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Home > New Gear > 【Reviews】 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, this is OPPO R15!
【Reviews】 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, this is OPPO R15!

【Reviews】 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, this is OPPO R15!

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-08 3780 0

For those who are interested in purchasing smartphone, memory is often a topic that cannot be bypassed. It is the factors that have the greatest impact on the performance of mobile phone in addition to SoCs, and users naturally follow the principle of "bigger is better" when purchasing smartphone.
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For users, greater storage means that they can open as many programs at the same time without having to regularly clean up the background. The fluency of applications and the speed of multi-application switching are more secure, and larger storage can be put down. Many files and application caches. Of course, larger ROM + RAM model is naturally more expensive. In fact, it is often more cost-effective to use a model with just a good memory.


In terms of ROM, 16GB and 32GB storage models can be said to be completely useless in the face of larger and larger systems and a large number of files / APPs. 64GB storage is just good. However, given that the usage cycle of mobile phone is generally around 1-2 years. During this period, the system and APP will grow bigger and bigger, and the 256GB storage model is too expensive. In fact, the 128GB storage model is the best choice for current users to purchase.


OPPO R15 back


In the same way, the 3/4GB shipment is no longer available for sale. Given that there are relatively few 8GB models currently in operation, 6GB RAM has become the most popular storage solution. So how much power does "6 + 128GB large memory" have? Today, we choose OPPO R15 as an example, through the "limit test", to see the "6 + 128GB large memory" .




6GB RAM operation test

First, we test the OPPO R15's RAM occupancy rate. We shut down and restart the OPPO R15. The background shows that the ColorOS 5.0 system based on the Android 8.1 used by the OPPO R15 occupies 2.05GB of storage and runs the remaining 3.95GB. Then how many APPs can be supported by the remaining OPPO R15 with 6GB RAM?


OPPO R15 has a total of 24 system applications (not including calls, text messages, etc.), from the statistics mentioned above, the average number of mobile phone applications will not exceed 50, so i downloaded 21 more commonly used applications and 5 Large-scale mobile game, opened in order, halfway do not clear the background application. Record the occupancy rate once every 5 records, the result is as follows:


OPPO R15 RAM occupancy rate


It can be seen that after opening 50 APPs, OPPO R15 has 74% occupancy rate. After heavy use, OPPO R15 has about 1.5GB of remaining storage. It can be seen that the 6GB shipment is still very strong.


128GB ROM simulation test

Let's calculate how many files/caches the OPPO R15 can put down. The OPPO R15 system takes up APProximately 26.78GB. 50 APPs occupy a total of 7.32GB of storage (including 1GB of application cache).


Take a look at how big the photos taken by the OPPO R15. The front camera of OPPO R15 is 20MP, and the rear camera is 16MP + 5MP. Measured average size of each photo is about 5.3MB. We assume that the user will make an export after taking 2000 pictures (including accepted pictures and screenshots) using the mobile phone. The 2000 photos occupy about 10.35GB of space. In this way, after downloading 50 APPs and taking 2000 pictures, the user has 83.55GB of storage left.


OPPO R15 ROM occupancy


What is the concept of 83.55GB storage? According to the user's habits, the rest of the space is generally used to put on American dramas or movies. Taking 720P video as an example, the 10th episode "Counter Strike 6th Season" is about 5.23GB, and the 97-minute "London Fallout" is about 2.05GB. The rest of the OPPO R15 can hold about 159 episodes of American TV dramas or 40 movies. It can be seen that OPPO R15's "big storage" can fully meet the user's heavy use requirements.



"Larger memory" is one of the basic requirements for each new machine purchased by users. Even now, i remember the fear that was dominated by 2GB mobile phone a few years ago. Although as mobile phone systems and APP become bigger and bigger, there will never be a "surplus" in storage, but at the time of purchase, we cannot blindly ask for "big", after all, many times more than double the capacity of flash memory. It means a few hundred extra investment. In my opinion, the "6 + 128GB" large memory model is sufficient for Android users.


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