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Home > New Gear > Qualcomm 865 running points released for the first time in the world:AnTuTu 560000
Qualcomm 865 running points released for the first time in the world:AnTuTu 560000

Qualcomm 865 running points released for the first time in the world:AnTuTu 560000

By  Beltran Cignetti 2020-02-03 1443 28

Seizing the tail of 2019, Qualcomm announced on December 4th the launch of the Snapdragon865 mobile platform, which combines 5G modems and RF systems, and continues to lead the industry in data processing. There is no doubt that Qualcomm's Snapdragon865 platform will be the first choice for most Android flagship phones in 2020 and will play an important role in promoting the popularity of 5G phones.

From the current news released by manufacturers, we can see that 5G mobile phones will be everywhere in 2020. 5G platform can be seen from thousand yuan machine to high-end machine, Android machine to iPhone, and among Android machines, Qualcomm Snapdragon865 is one of the most concerned 5G platforms. Of course, we can't measure the performance of a mobile platform without the running software. Let's test its actual performance from multiple dimensions through the Qualcomm 865 prototype.

Brief introduction of Qualcomm 8655G Mobile platform: efforts to bring together 10000 Engineers

As the industry's leading 5G mobile platform, Snapdragon865 provides a peak rate of 7.5Gbps with SnapdragonX55 5G modem and RF system, which is the world's first commercial modem-to-antenna 5G solution that supports 5G PowerSave, Smart Transmit technology, broadband envelope tracking technology and Signal Boost, to support wider network coverage, faster data transmission and all-day battery life.

As a 5G mobile platform built by more than 10, 000 engineers, Qualcomm Snapdragon865 naturally has unparalleled performance advantages on the 5G network, making it the most advanced 5G mobile platform in the industry. The 5G global solution supports all key regions and major frequency bands, including millimeter waves and the TDD and FDD bands below 6 GHz. In addition, it also supports non-independent (NSA) and independent (SA) networking mode, dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), global 5G roaming, and supports multiple SIM cards. In addition to the 5G connection, Snapdragon865 is redefining Wi-Fi 6 performance and the Bluetooth audio experience through the FastConnect 6800 Mobile Connect subsystem.

A large number of Wi-Fi 6 feature innovations can help users take full advantage of high-speed (near-1.8Gbps) and low latency, even when there are many terminals competing for network resources in a crowded network environment. The FastConnect 6800 is also one of the first products to receive Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification. In addition to support for aptX Adaptive and TrueWireless Stereo Plus, Snapdragon865's newly introduced aptX Voice makes it the first mobile platform to wirelessly support Bluetooth Ultra Wideband Voice (SWB- Super Wide Band)), providing not only clearer sound quality, but also longer battery life, higher link stability and lower latency for wireless headphones and earplugs.

In addition, the fifth-generation artificial intelligence engine AI Engine and the new sensor hub (Sensing Hub) bring a smarter and more personalized experience than previous platforms, while the built-in Spectra 480 ISP has processing speeds of up to 2 billion pixels per second, creating more possibilities for photo and video shooting, ISP processing speeds of up to 2 billion pixels per second, and support for new shooting features and functions. Users can shoot 4K HDR videos with 1 billion colors, 8K videos, or photos up to 200 million pixels.

With 960 fps unlimited HD slow-motion video shooting, users can also take full advantage of gigapixel processing speed to capture every millisecond detail. At the same time, Snapdragon865 implements the (Dolby Vision) video shooting feature of Dolby Horizon on the mobile platform for the first time, supporting the creation of HDR gorgeous videos that can be used on large screens. Not only that, with the joint support of gigapixel high-speed ISP and the fifth generation AI Engine, the terminal can quickly and intelligently identify backgrounds, portraits and objects, thus taking truly customized photos according to different use cases.

AnTuTu running score test: 565637  

AnTuTu running score test is the most common test software seen by domestic consumers, the test content is more comprehensive, to a certain extent reflects the hardware performance of the terminal platform, and this time the score of Qualcomm Snapdragon865 platform is 565637.



Summary of achievements:

Powerful CPU and GPU provide excellent processing power for the next generation of flagship terminals, including. The performance improvement of the Kryo 585 CPU is up to 25%, while the overall performance of the Adreno 650 GPU is 25% higher than that of the previous Snapdragon855. .

From the figure, we can see that the frequency of the eight cores is changing dynamically. Through the coordination and collocation of the eight cores, we can achieve the optimization of performance and achieve the purpose of high performance and low power consumption.

The score of Geekbench: is 929 in single core and 3445 in multi-core  

We often use Geekbench software to measure the computing performance of CPU, and this time Qualcomm Snapdragon865's data performance is as good as ever.

The performance improvement of Qualcomm Snapdragon865 platform in single core and multi-core is 929% and 3445%, respectively. The performance improvement of Kryo 585 CPU is up to 25%, which is 1 2.84GHz super core, 3 2.4GHz performance cores, and 4 1.8GHz energy efficiency cores.

Four of the performance cores are based on the Cortex-A77 architecture, while the other four energy efficiency cores are based on the Cortex-A55 architecture.

GFXbenchmark: game-level forward rendering, GPU supports new hardware embedding features  

The test software GFXbenchmark can better reflect the performance of GPU. Through the test results, we can see that Qualcomm Snapdragon865 platform can provide first-class game quality and maintain high fluency.

Summary of achievements:

Taking advantage of the highest graphics quality supported by the new generation of Elite Gaming, Snapdragon865 opens a new top-level feature implemented by mobile terminals for the first time and will provide a super-smooth gaming experience. Snapdragon865 is the first mobile platform to support end-game-level forward rendering (Desktop Forward Rendering) on the Android platform. This feature allows game developers to introduce end-game-level light sources and post-processing to create a new level of realistic mobile game experience.

In addition, after OEM manufacturers provided Adreno GPU updatable drivers, Snapdragon865 for the first time enabled users to download drivers directly from the App Store on mobile terminals, allowing players to control graphics driver updates and GPU settings, thus enabling head games to achieve top performance. Such a move for the new flagship mobile phone, through the continuous optimization of the GPU to better match the game.

Snapdragon865 also supports 144Hz display refresh rate on mobile terminals for the first time, providing higher quality display and visual fidelity for mobile HDR games; surreal enhanced picture quality (Game Color Plus) improves game picture quality through more detail, higher color saturation and local tone mapping. After all, this is the first time to support 144Hz display refresh rate on mobile terminals, providing a smooth visual experience for more mobile games and making you more relaxed when playing games. At present, many games have supported high frame rate mode, such as the well-known "Game for Peace" (90Hz) and so on.

At present, Snapdragon game performance engine (Game Performance Engine) supports game-oriented millisecond optimization, and its adaptive, predictable real-time system tuning can help achieve a sustained, stable and high-performance game experience for a longer period of time. The new Adreno 650s GPU supports new hardware embedding features, such as Adreno HDR Fast Hybrid (Adreno HDR Fast Blend), which optimizes heavily mixed game scenes commonly used in complex particle systems and renderings, and achieves up to twice the performance improvement compared to Qualcomm's Snapdragon855 platform in some operations.

AI Evaluation of an AnTuTu: 461532  

AnTuTu AIreview is one of the few software to test the performance of mobile terminal AI, and the fifth generation AI Engine is a major upgrade of Qualcomm Snapdragon865. It also gets a high score of 461531 in the test.

The excellent performance supported by the fifth-generation AI Engine and the new AI software toolkit will help create the latest level of shooting, audio and gaming experience. The fifth-generation AI Engine can achieve up to 15 trillion operations per second (15 TOPS), AI has twice the performance of the fourth-generation artificial intelligence engine AI Engine.

The new Hexagon Tensor Accelerator is the core of AI Engine, its TOPS performance is four times that of the previous Tensor Accelerator, and the energy efficiency of running Tensor Accelerator 2 is improved by 35%. It can provide support for real-time translation based on AI, that is, mobile phones can translate users' voice into foreign language text and voice in real time. In addition to AI Engine, the new sensor hub (Sensing Hub) allows the terminal to perceive the surrounding situation with very low power consumption.

High-precision voice detection ensures that popular voice assistants can clearly and accurately accept user instructions, while enhanced always-on sensors and intelligent voice recognition further take context-aware AI to a whole new level.

Not only that, neural processing SDK, Hexagon NN Direct and AI Model Enhancer tools have also been upgraded to enable developers to build faster and smarter applications with a high degree of freedom and flexibility.

More running scores  






From the running data, we can see that Qualcomm Snapdragon865 platform has strong data processing performance, and supports more new features in AI, games and other aspects, which need to be explored by developers. This is Qualcomm's latest flagship 5G mobile platform, which combines advanced SnapdragonX55 5G modems and RF systems, has industry-leading data processing capabilities, and will undoubtedly become the first choice for most Android flagship 5G phones in 2020 and play an important role in promoting the popularity of 5G phones.

According to the information received so far, In the first quarter of 2020, the first Android phones running on Qualcomm's Snapdragon865 platform will be released. In the future, new products will cover domestic and overseas brands. I believe they will meet with us soon.

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