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Home > New Gear > Redmi AirDots was released: a true wireless earbuds priced at just $15
Redmi AirDots was released: a true wireless earbuds priced at just $15

Redmi AirDots was released: a true wireless earbuds priced at just $15

By  Linky Johnson 2019-03-19 8171 1

As a Bluetooth earphone, it is really a good deal for $15, but the overall texture of the Redmi AirDots Bluetooth earbuds does not give people a cheap feeling. Both the charging box and the earphone body are made of plastic material, and the frosting processed texture is anti-fingerprint.

Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset inherits the consistent simple design style, using a round and compact design. You can see Xiaomi's LOGO on the body shell. Redmi AirDots uses magnetic suction opening and closing mode to ensure the tightness of the charging box cover. The magnetic attraction is moderate, which not only ensures that the lid can not be thrown off, but also can be opened by one hand.

Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset  

Redmi AirDots'charging box is charged by microUSB data line. Official data show that Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset can achieve 4 hours of listening time when using headphones alone. If used with charging box, it can accumulate 12 hours of using time.

Open the charging box and we can see the Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset. Redmi AirDots is ergonomically designed and comes with a soft silicone ear cap, which greatly reduces the discomfort of wearing. With a 4.1G lightweight body, you won't feel a heavy burden on your ears if you wear it for a long time.

Two lights are hidden on the Red mi AirDots Bluetooth headset, and there are light hints when charging.

Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset design 

Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset can be used to answer the phone by pressing the multi-function key. In addition, it can also realize functions such as refusing to answer the phone and switching music. Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset can also double-click to wake up Xiao Ai.

the multi-function key 

You can use one sentence to broadcast songs on demand, translate online, check the weather, route navigation, exchange rate consultation, interactive chat, etc., to liberate your busy hands, and also to improve the efficiency of your actions.

In terms of hardware, Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset uses Ruiyu 8763 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It has stronger connection speed and anti-jamming ability.

It is worth mentioning that Redmi AirDots implements a bilateral call function. With the high-speed DSP digital noise reduction, even in the busy street, it can maintain high-quality call effect. After the actual measurement, when wearing headphones, it can significantly isolate the surrounding noise, which makes the voice in the headphones more clear.

In terms of sound quality, because of the obvious sound insulation effect, it gives people a good first feeling, especially considering that users mostly use this Bluetooth headset outdoors. So it's appropriate to listen to music outdoors.

sound quality 

Overall, Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset is relatively simple in operation. For the first time, you just need to click on the name of Redmi AirDots in Bluetooth for matching, and then use it again without redundant operation. When you pick up the headset, it will automatically boot and connect back. When put it back in the charging box, the headset will automatically shut down and charge, reducing the user's operation steps. Whether for answering the phone or listening to music, it's a good choice.

After testing, Redmi AirDots can also be used on the iPhone very well, and it can can meet the demand of daily call and entertainment for iPhone. For those iPhone users, there is no need to choose AirPods at a high price.

The Redmi AirDots Bluetooth earphone has went on sale on April 9 in China.



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