 2 = G2 for CF, A / S / D / W / Ctrl / Shift / Alt / Space / R / G / Q / E / V / 1-5 / Tab / F1-F3 / Home / End / Page Up / Page Down are backlit.

FN + 2 = G2 for CF

FN + 3 = G3 for COD, Q / W / E / R / T / A / S / D / F / G / C / V / 1-7 / Ctrl / Shift are backlit.

FN + 3 = G3 for COD

FN + 4 = G4 for LOL, Q / W / E / R / A / S / D / F / 1-7 are backlit.

FN + 4 = G4 for LOL

FN + 5 = G5 for QQ race, W / R / A / S / D / Ctrl / Shift / Alt ↑ / ↓ / ← / → are backlit.

FN + 5 = G5 for QQ race

Once you get the hang of the five game modes, your gaming experience is sure to be smooth and easy - with everything you need in place.

Final Verdict

If you are a serious gamer, the well-engineered feature-rich Alfawise V1 mechanical keyboard is definitely worth its weight. Be prepared to drop a hefty sum of $43.31 and get used to some pretty loud typing - quite understandable for this type of keyboard.

From its minimalist design, sleek and modern appearance, responsive, tactile blue switches all the way to its attractive RGB backlight and robust game modes, the Alfawise V1 is truly a long-lasting, comfortable and tricked-out PC companion.

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