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Home > New Gear > Roborock S6 hands-on review: a powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaner at a very friendly price
Roborock S6 hands-on review: a powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaner at a very friendly price

Roborock S6 hands-on review: a powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaner at a very friendly price

By  GB Blog Official 2019-05-17 2661 0

The Roborock S5 is one of the top best selling smart vacuum robots — and now the company has released their latest model, the Roborock S6. The new model builds upon the Roborock S5 and adds in extra functionality like the no-go zones and a huge battery. With that, the Roborock S6 is still available for a very reasonable price. Let’s find out more!

Roborock S6 

Roborock S6: specs

The newly coming Roborock S6 smart robot vacuum cleaner brings us many attractive specs to the table. Now, let’s take a quick look at them.


Product name
Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Product size
35.30 x 35.00 x 9.65 cm / 13.9 x 13.78 x 3.8 inches
Product weight
3.6000 kg
Suction Power (Pa)
Cleaning Area (sq.m.)
250 square meters
Climb Capability
Auto,Mop,Schedule,Self Charging,Wet
Cleaning Modes
SLAM, automatic route planning
Water Tank Capacity
Dust Box Capacity
Noise (dB)
Remote Control
Battery capacity
5,200 mAh
Working Time
150 minutes
Operation Range
About 3 - 4 hours

Roborock S6: features & highlights

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the Roborock S6’s main features:

● Handsfree voice control and Amazon Alexa integration

● Powerful 2000Pa maximum suction

● Advanced airflow control and filtration

● 50% quieter than other models

● Virtual no-go zones

● Cliff sensor

● Optimized edge cleaning

● Up to 0.8 inches climbing ability

● Built-in mopping

● Room-specific scheduling

On paper, the vacuum cleaner looks really impressive. But how does this translate into everyday cleaning sessions?

Roborock S6: cleaning performance

Some smart vacuum cleaner owners complain that, though easily manageable and controlled, their vacuums are often not powerful enough to keep their homes clean. The Roborock S6 counters that by bringing an impressive 2000 Pa of suction power to its cleaning sessions. There are three cleaning modes to choose from: Turbo, Balanced and Quiet (if you want the vacuum to operate at reduced intensity). In fact, the Roborock S6 is equipped with a noise reduction air screen and silencer cotton, which make it 50% quieter than the preceding model.

Roborock S6 cleaning performance 

The S6 is capable of both sweeping and mopping and comes equipped with the DuPont main brush, which is 230% denser than standard vacuum brushes. This makes it easier for the vacuum cleaner to pick up both small and big debris and makes for better carpet cleaning session as well.

DuPont main brush, 

The Roborock S6 comes with a 140ml bionic tank with adjustable water volume and a 0.48-litre dustbin. Once the dustbin is full, you can take it out of the vacuum’s main body and empty it. The main brush is also detachable, which makes it much easier to clean. The mopping rug, on the other hand, is disposable and you get ten of them in the package.


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Roborock S6: smart mapping

One of the most interesting control features of the Roborock S6 is the smart mapping option.

The new robot is designed to be smarter than the S5 — and this becomes evident once you get the hang the Mi Home app. In order to make all the functionality fully available, you will need to head a bit further into Settings and turn on the Map Saving mode.

Roborock S6 smart mapping 

With the Map Saving mode on, the S6 will remember which parts of your home it had already visited and will even divide your home into separate rooms. Thus, you will be able to assign the vacuum to clean a single room when needed. More than that, you can even use the on-screen controls to segment the said room for an even more customized cleaning session. For instance, you can divide your kitchen into the cooking and dining areas and command the S6 to clean just the cooking area after you’ve made dinner.

In addition to room-by-room control, you can ask the S6 to clean specific zones — for example, if you have spilled something.

Another area of the S6’s advanced mapping is that you can also create no-go zones. You can set simple virtual barriers around the areas you don’t want the S6 to visit (like children play areas, pet corners, etc.) and the vacuum will stay away.

Once the S6 has memorized the map of your home, it will be able to design the most efficient cleaning routes, avoiding obstacles, drops and no-go zones.

Roborock S6: battery life

The Roborock S6 comes with a very impressive battery — 5200maAh. The company promises that this is enough for up to 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning in Quiet Mode. This means that the S should be capable of most standard-sized apartments and homes on a single charge. If the vacuum runs out of battery power in the middle of its cleaning route, it will go back to the chatring dock, charge up and then continue cleaning.

Roborock S6 auto-recharge

Should you upgrade to the Roborock S6?

The Roborock S6 comes with several notable improvements compared to the previous version. And, in short, it does offer the cleaning performance and control options of a much more expensive vacuum cleaner. Sure, you can find smart vacuums out there with a neater interface and and better smart assistant integration — but this will come at a price.

As far as we are concerned, the Roborock S6 does exactly what it promises to do and the new model pushes the value for money offer in smart cleaning even further.

Roborock S6 price and availability

The Roborock S6 is available now on Gearbest at the price of $599 with a 8% off discount. Obviously, it comes with a higher price than its predecessor Roborock S5, but it will offer you an all-round upgraded features and performance. And as a newcomer, it has been one of the hottest selling robot vacuum cleaners on Gearbest.



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