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Home > New Gear > Roborock T6 use experience: making cleaning easier and more convenient
Roborock T6 use experience: making cleaning easier and more convenient

Roborock T6 use experience: making cleaning easier and more convenient

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-22 1300 0

As a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, Roborock Technology has been launching its own sweeping robots besides the Xiaomi sweeping robot which has been well received. What we want to talk about today is the Roborock T6 sweeping robot.

Design: not much change from the Roborock S5

The basic design of the Roborock sweeping robot T6 is still in line with the previous generation. The new T6 is a black version, which is currently only officially available. Despite the similar design, the position of LDS laser ranging sensor has not been changed, but the overall color matching is more suitable for the style of dark tone matching at home. If your home is inclined to the Japanese log style, it is expected that the subsequent white model will be more compatible.

Roborock T6 design


roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner - White Roborock S50 Second-Generation International Version

roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner - White Roborock S50 Second-Generation International Version
$664.79 $459.99   


As the Roborock T6 black version presents a sense of technology and future, there are also great changes in detail, such as making a radiation laser texture on the laser sensor. This effect is a bit tacky, but it does make the part of the laser head very conspicuous.

In addition, three independent circular buttons of the previous generation have been changed into integrated bar buttons this time. The overall feeling is stronger, but not as clear as the independent buttons. The icons including switch and recharge buttons are not very clear, so a thick product manual should be well read, which is very helpful for the use of the product.

Turning back, you can see that the T6, like the previous generation, uses a one-sided brush design, which may require rotation where the corners are swept along the wall. The main brush continues to use a very standard rotary brush head, which can easily clean the main dust and garbage in the home, and also has a good cleaning effect on human hair. In fact, many vacuum cleaners like Dayson, their brush head are also such a rotary brush head. 

the back 

But sometimes it's annoying to get involved in hair. Especially when there are women at home or their hair is longer, it's still a bit painful to have a "robot sweeps the floor, I sweep the robot." But for one thing, my hair is very short, and my hair is rare, but it seldom drops, so I haven't experienced the pain of cleaning hair. Fortunately, the main brush of the Roborock sweeping robot T6 is quite convenient to disassemble, and there will be no sudden deterioration. The nylon brush should also be very durable.

The size of the charging base of the Roborock sweeping robot T6 does not seem to be different from that of the previous generation. In my opinion, this size is a space-saving volume. The last generation of charging base cut off the back winding function, resulting in that all the power cables will be exposed outside, and now this function is back again, to minimize the cable on the ground can reduce the probability of impact when the robot recharges.

the charging base of the Roborock 

I wanted to take the Roborock sweeping robot T6 home for trial, but found that the rented room is really not suitable for the sweeping robot. One reason is that the area is small and two-bedded. At that time, the living room was abandoned for the sake of the location, resulting in the largest easy-to-clean area almost nonexistent in my place. The other reason is that the bedroom is too small. Besides the beds, tables and chairs, there is also a large carpet and mattresses. For Voldemort like me, the ground is my pleasure-seeking area.

The questions that we concern:

How about the battery performance?

One of the most important parameters of the sweeping robot is its endurance. The Roborock sweeping robot T6 has a good endurance. In the trial scenario, sweeping 66 square meters at a time consumes about 30% of the electricity and takes 76 minutes. As for the lower left corner, it doesn’t swept it because it was an elevated platform and the sweeping robot could not go up. Of course, there is no comparability between the 66 square meters and the building area of the house, because there are many places that can not be cleaned under the furniture. With the obstacles such as tables, chairs or stacked boxes, there are only 60 square meters that can be cleaned by the sweeping robot for a 100 square-meter room. The Roborock sweeping robot has no problem dealing with the 200 square meters house at a time.

As for the function, in fact, the sweeping robot should also be standardized, such as area sweeping, virtual wall, forbidden zone, four suction modes, and automatic color zoning. Only with these functions can it be called a qualified sweeping robot.

How is the mopping function?

When collecting questions on microblogs, I found that the mopping function is the one that attracts users’ attention most. In fact, the previous generation of Roborock sweeping robots also has a mopping function. The new generation T6 has not been changed, It is still an external tank, but it has an added two-stage water regulation function compared with the previous generation. As for the specific effect of mopping, you can think of it as wetting a wetland and wiping it. The effect of cleaning floating dust is also good, for the main brush can not completely clean up the dust through the water tank. But it should also be clear that robots do not exert a vertical force on the floor, so the cleaning effect can be said to be very common.

mopping function 

It is a matter of concern that the amount of water in the tank can support a large area. It would be embarrassing to encounter a situation where half of the water will run out. From the actual experience, the water mark will be very obvious when the water is sufficient at first. In extremely dry Beijing, the water mark will disappear in about 3 minutes at room temperature. When the tank is full, the water will almost run out after 40 or 50 minutes of work. When you touch the floor with your hand, you will only feel a little wet. Basically, there is only a little moisture in the mop. According to the app, the actual clean area is about 50 square meters, because for families under 100 square meters, there is probably no need to add water. But a room over 120 square meters may need to be watered once. If you have a large home, it's unlikely that you'll be able to drag the floor sweeper completely when you want to go out.

By the way, there are two washable towels for Roborock sweeping robot T6. In addition, there are 10 disposable towels.

Is it convenient for your parents to use?

The function of sweeping robots is to help free hands. Especially in many families, the elderly parents are still helping to mop the floor. As the parents can only mop the floor by themselves, so many people want to buy them for their parents to use. Roborock sweeping robot has advantages in this respect, because it is the product of Xiaomi ecological chain, so this Roborock sweeping robot T6 can also access Mijiaapp.

So my suggestion is that we can put the Xiaoai speaker at home for a long time. When sweeping the floor, we can make the Roborock sweeping robot start to sweep by waking up Xiaoai by saying "sweeping the floor". As for recharging, it can also be achieved by the command of "Sweeping Robot Charging". It can also be linked with other Mijia products. For example, when going out, it can be set up as an automatic window-closing and light-closing robot to start. It has advantages in linking with Mijia's whole set of smart home. For more complex operations, Mijia app can also help parents to complete remote.

Of course, the cleaning and maintenance work still needs to be taught, such as the case that the main brush gets entangled in the hair, and parents need to solve it personally.

How about the ability to get rid of winding and obstacle?

In the actual experience process, the robot can not get rid of the cable independently and need to move the robot manually. I conclude that the ground cables will hardly affect the robot. Even the thicker wiring boards will not cause a problem. It is the cables that hang from high places that easily entangle the robot.

For example, here is the corner position, and there is a power outlet hanging down through the cable in front. This position is not conducive to the turning of the robot. Secondly, the cable with a high degree of difference is easy to slant into the bottom of the robot so that the sweeper can not get rid of it. In fact, the first time the sweeper asked for help is at this place.

The second one is in another place, not only the cable hanging from the high TV and set-top box, but also the power cord from the ground to the desktop. This situation is a disaster to the sweeping robot. So my suggestion is to minimize the number of cables landing from high places, which can effectively reduce the entanglement of the sweeping robot.

The wheels of the sweeping robot have a magical elasticity, which makes people want to press twice. In fact, you can't expect a robot to cross any obstacles, especially after adding a water tank, the ability of a Roborock sweeping robot to cross obstacles will further decline. However, it is still very easy to cross the steps of about 2 centimeters, especially the bathroom at home will basically have a waterproof threshold, as long as it is not particularly thick, it can basically make it.

cross any obstacles 

How is the noise?

The noise of the Roborock sweeping robot T6 has been reduced by 50% while maintaining the attraction of 2,000 Pa, which is acceptable to me personally, but it is still not quiet. 

It is not noisy and supports mopping. It can be operated with Mijia app. The Roborock sweeping robot has been able to meet most of the households in terms of function, and the quality assurance of the robot has been extended to two years. Now, in the era of smart home, the sweeping robot is no longer an independent tool, it has gradually become a part of the whole smart home. Compared with other products, it, has its own advantages.

It's the feeling of sweeping robots that makes me addicted after using them. At the same time, I think it's really a practical product that can reduce manual labor. However, there are many types of sweeping robots and their prices vary greatly. It is more important to learn how to choose suitable robots for their own use, even how to arrange them to make them more suitable for the use of sweeping robots at home, and how to maximize the utilization of sweeping robots than to look at the suction rate and sensors.



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