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Home > New Gear > Raspberry Pi 4: release date, features and rumors
Raspberry Pi 4: release date, features and rumors

Raspberry Pi 4: release date, features and rumors

By  Jordan Hobbs 2019-05-13 4590 0

Model 3B + began to be sold in March 2018. Still, Raspberry Pi 3B +, although it has become more powerful, it is still not a new version of the single-board device, but only an improvement on the old one. Therefore, the electronics community is still awaiting another model - the Raspberry Pi 4.  

 Raspberry Pi 4


● When should Raspberry Pi 4 be released

● What features can Raspberry Pi 4 have?

●​ Raspberry Pi 4 rumors that you shouldn’t trust

When should Raspberry Pi 4 be released?

Officially, the release date of the Raspberry Pi 4 has not yet been announced. But it can be approximately calculated independently. Prior to that, between releases took 1-2 years. This time there is some delay - more than 30 months have passed since the release of the third "Raspberry".

But it can be easily explained. Both the original version and the 3B + model now more or less satisfy the needs of electronics engineers. At the same time, the new Raspberry Pi should be quite different from what is already there. Therefore, the answer to the question: when will Raspberry Pi 4 - in the 2019-2020 year.

What features can Raspberry Pi 4 have?

The characteristics of the Raspberry Pi 4 are also unknown. But they can again be predicted. Most likely, the new "Malina" will receive an 8-core processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. Why exactly?

8-core processors and 2 gigabytes of RAM are iron, which is now relatively inexpensive, and in the coming years it will become even cheaper, since smartphones already lack this power, and the manufacturers in warehouses have a large amount of corresponding iron need to somehow implement.

 Raspberry Pi 4

On the other hand, for Raspberry, 2 gigabytes and 8 CPU cores are more than enough. So, Linux and applications for the respective systems run directly on it, and not under the Java virtual machine. At the same time, in contrast to the same Android, the operating systems for Raspberry Pi are not very demanding and, moreover, they can be flexibly configured.

The network has information that the new Raspberry will be 4 gigabytes of RAM. But this, rather, users wishful thinking. It is extremely unlikely that the developers of the single-sided device will make such a sharp jump in their product. And there is absolutely no point in including the corresponding volume, since it will not be claimed by many. In addition, installing 4 gigabytes of RAM will make the single-board device much more expensive. Then it will cost more than 50 dollars. And the main feature of the "Raspberry" is just that the price of almost every version of it is $ 35.

Now that concerns the interfaces. The developer will most likely not change the following in Raspberry Pi 4:

● the number of GPIO pins - there are still 40;

● the number of USB ports will also remain the same - 4 pieces;

●​ WiFi will work according to the same standard.

The only possibility is that USB 3.0 will be present in the new raspberry, and not 2.0, as in the 3B + model. But this is still in question. Also, most likely, an updated version of Bluetooth will be installed in the Raspberry Pi 4.

 Raspberry Pi 4

The likelihood that a single motherboard will acquire its permanent memory is also very low. First, it will lead to higher prices for the product, and, secondly, it will make it less comfortable to use. Although microSD cards are relatively slow, they still give the user plenty of room. So, you can take a few flash drives and write on each of them a certain distribution. In the case of permanent memory this will be more difficult.

Raspberry Pi 4 rumors that you shouldn’t trust

Due to the fact that the update does not come out for so long, there are many rumors on the upcoming news on the forums. Some of them look rather strange, but for some reason certain users trust them.

The first is the installation of 4 gigabytes of RAM. This will not happen for the reason already mentioned. The second is the inclusion of artificial intelligence functions. This assumption arose from the fact that the Raspberry Pi Foundation some time ago began to cooperate with Google. But how exactly such functionality will be included in the system is difficult to explain. Most likely, for Raspberry Pi 4, a full-fledged official version of Android will simply appear.Fourth - the appearance of several modifications with different types of processors. 

In particular, it is said that the new "Malin" will have a CPU on x86 architecture. This is very unlikely, since such processors have many restrictions on use in devices as compact as Raspberry Pi.

What exactly will be Raspberry Pi 4, only time will tell. But do not expect a new technological breakthrough from the new model. It will certainly be better than its predecessors, but no more.



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