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Home > New Gear > Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-30 1204 0

Those who appreciate smartwatches probably have a clear history of Samsung products, being among the most interesting and with a fairly constant path over time. Despite the constancy of time, perhaps there is no logical thread, so much so that even today more Samsung smartwatch models are sold, with different names and whose differences are often unknown to most, if we exclude size and design.



Like every new launch, this Galaxy Watch Active (launched together with the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy S10) has aroused a lot of interest. Let's find out in our review.

Inside the package we find a magnetic power supply with cable and USB connector, but not a dedicated power supply. Then there is a second rubber strap, allowing you to choose between the size S and L.

Construction and fit

Galaxy Watch Active is part of that smartwatch line that doesn't want to hide its technology behind a more "classic" design. It is therefore completely without a ring nut and has a very soft shape and therefore also more suitable for a female audience, who are looking for a discreet and compact product. Fortunately, this watch is also compact, as well as extremely light with its 25 grams of weight. It is forgotten on the wrist, if not perhaps for its thickness, reduced but certainly not at the level of classic women's watches. It is made of aluminum and on the front we have a beautiful slightly curved glass, but no embellishment frills. Also beautiful is the rubber strap supplied, which has the same locking system (with the tip of the strap covered on the other side of the strap) that became famous with the advent of Apple Watch. This way there are no problems of unintentional opening and is particularly comfortable on the wrist when working at the desk.


There are no steps forward in terms of hardware that remains substantially unchanged. We have a 1.5 GHz dual core processor (imagine the usual Exynos 9110), 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory that can be used in part to transfer photos or music to listen offline. Connectivity is very good: Wi-Fi b/g/n (which connects automatically when disconnected from the smartphone), Bluetooth 4.2, GPS assisted by Glonass and Galileo and also NFC chips for mobile payments. Finally, we have a microphone, but not a speaker, thus excluding the possibility of making phone calls on the wrist. On the bottom of the smartwatch there is a good heart rate sensor.


Galaxy Watch Active has one of the smallest displays in the world of smartwatches. Even more than on smartphones, however, in watches the size of the display, even starting from the bottom can be a nice advantage. In this specific case, the 1.1 inches of this device have made it possible to create one of the smallest smart watches in circulation. We have a resolution of 360×360 pixels (huge on such a small screen) and SuperAMOLED technology, which guarantees excellent brightness levels and also an automatic adjustment (thanks to a sensor) according to light conditions. There's also the always on function, but it takes the battery down faster.


As on the watch launched last year, here too we find Samsung's Tizen OS inside this watch. The version is Apart from some aesthetic adjustment, in terms of functionality we have not found great differences. Dragging down we have quick shortcuts, while scrolling to the left we have notifications of the smartphone and to the left we have quick widgets, to access information or commands as quickly as possible. This navigation is very intuitive and has been the same for a long time on Tizen. By holding down on the dial you can choose from various options (all very nice and well cared for) and change some options, such as the color and shortcuts of some quadrants.


The management of notifications (if connected to an Android smartwatch) is very good and you can also respond to notifications that support it (such as WhatsApp and Telegram) through preset messages (many!), emoji, dictation and keyboard microscopy. As always, voice messages and photos do not work. Pressing the physical key at the top goes back to the menus while holding it down activates Samsung Pay. It works well with all contactless POS and will ask you to set a PIN for the first use of the day (or after you've taken it off your wrist). The button at the bottom allows you to access the list of applications.


These are always broadly the same. The most interesting are the weather, the calendar, the music player, the alarm clocks and a new Samsung Health, with a redesigned summary and all the data you need. You'll then obviously be able to start a physical activity session from the clock. Among those available we find: walking, running, cycling, hiking, swimming (pool and outdoor), treadmill, cycling, circuit training, weight machine and dozens of other exercises. Then use the GPS of the phone if connected, or that of the clock if autonomously.


Very interesting is the possibility to connect Bluetooth headsets directly to the watch, especially if combined with the possibility to put offline entire playlists of Spotify in case you were registered to the service in the Premium version. Another couple of interesting features: a night mode that simultaneously deactivates the activation with the rotation of the wrist and notifications and a feature that indicates the level of stress and guides you in breathing exercises. Of course, there is also a sleep tracking feature.


Also good software for Android smartphones that allows you to easily manage notifications, dials and installed apps. Excellent Samsung Health that clearly shows the data collected through the watch


This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active comes with a battery of only 230 mAh. It is certainly not a quantity that can guarantee the results of the largest Galaxy Watch, but it still manages to defend itself well. It can guarantee almost 2 days of autonomy (not complete) keeping it on at night (connected to Wi-Fi automatically) and with the awlays on off. From here you can consider an increase in autonomy by turning off the night (and then quietly making two days complete), or less, but still completing the day, activating the mode always on. A little 'too slow recharging that takes about 2 hours to complete. Convenient the ability to recharge it wirelessly through some special chargers (there is also a powerbank!).


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is one of the cheapest Samsung smartwatches ever, at least as far as the launch price is concerned. We are talking about 249€, in the only version available. You can buy it on Amazon, slightly discounted (check the box below), or on ePRICE, which already sells it for 227 €.


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