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Home > New Gear > Roborock S6 vs Xiaomi Roborock S50: Which is Better to Buy?
The best smart robot vacuums 2019
Roborock S6 vs Xiaomi Roborock S50: Which is Better to Buy?

Roborock S6 vs Xiaomi Roborock S50: Which is Better to Buy?

By  Felicity Rosa 2019-05-17 63049 1

Roborock S6 , also called Roborock T6, is the heir to one of the best vacuum cleaner robots on the market, I refer to the Roborock S50 also known as Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2.

Roborock S6

The new Roborock S6 brings with it some important improvements in the mapping algorithm of the house, with the possibility of dividing the house into rooms and choosing different cleaning methods for each room.

However, those who already own the Roborock S50 will not feel the need to switch to Roborock S6 or T6.

Roborock S50

Roborock S6 VS Roborock S50, Which to buy?

I write this article as a happy owner of the first version of Xiaomi's vacuum cleaner robot released in 2016, I've been using it every day for almost 2 years and it's still going very well.

When the Roborock S50 came out I didn't feel the need to change my Xiaomi Mi Robot for the most advanced model and with the release of the new Roborock robot vacuum cleaner I still don't feel the need.

Reading the reviews of the Roborock S6 I realized that in practice it is a slightly improved Roborock S50, for this reason, according to my humble personal opinion, the best robot vacuum cleaner as a quality / price ratio still remains the good old Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

Returning to the Roborock S6 also this model, like the previous one, has a water tank to "wash" the floor. Function that not everyone finds so interesting, because it is not a matter of really washing the floor, but it is only a slight "pass" to the floor.

We try to make a comparison between the two robot vacuum cleaners based on the technical characteristics and information that can be found on the net and from the different reviews.

Roborock S6 VS Roborock S50: What have they improved

Better mapping of the house, with subdivision of the house into rooms you can almost rename them, even if for the moment it seems that it is not yet possible to rename them.

Possibility, through the application Mi Home, to choose which rooms to clean .

Improvement of the algorithm that allows the Roborock S6 to clean more efficiently.

Control, through the application Xiaomi Mi Home, of how much water passes through microfiltration from the tank (Mop unit) to the soft cloth, there is a lever on the tank that serves to increase / decrease the passage of water .

Also from the Mi Home application there is the possibility of activating a function that increases engine power when the Xiaomi Roborock S6 meets carpets .

Compared to the Roborock S50 the new Roborock S6 is quieter (50%) and cleans the same surface using 20% less time.

New rotating roller with higher bristle density (250%).

Possibility to remove the supports of the rotating roller to remove the remaining entangled hair more easily .

Roborock S6 VS Roborock S50: the same points

Also on the Roborock S6 it is not possible to separate the suction function from the floor washing function, but fortunately the areas with carpets etc. can be excluded from the application.

Both Roborock S6 and Roborock S50 can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm in height and both are in trouble with cables.

The battery remained at 5200 mAh and the engine's intake power remained unchanged, 2000pa.

The cleaning effectiveness between Roborock S6 and Roborock S50 is practically the same.

Roborock S6 Weaknesses

The section dedicated to Roborock S6 within the Xiaomi Mi Home application is still not fully optimized and complete, Roborock is working on the development of a proprietary application.

The Skill for Alexa by Roborock is only available on the American market and does not work very well, on the other hand at the Xiaomi Home Skill with the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot it doesn't work, it just lets it start and stops and sees it with a switch.

The price, around 540 euros. There are many, but we must consider that the best iRobot Roomba, Neato robotic vacuum cleaners are sold at significantly higher prices.

Roborock S6 VS Roborock S50 specifications

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock S6

Roborock S50


353 x 351 x 91 cm

353 x 350 x 96.5 mm


3.6 kg

3.5 kg


440 euros

360 euros


2000 pa

2000 pa

Powder container

0.48 liters

0.48 liters


5200 mAh Li-ion

5200 mAh Li-ion

Maximum obstacle size

2 cm



14 sensors, accelerometer, speed, infrared, compass

13 types of sensor

HEPA filter

YES, washable

YES, washable

Area Mapping

laser sensor

laser sensor

Water tank



Microfibre cloth

YES, 10 disposable cloths in the package


Virtual Wall

YES, virtual through the application you can only select the areas to be cleaned. It also supports the physical one with double electronic compass.

YES, only with optional magnetic strips or you can select the area to be cleaned from the application

Charging base

Automatic return to the charging base

  Automatic return to the charging base

Inside the package you will find:

  • Roborock S6;

  • charging base;

  • water tank;

  • 10 disposable cloths;

  • manual in English, Spanish, German, Italian .

Where to buy the new Roborock S6 and Roborock S50

The Roborock S6 is available now on Gearbest - Roborock S6 with the price of $599 after 10% OFF.

The Roborock S50 asks for a much cheaper price and it can be yours at $379.99 (Flash Sale price) on Gearbest - Roborock S50.


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