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Home > New Gear > Powerbeats Pro VS. Powerbeats 3: design, features, control, battery, sound quality, connection
Powerbeats Pro VS. Powerbeats 3: design, features, control, battery, sound quality, connection

Powerbeats Pro VS. Powerbeats 3: design, features, control, battery, sound quality, connection

By  Daniel Camilo 2019-05-20 5051 1

After the acquisition of Beats by Dre by Apple, we all wonder where Beats would go. This new stage brought us the Powerbeats Pro, a totally wireless headphones. Now they must face the tradition and seal of the brand, especially the popular Powerbeats 3, so we decided to compare the Powerbeats Pro vs. Powerbeats 3 to verify the differences between both devices.

To put it in some way, the Powerbeats 3 was the first Beats products to bear the seal of Apple, when using the same W1 chip of the first AirPods. Of course, it is the only similarity. The Powerbeats 3 are designed for exercise, emit very heavy bass and, unlike AirPods, are linked by a cable.

With the new Powerbeats Pro, Apple took full ownership of the Beats brand, creating a pair of totally wireless, slimmer, smart headphones, ready to be a real alternative to Beats AirPods 2. Although $ 250 dollars are a great investment, during our tests they suffered some connection problems. We compared the Powerbeats Pro vs. Powerbeats 3, which you can now obtain at a good price, to help you decide which device is right for you.

Powerbeats Pro and 3 Design and adjustment

Considering that both have the same Beats origin, there are many similarities in the basic design of Powerbeats Pro vs. PowerBeats 3. They have a hook to keep fit the earphones when you exercise, offer a basic resistance to water, with an IPX4 rating for the Powerbeats Pro, and carry the family strip with the Beats logo on the outside.

Powerbeats Pro design

However, there the similarities end. The Powerbeats Pro is completely wireless, so there is no connection between both hearing aids. Unlike the rubber case of the Powerbeats 3 that only serves to save them, the Pro comes with a hard case that allows you to recharge them, offering more than 24 hours of playback. Although the box might be a bit big for your pockets, the battery of the Pro headphones is already quite durable.

With the Apple H1 chip inside, the Powerbeats Pro allows you to access Siri through iOS devices and even, unlike traditional wireless headphones (or many completely wireless), if you wish you can use only one, prefacing the I spend the life of your battery.

You can not explain how easy it is to not have a cable between your headphones until you try it, but suffice to say that it is a real luxury. The Pro is also 20% lighter. They tend to feel a little uncomfortable after a whole day of listening: the hooks help keep the hearing aids in your ears, but they are not exactly comfortable at the third or fourth hour of use.

Powerbeats Pro and 3 Features and controls

As you might guess, that Powerbeats 3 are connected with a cable means that they use the three-button microphone along with the band that connects most hearing aids. The three-button configuration is familiar, simple and easy to use. However, also an obstacle when you are in motion, and frankly, the one that comes connected to Powerbeats 3 feels a bit flimsy.

Powerbeats 3 Features and controls

For their part, the Powerbeats Pro offer duplicate controls on each hearing aid, including a multifunction key and volume control. Both are quite accessible with both hands, making it easy to use a single hearing aid when you need it. In general, they are quite intuitive and are very sensitive, so you' ll have to be careful when adjusting them. Just like AirPods, if you remove one of the headphones during playback, the audio stops automatically. It also has an accelerometer puts them at rest after a few minutes without use. With Siri, you can perform basic controls with your voice but, of course, only with an iOS device.

Powerbeats Pro and 3 Battery duration

While the Powerbeats Pro case is difficult to carry in your pocket, its 9 hours of playback per charge equals or surpasses almost all pairs of wireless hearing aids. With two recharges in your case you will have 24 hours of total reproduction, as well as a fast charge that in just 15 minutes will give you an additional 4.5 hours.

Powerbeats Pro Battery duration

For its part, the 12 hours of battery life of the Powerbeats 3 are also impressive. Of course, it does not have a wireless charging case and the micro USB connection means that the fast charging is not like that of the Powerbeats Pro. However, whenever you charge them every two days, they should have enough capacity.

Powerbeats Pro and 3 Sound quality

As for the sound quality, there is no doubt: Powerbeats Pro takes the victory. Its bass is more refined and, in general, it is more musical in Powerbeats Pro. Also, the Powerbeats Pro combines the lower end with clear and impressively detailed higher frequencies that focus on the upper middle range.

This allows a great instrumental separation, allowing each to occupy its own space and, in the process, also translates into a more solid dynamic expression. This may not be so relevant if the only reason to use your Beats is your daily jog, but there is no doubt that the sound is much better in the Powerbeats Pro.

Powerbeats Pro Sound quality

Powerbeats Pro and 3 Connection

While the Powerbeats Pro is superior to the Powerbeats 3 in virtually every respect, one area in which they surprisingly had problems in our tests was the reliability of the connection. The first pair we tested showed multiple cuts in both a workout and while walking through the center. With the second pair that Apple sent us it was better, but still suffered some intermittent problems, especially with the phone in a back pocket.

As for Powerbeats 3, we had no problem. Of course, it is much easier for a pair of connected hearing aids to be more reliable.

General result Powerbeats pro VS. powerbeats 3

If you are looking for the best in sound, comfort and virtually all functions, and are willing to bet that you will not suffer the connection problems we had, Powerbeats Pro is the clear winner. But if you're worried about the stability of the connection and want to save some money, you should opt for Powerbeats 3.

Of course, there are also excellent alternatives to those developed by Apple, many of which can be found in our list of the best wireless headphones.


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